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Spotrac’s Free Agent by Position Series

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2024 NBA free agency is right around the corner. This isn’t considered to be a blockbuster free agent class, but there are several impact players available. In these rankings, we took a similar approach to the one many teams use when it comes to ranking available players. Each position was broken down into tiers. The tiers are:

  • All-Star: These aren’t all necessarily All-Stars, but they have the ability to be an All-Star
  • Starters: These players are either starters or they produce at a starter-level of impact
  • Rotation: These are solid players that should be in a team’s regular season rotation
  • Fringe: These are players at the end of the bench or Two-Way players largely in the G League

Players were then ranked within their tiers. All potential free agents have been ranked, including those with pending options.


  1. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Denver Nuggets (PLAYER)
    Caldwell-Pope will probably opt out, but he's likely not leaving Denver. Look for Caldwell-Pope and the Nuggets to sign a long-term deal that keeps him in Denver for at least a few more years.

  2. Malik Monk – Sacramento Kings (UFA)
    Monk is one of the best free agents who may actually change teams this summer. He's become a plug-and-play guy who can start or coming off the bench. He's going to get a big contract from someone this summer.

  3. Bruce Brown – Toronto Raptors (TEAM)
    It sounds like Toronto will pick up Brown's option. After that, the Raptors are expected to explore trades for the versatile guard/wing.

  4. Buddy Heild – Philadelphia 76ers (UFA)
    Hield dipped a bit with the Sixers, compared to his play with the Pacers, especially in the playoffs. But he's still one of the best shooters on the market this summer. He's almost 32, so deals might be a bit shorter in length.

  5. Gary Trent Jr. – Toronto Raptors (UFA)
    Trent is one of the best 3&D options who might change teams this summer. He's also only 25 years old, so there's plenty left in his legs. With Toronto resetting, someone should get a nice player in Trent this offseason.

  6. Gary Harris – Orlando Magic (UFA)
    Harris has been a solid 3&D guard for the Magic for a few years now. He's a tier lower than the players above him on this list. And Harris is now 30 years old. But for a chunk of the MLE, he'll be a nice pickup for someone.

  7. Malik Beasley – Milwaukee Bucks (UFA)
    Beasley is a starter level guy, and he shouldn't have to play on a minimum deal this season. As a reliable shooter, who stays healthy, Beasley is worth part of the MLE from a playoff team.


  1. Luke Kennard – Memphis Grizzlies (TEAM)
    Kennard may be the best shooter in the NBA. The challenge is that he can't stay healthy. The Grizzlies may decline their team option for Kennard, because of tax concerns. If so, someone will snag a shooter on the cheap.

  2. Eric Gordon – Phoenix Suns (PLAYER)
    Despite the fact that he turns 36 years old next season, Gordon remains one of the more reliable bench scoring/shooting options in the NBA. He may choose to stay with the Suns, out of wanting to run it back.

  3. De’Anthony Melton – Philadelphia 76ers (UFA)
    After putting together a strong season two years ago, Melton missed most of last season with back issues. If healthy, Melton could be a nice combo guard as a starter or off the bench.

  4. Isaiah Joe – Oklahoma City Thunder (TEAM)
    The Thunder are likely to pick up their team option for Joe. He's been really good as their primary shooter off the bench for a couple of seasons now. Next year will be Joe's year to cash in through free agency.

  5. Alec Burks – New York Knicks (UFA)
    Burks mostly disappeared after being traded to the Knicks, before reemerging in the playoffs. Burks can still provide some shooting, scoring and ballhandling off the bench. That'll get him another deal this summer.

  6. Gary Payton II – Golden State Warriors (PLAYER)
    Payton is one of the better defensive guards…when he's healthy. Look for Payton to possibly opt out and re-sign with the Warriors on a smaller per-year contract, but spread over a few extra seasons.

  7. Lonnie Walker IV – Brooklyn Nets (UFA)
    Walker had a weird season. He was still a solid shooter and scorer, but he couldn't stick in the Nets rotation. He'll move on to a team that needs some scoring punch off their bench.

  8. Aaron Wiggins – Oklahoma City Thunder (TEAM)
    Oklahoma City is likely to pick up their team option for Wiggins. He's become a key rotation player for the Thunder off the bench. Look for the Thunder to bring him back next season on his team-friendly deal.

  9. Josh Richardson – Miami Heat (PLAYER)
    Richardson was putting together a solid season for the Heat, before missing back half of the year due to injury. Because of that, Richardson may pick up his option to run it back in Miami.

  10. Josh Okogie – Phoenix Suns (UFA)
    After a successful first season with the Suns, Okogie struggled in his second year in Phoenix. He had injuries and his rotation spot was uncertain. He's likely to opt in to try to find the forumla that made him successful a year ago.

  11. Evan Fournier – Detroit Pistons (TEAM)
    Fournier fell out of the rotation in New York and had little impact the last two seasons. Given the state of the Pistons, they'll decline his option. From there, it's about Fournier finding a team that needs some bench shooting/scoring.

  12. Justin Holiday – Denver Nuggets (UFA)
    Holiday went from veteran depth to key rotation guy for the Nuggets this season. If a team needs some shooting off their bench, Holiday is worth a look. He's like a minimum guy from here on out.

  13. Max Christie – Los Angeles Lakers (RFA)    
    Christie could pop as a 3&D player with regular minutes. The Lakers will probably look to keep Christie on a team-friendly deal, but if roster spots or the tax become issues, he could pop loose for another team's benefit.

  14. Talen Horton-Tucker – Utah Jazz (UFA)
    Horton-Tucker is an ok scorer and playmaker, but he can't shoot and he's not much of a defender. He won't make anything near what he made last year, but Horton-Tucker will get a look as a still young-ish guard.

  15. Shake Milton – New York Knicks (UFA)
    After being a rotation guard for Philadelphia, Milton never found his footing with Minnesota, Detroit or New York last season. He'll have offers for the minimum, but likely not more.

  16. Garrison Mathews – Atlanta Hawks (TEAM)
    Mathews can really shoot it. He was terrific in the designated shooter role, just don't ask him to do much else. Given the Hawks need for affordable role players, Mathews likely has his option picked up by Atlanta.

  17. Vit Krejic – Utah Jazz (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Krejci is the rare two-way guy who is not a "fringe" free agent. He can really play, and could have been converted if Atlanta didn't have roster issues late in the year. Look for him to get a standard deal and to crack a rotation.


  1. Jules Bernard – Washington Wizards (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Bernard has good size and flashed in both the NBA and the G League this season with shooting and playmaking. At the very least, he should get another look as a two-way player, but he could contend for a standard roster spot.

  2. Charlie Brown Jr. – New York Knicks (UFA / TWO-WAY)
    Brown is no longer two-way eligible. That means it's NBA or bust. Unfortunately, he hasn't shown enough to get a guaranteed NBA spot. It'll be the G League or overseas for him next season.

  3. David Duke Jr. – San Antonio Spurs (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Duke shot it better this season and improved as a playmaker. He's got another year of two-way eligibility, so he'll get another chance to prove himself. Duke isn't there yet, but he's coming along as a combo guard.

  4. Trent Forrest – Atlanta Hawks (UFA)
    Forrest got the NBA callup last season, but he might not stick on a standard deal. He's a non-shooter and that's usually a no-go at the guard position, unless you bring other elite skills. Forrest may be headed overseas.

  5. Javonte Green – Chicago Bulls (UFA)
    Green did a great job to fight his way back to the NBA. He'll get a camp look, because he's a good athlete and a great teammate. If Green shot it a bit better, he'd be on a standard contract as a backup wing.

  6. Kevon Harris – Orlando Magic (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Harris spent almost the entire season in the G League, where he was pretty productive. Something just hasn't clicked yet for him to get a real NBA look, even when Orlando had other guards out. He's probably moving on.

  7. Nate Hinton – Houston Rockets (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Hinton is a competitive defender and a solid playmaker, but he's an inconsistent shooter. He's got another year of two-way eligibility, and he may use it to stick on an NBA roster. Beyond that, Hinton may be looking overseas.

  8. DaQuan Jeffries – New York Knicks (TEAM)
    Jeffries is too good for the G League, but not quite there as an NBA rotation guy. As it is, the Knicks like having him around quite a bit. If they don't need the roster spot and don't have tax concerns, Jeffries might be back.

  9. Keon Johnson – Brooklyn Nets (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    As a former first-round pick, Johnson still carries a bit of shine. He did a nice job in the G League last season as an all-around player. He'll get another shot as a camp invite or on his final season of two-way eligibility.

  10. Johnny Juzang – Utah Jazz (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Juzang flashed in some late season minutes. He's got a knack for scoring, and he's not a bad shooter. Juzang will get another two-way, at least. He could maybe even earn a standard deal after a camp contract.

  11. Damion Lee – Phoenix Suns (PLAYER)
    Lee missed the entire season with a right knee injury. As such, he's likely to pick up his option. If he can make it back, he'll give the Suns a knockdown shooter off their bench.

  12. Wesley Matthews – Atlanta Hawks (UFA)
    We might be at the end of the line for the veteran 3&D wing. Matthews has slowed considerably as a defender, and his shot c

  13. Xavier Moon – Los Angeles Clippers (UFA / TWO-WAY)
    Moon is a dominant scorer in the G League. In the NBA, his lack of size of works against him. Moon might return to the G League or he could find a lucrative deal overseas, where his size isn't as much of a deterrent.

  14. Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk – Boston Celtics (UFA)
    Mykhailiuk stays ready and he's a good shooter with good size. He's also a better passer than many realize. He could return to Boston in the same depth role, or Mykhailiuk could cash in with a big deal in Europe.

  15. Trevelin Queen – Orlando Magic (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Queen is too athletic for most G League defenders to keep him from scoring. His NBA issue is that he can't shoot. He's got one year of two-way eligibility left, and he might use it to stick on an NBA roster for another run.

  16. Lester Quinones – Golden State Warriors (RFA)    
    The Warriors have tried really hard to make Quinones into a 3&D guy. His shot simply does fall consistently enough. He could get another year of work on a two-way, with a potential callup later in the season again.

  17. Jared Rhoden – Detroit Pistons (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Rhoden should have gotten more of a look after the Pistons season fell apart. He's a good scorer and a pretty good shooter. He also gets on the boards. There's a player in there for Rhoden and he should get a real shot to show it.

  18. Jerome Robinson – Golden State Warriors (UFA / TWO-WAY)
    Washington scores in bunches in the G League. He's had only limited NBA opportunities though, and he's now 24 years old. He could get another two-way deal or cash in with a big deal overseason.

  19. Dereon Seabron – New Orleans Pelicans (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Seabron hasn't seen much NBA time, but in two G League seasons, he's been an overpowering scorer. He shot more threes and shot them better this season. He could get a camp deal or another two-way contract.

  20. Garrett Temple – Toronto Raptors (UFA)
    We're closing in on the end for the longtime veteran combo guard. Temple doesn't have a lot left, but could fill an end-of-bench veteran role.

  21. Stanley Umude – Detroit Pistons (TEAM)
    Umude should have played more when the Pistons were struggling. He's a potential 3&D guy, and he shot it well this season in the NBA. Umude could get caught up in Detroit's cap space pursuits. That is a win for another team.

  22. Lindy Waters III – Oklahoma City Thunder (TEAM)
    Waters will likely return to the Thunder. He's been on and off the roster the last two years, but OKC likes him a lot. Look for his option to be picked up and then the Thunder will figure it out from there with roster spots.

  23. Nate Williams Jr. – Houston Rockets (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Williams showed some stuff in limited NBA minutes last season. He was more up and down in the G League, but he's definitely worth another look on a two-way deal.

  24. Alondes Williams – Miami Heat (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Williams was able to develop as a playmaker in the G League last season. The Heat might bring him back for another year of two-way work, because Williams has real combo guard potential.

  25. Isaiah Wong – Indiana Pacers (RFA / TWO-WAY)    
    Wong didn't get any real NBA shot, and his G League season was kind of shaky. He needs to shoot it better to get another two-way deal. As it stands, Wong needs a lot more seasoning in the minors before he's ready for the NBA

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