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2022 MLB Trade Deadline Primer

We're still weeks away from the August 2nd MLB trade deadline, but the time to start assessing who teams are, where they'll be in a month, and which players may be on the move is now. We'll assess each team's current status, including potential trade candidates and their 2022 salary at the deadline. Read More


MLB Trade Deadline Candidates

WIth the MLB Trade Deadline just 50 days out, it's officially time to start considering which teams are Buyers, Sellers, or Standers for the 2021 season. Our first look at a comprehensive list of potential trade candidates, including their salary at the deadline, & pending free agency status. Read More


2019 Opening Day MLB Payrolls

After another drawn out offseason that eventually saw north of $1.8B of free agent contracts signed, the 2019 MLB regular season is officially upon us. We'll take a quick look at each team's Opening Day payrolls from a full roster, 25-Man , & Luxury Tax standpoint to start the year. Read More


Best Value MLB Teams & Players

While the All-Star break isn't quite the halfway point of the regular season, it's always a good time to step back and assess production & value. We announce our current Best-Value Lineup using our True Value Statistic, as well as our Team Financial Power Rankings through mid-July. Read More


The 2017 World Series Rosters, Financially

Tuesday will mark the start of a somewhat historic World Series matchup, as two 100+ win teams will battle for the championship. The Los Angeles Dodgers are seeking their first title since 1988, while the Houston Astros will be looking for the first in franchise history. We'll take a quick look at the matchup from a positional, financial, and statistical standpoint.  Read More


Extension Projection: Matt Harvey

Just 26 years old, Matt Harvey finds himself amidst one of the best young pitching rotations in all of baseball. With one more year of arbitration remaining with the Mets, the push for a long-term contract has already begun. We'll assess Harvey's current market value as he nears his first big pay day. Read More