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MLB announced its full 2024 All-Star cast this week, including a record 32 first timers across the board. We’ve detailed each starter below, including current compensation and positional pay rank, plus future contract financials for each.


William Contreras (Brewers)

2024 Salary: $766,900 (41st)

A silver slugger last season, Contreras is on pace to surpass his 2023 numbers in Milwaukee. The 26-year-old will enter arbitration for the first time this winter, putting him on pace for free agency after the 2027 season. He’s a red-hot extension candidate.

Adley Rutschman (Orioles)

2024 Salary: $760,300 (43rd)

The #1 overall pick from 2019 has officially broken out, on pace for 30+ homers, 100+ RBIs and a WAR north of 5. He’ll enter arbitration for the first time this winter, putting him on pace for free agency after 2027. Baltimore has a lot of mouths to feed in the coming months.


Bryce Harper (Phillies)

2024 Salary: $26,000,000 (2nd)

Harper is on pace to have his best season in 3 years, including an OPS hovering near 1.000 as we approach the break. His massive contract contains 7 years, $170M remaining on it still through 2031 - though there have been rumblings that a renegotiation may be discussed. Harper earns an extra $50,000 bonus for the All-Star nod.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Blue Jays)

2024 Salary: $19,900,000 (7th)

Vlad doesn’t appear capable of recreating his massive 2021 campaign, but he’s still checking all of the boxes, and has greatly increased his average and efficiency in 2024 thus far. The 25-year-old has one more winter of arbitration ahead of him with free agency pending after 2025.


Ketel Marte (Diamondbacks)

2024 Salary: $13,000,000 (6th)

Marte carries a 3.75 WAR into July, and he’s on pace to surpass all of his notable numbers from an outstanding 2023 campaign. Contractually he’s in Year 2 of a 5 year, $76M re-up in Arizona that pays out $16M each of the next 2 seasons.

Jose Altuve (Astros)

2024 Salary: $41,000,000 (1st)

Altuve’s $41M payout in 2024 is a combination of a $26M base salary from his current contract, & a $15M signing bonus that precedes his upcoming 5 year, $125M extension in Houston. The 34-year-old is fully locked in through 2029.


Trea Turner (Phillies)

2024 Salary: $27,272,727 (3rd)

Turner’s production is nowhere near where it’s been the past two seasons, but he’s hitting for average, and headlining the best team in baseball right now. The 31-year-old has 9 years, $245M remaining on his contract in Philly. Turner earns an extra $50,000 bonus for the All-Star nod.

Gunnar Henderson (Orioles)

2024 Salary: 756,200 (59th)

The 2023 Rookie of the Year is now making a claim for the 2024 AL MVP conversation. The 23-year-old carries a near 6 WAR toward the break, having already matched many of his numbers from 2023. He won’t be arbitration eligible until 2026, but it’s going to be tough to imagine Baltimore waiting around too long with an extension offer.


Alec Bohm (Phillies)

2024 Salary: $4,000,000 (18th)

Bohm posted career production numbers in 2023, but his WAR (0.43) left something to be desired. That’s not the case thus far in 2024, as he’s filling up the stat lines plus added value (2.14 WAR headed toward the break). He settled his first arbitration go-around at $4M, and should be in for quite a nice raise this coming winter.

José Ramírez (Guardians)

2024 Salary: $17,000,000 (8th)

Still (somehow) one of the most underrated stars in the game, Ramirez is once again putting together a high-impact season for Cleveland, one of the best teams in baseball. The 31-year-old holds 4 years, $88M remaining on his contract through 2028.


Christian Yelich (Brewers)

2024 Salary: $22,000,000 (6th)

Yelich is on pace to post his best season in 6 years and is a major reason the Brewers carry a healthy lead in the NL Central to date. The 35-year-old holds 4 years, $88M remaining on his contract in Milwaukee. Yelich earns an extra $50,000 bonus for the All-Star nod.

Jurickson Profar (Padres)

2024 Salary: $1,000,000 (64th)

Profar didn’t sign his near minimum contract with San Diego until February 12th, making him one of the later free agent additions. He’s posted a 2+ WAR since then, and should have 6-year best production across the board when it’s all said and done. The 32-year-old will hit the open market again this winter.

Fernando Tatis Jr. (Padres)

2024 Salary: $11,000,000 (22nd)

Some of the numbers (RBIs, stolen bases) are lagging behind a bit, but overall Tatis Jr. continues to produce in a big way. With the “team-controlled” portion of his extension now off the books, Tatis holds a 10 year, $306M contract ahead of him through 2034. 

Aaron Judge (Yankees)

2024 Salary: $40,000,000 (1st)

Judge’s first-half numbers would be an all-star season for 99% of the rest of the league. He has a legitimate chance to post a 10+ WAR for the 2nd time in his career, and MVP #2 could very well be right around the corner. The 32-year-old holds 7 years, $280M remaining through 2031.

Juan Soto (Yankees)

2024 Salary: $31,000,000 (3rd)

Soto’s historic $31M arbitration salary seems like a value play based on first half returns. He’s going to obliterate every career threshold if he can remain healthy. The 25-year-old will be one of the most coveted free agents in years this winter, with a $500M pricetag not entirely out of the question.

Steven Kwan (Guardians)

2024 Salary: $757,600 (86th)

Steven Kwan had a weird 2023 - and so did the Guardians. Steven Kwan is having an outstanding 2024 - and so are the Guardians. The 26-year-old enters July with a batting average north of .360, a WAR north of 3, and a career-high 9 homers already. Kwan becomes arbitration-eligible for the first time this winter.


Shohei Ohtani (Dodgers)

2024 Salary: $2,000,000 (18th)

Obviously there’s a big ole asterisk attached to Ohtani’s $2M payout this year, but it is what it is. He’s on pace for another 40 homer, 1.0+ OPS season, and he’s also going to post a career-high in stolen bases as well. Contractually, he’ll earn another $18M from 2025-2033, then $680M from 2034-2043.

Yordan Alvarez (Astros)

2024 Salary: $10,000,000 (12th)

Everything about the Astros came with a slow start this season, but Alvarez’s numbers are starting to round right into form as we approach the break. He’s got a legitimate shot at 40 doubles, 40 homers, 100 RBIs for the first time. The 27-year-old holds another 4 years, $93M on his current contract through 2028.


Tyler Glasnow (Dodgers)

2024 Salary: $25,000,000 (6th)

Glasnow’s had more efficient first halves, but he’s on pace to have his most fulfilling season by every measure. In fact, he’s just 11 innings away from posting a career-high. There’s a 3 year, $90M guarantee remaining on his contract through 2027.

Paul Skenes (Pirates)

2024 Salary: $740,000 (211th)

As a May 11th call-up, Skenes’ minimum salary actually maxes out at $560,898 if we’re zeroing in. Talks about generational talent, tommy john, & massive contract extensions are already following this guy wherever he steps on a mound. For now, he’s just one of the best values in all of sports.

Shota Imanaga (Cubs)

2024 Salary: $10,000,000 (53rd)

Imanaga came out firing on all cylinders, but has since been brought back down to earth a bit in recent weeks (as have the Cubs collectively). He’ll earn $13M in 2025, after which the Cubs will have a 3 year, $57M option to decide on.

Reynaldo López (Braves)

2024 Salary: $4,000,000 (89th)

The Braves ace has been lights out to begin 2024, hovering well under a 2 ERA, approaching 100 punchouts, while posting a 3+ WAR as we head into the break. He’ll earn $11M in each of 2025 & 2026, and an $8M club option for 2027 seems highly likely at this point.

Chris Sale (Braves)

2024 Salary: $17,000,000 (23rd)

The Red Sox are paying all of Chris Sale’s 2024 salary, making his comeback in Atlanta an even better story for the Braves. The 35-year-old is on pace for 250 strikeouts, and a WAR approaching 5 after years of injury disappointment. He holds a $22M guarantee in 2025, & an $18M club option in 2026.

Zack Wheeler (Phillies)

2024 Salary: $23,500,000 (12th)

Wheeler is about as consistent as star pitchers get in this generation. He’s well on his way to another 200+ strikeout, 4+ WAR campaign, and he tacked on 3 years, $126M to an expiring contract before the start of the season.

Tyler Anderson (Angels)

2024 Salary: $13,000,000 (41st)

Easily the brightest bulb in the Angels box this season, Anderson has re-found the form he showed in 2022 with the Dodgers. He’s guaranteed another $13M in 2025 and remains one of the top trade candidates heading toward July 30.

Corbin Burnes (Orioles)

2024 Salary: $15,637,000 (29th)

Burnes avoided arbitration with Milwaukee before they shipped him off to Baltimore, locking in his final salary before free agency this coming winter. He’s having a great season even against his own standards (2.32 ERA, 105 Ks, 2.2 WAR in 18 starts), and should find a bidding war ahead of him.

Garrett Crochet (White Sox)

2024 Salary: $800,000 (131st)

Injury-plagued for the better part of two seasons, Crochet is now leading the league in strikeouts, FIP, and K/9. He’ll be due a healthy raise in arbitration this winter, but won’t become free agent eligible until 2027.

Logan Gilbert (Mariners)

2024 Salary: $4,050,000 (88th)

Gilbert is now making it three straight seasons of above average starting pitching. That’s a pretty good way to ensure financial security. The 27-year-old has 3 more years of arbitration still ahead of him.

Tanner Houck (Red Sox)

2024 Salary: $770,000 (135th)

It’s already career-highs across the board for Houck just halfway through the season, putting himself in a nice spot for his first pending arbitration winter.

Seth Lugo (Royals)

2024 Salary: $15,000,000 (30th)

The former reliever has now had successful stints as a starter both in San Diego and Kansas City. He carries a 2.21 ERA and a 3.5 WAR into July, and a 2 year, $30M contract through 2027.

Cole Ragans (Royals)

2024 Salary: $753,750 (151st)

The 2016 1st rounder made 12 outstanding starts for KC after being acquired at least year’s deadline, and has carried that momentum through the first half of 2024 (134 Ks, 130 ERA+). He doesn’t project to be arbitration eligible until 2026, so the Royals are working off of house money here.

Tarik Skubal (Tigers)

2024: $2,650,000 (104th)

It’s been back to back very strong seasons for Skubal, who currently possesses a league-best .900 WHIP. He hasn’t been able to put together a full season since 2021, but he’s on his way to doubling his currently salary this coming winter for a second go-around at arbitration.


Tanner Scott (Marlins)

2024 Salary: $5,700,000 (40th)

Scott carries a 1.42 ERA, 2.6 WAR through the first half of the season, easily establishing himself as the Marlins player to get the All-Star nod. Contractually, Scott is finishing his final year of arbitration in Miami, set to hit free agency this coming winter.

Matt Strahm (Phillies)

2024 Salary: $7,500,000 (25th)

One of the better middle relievers on baseball’s best team, Strahm holds a 1.59 ERA, including 45 strikeouts across 34 innings thus far. He signed an extension prior to the season that keeps him at a $7.5M pay rate through 2025, with a team option for another $7.5M in 2026. Strahm earns an extra $50,000 bonus for the All-Star nod.

Robert Suarez (Padres)

2024 Salary: $10,000,000 (14th)

The man asked to replace Josh Hader in San Diego has done so well, posting 22 saves (33 games finished) in 36 appearances. He’s guaranteed another $26M over the next three seasons, but does possess the ability to opt-out after the 2025 campaign.

Ryan Helsley (Cardinals)

2024 Salary: $3,800,000 (63rd)

Helsley leads the leagues in saves & games finished at the time of this posting, though his general numbers (171 ERA+, 2.76 FIP, 10.9 K/9) fall a little more in the average range currently speaking. The 30-year-old is arbitration eligible one more time this winter.

Jeff Hoffman (Phillies)

2024 Salary: $2,200,000 (90th)

Hoffman has done a little bit of everything for the Phillies thus far this season, and he’s done so to the tune of a 1.21 ERA, 0.88 WHIP across nearly 40 innings. The 31-year-old is set to hit the open market this winter.

Emmanuel Clase (Guardians)

2024 Salary: $2,500,000 (79th)

Clase has led the league in games finished and saves each of the past 2 full seasons - and he’s doing so again in 2024. Here’s the rest of his current story: 0.85 ERA, 472 ERA+, 0.63 WHIP across 42 innings. He’ll cost Cleveland $4.5M & $6M through 2026 respectively, with $10M club options available each of the two seasons thereafter.

Clay Holmes (Yankees)

2024 Salary: $6,000,000 (37th)

Holmes has been a rocksteady anchor to the back of the Yankees bullpen without possessing any numbers that really pop off of the page. The 31-year-old is slated for free agency this winter.

Mason Miller (Athletics)

2024 Salary: $740,000 (238th)

The player all 29 other teams hope the Athletics’ decided to trade this month has struck out 66 batters in just 37 innings of work (a 15.8 K/9 pace). With arbitration still a few years away, Oakland won’t be too threatened to move on unless the price blows them away.

Kirby Yates (Rangers)

2024 Salary: $5,750,000 (51st)

Yates showed sounds of rounding back into form late last year in Atlanta, and he’s turned the corner again for Texas in 2024. He’s carrying a sub-1 ERA, sub-1 WHIP and a 12.4 K/9 rate into July. The 37-year-old signed a 1 year deal with the Rangers and should hit the open market again this winter.


The 2024 All-Star reserves including their 2024 compensation and free agent eligibility season.

NL Reserves 2024 $/Free Agency AL Reserves 2024 $/Free Agency
CJ Abrams (WSH, SS) $752k/2029 Carlos Correa (MIN, SS) $36.1M/2033
Pete Alonso (NYM, 1B) $20.5M/2025 Rafael Devers (BOS, 3B) $25M/2034
Luis Arraez (SD, 2B) $10.6M/2026 Jarren Duran (BOS, OF) $760k/2029
Mookie Betts (LAD/SS) $22M/2033 David Fry (CLE, C) $741k/TBD
Elly De La Cruz (CIN, SS) $742k/TBD Riley Greene (DET, OF) $766k/2029
Freddie Freeman (LAD, 1B) $20M/2028 Josh Naylor (CLE, 1B) $6.5M/2026
Teoscar Hernandez (LAD, OF) $15M/2025 Isaac Paredes (TB, 3B) $3.4M/2028
Ryan McMahon (COL, 3B) $12M/2028 Salvador Perez (KC, C) $20M/2026
Jackson Merrill (SD, OF) $740k/TBD Marcus Semien (TEX, 2B) $26M/2029
Marcell Ozuna (ATL, DH) $16M/2026 Kyle Tucker (HOU, OF) $12M/2026
Heliot Ramos (SF, OF) $740k/TBD Bobby Witt Jr. (KC, SS) $9.7M/2038
Bryan Reynolds (PIT, OF) $10M/2032    
Will Smith (LAD, C) $38.5M/2034