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A look at 10 NFL players who are skipping out on organized team activities as they seek a new contract, including projected outcomes for each. It should be noted that OTAs are voluntary, so players won’t be fined for missing these training sessions. Should these holdouts progress toward training camp, fines & signing bonus forfeiture will begin to come into play for some.

Tua Tagovailoa (26, QB, Dolphins)

1 year, $23.171M remaining

While extension negotiations are well underway, the two sides are reportedly still far apart as OTAs kick off in Miami. Tua isn’t completely holding out from the team, but he’s not exactly “all-in” on them either - understandably so. If you believe Kyler Murray is the best foundation for Tua to base his next contract on, consider this: Murray’s $46.1M per year contract back in 2022 represented 22.1% of the league salary cap. In 2024, that means a $56.5M per year contract for Tua.

Justin Jefferson (25, WR, Vikings)

1 year, $19.743M remaining

Mathematically speaking, Justin Jefferson projects toward a 4 year, $130M extension ($32.5M per year). He’s looking to become the NFL’s highest average paid non-QB (Nick Bosa, $34M). It seems a perfectly reasonable ask, all things considered.

CeeDee Lamb (25, WR, Cowboys)

1 year, $17.991M remaining

The 2-year production between Lamb and Justin Jefferson is much closer than you might expect. In fact, the math says Lamb (who’s remained healthier), should be approaching $34M per year on his next deal. It shouldn’t surprise anyone if both of these receivers sign extensions that approach $150M total value, $100M guaranteed.

Tee Higgins (25, WR, Bengals)

1 year, $21.816M remaining

Higgins has yet to sign his franchise tag and likely won’t do so for quite some time. If an extension isn’t agreed to by July 15th, Higgins will be confined to a 1 year contract for the upcoming season (though not necessarily the tag number). This holds true even if he’s traded in the coming weeks. He projects toward a 5 year, $100M contract in our system.

Courtland Sutton (28, WR, Broncos)

2 years, $27.6M remaining

Sutton’s contract request came somewhat out of left field, as the team around him was encountering significant (mostly cost cutting) changes. It’s likely a “pay or trade” request from Sutton and his camp, but can the Broncos find a viable trade partner at this stage? Sutton projects toward a 3 year, $56M extension in our system.

Darius Slayton (27, WR, Giants)

1 year, $6.2M remaining

Slayton has already been paid a $2.4M roster bonus in 2024, leaving $3.8M remaining for the rest of the year. He caught a career high 50 passes for 770 yards last season, and is likely seeking something in the neighborhood of Gabriel Davis’ recent 3 year, $39M contract in Jacksonville. 

Brandon Aiyuk (26, WR, 49ers)

1 year, $14.124M remaining

The Niners have plenty of deals on the books, and another blockbuster for QB Brock Purdy is looming after the upcoming season. In this regard, it’s probably a team-friendly extension, or a franchise tag for Aiyuk in the coming months, especially with newly drafted Ricky Pearsall now in the picture. Aiyuk projects toward a 4 year, $106M contract extension in our system.

Tristan Wirfs (25, OT, Buccaneers)

1 year, $18.244M remaining

With QB Baker Mayfield, WR Mike Evans, & DB Antoine Winfield Jr. all locked in, Wirfs has to be next on the agenda. Penei Sewell’s recent 4 year, $112M extension ($85M guaranteed) certainly raised the bar for top of the market offensive linemen - and that’s exactly what Wirfs is. $29M+ per year, $118M+ total value, $86M+ guaranteed are now the new thresholds to be crossed.

Cameron Heyward (35, DL, Steelers)

1 year, $16M remaining

Heyward is trending toward the “pay me or I’ll retire” phase of his career, and he’s coming off one of his least productive seasons to pair with it. Still, he’s one of the most prolific Steelers in history, and, despite pushing past 35 years of age, still warrants a mini-extension, signing bonus, and guarantee for the upcoming season. His $16M salary values at nearly $20M in the current financial landscape, so Pittsburgh could tack on 2 years, $40M, including $20M owed in 2024, offering a little bit of everything.

Eddy Pineiro (28, K, Panthers)

1 year, $2M remaining

Kicker holdouts aren’t common, but we’ll take them when we get them. The 28 year old has made 58 of 64 field goals & 47 of 52 extra points in his 2 years with the Panthers. Does that make him worthy of being more than the 21st paid kicker in 2024? Probably. Chase McLaughlin’s 3 year, $12.3M reup in Tampa is a likely asking price.