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Spotrac’s Free Agent by Position Series

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2024 NBA free agency is right around the corner. This isn’t considered to be a blockbuster free agent class, but there are several impact players available. In these rankings, we took a similar approach to the one many teams use when it comes to ranking available players. Each position was broken down into tiers. The tiers are:

  • All-Star: These aren’t all necessarily All-Stars, but they have the ability to be an All-Star
  • Starters: These players are either starters or they produce at a starter-level of impact
  • Rotation: These are solid players that should be in a team’s regular season rotation
  • Fringe: These are players at the end of the bench or Two-Way players largely in the G League

Players were then ranked within their tiers. All potential free agents have been ranked, including those with pending options.


  1. Isaiah Hartenstein – New York Knicks (UFA)
    Hartenstein has only been even a semi-starter for one season. But he's shown that he can be a productive staring center. He defends, rebounds and he's a good passer. He's also a solid finisher with nice touch. A big payday is coming.

  2. Nicolas Claxton – Brooklyn Nets (UFA)
    Claxton is the best defender of the FA center group. He's an All-Defense level of rim protector, and he can hold his own on switches. If he was a bit more refined offensively, he'd top this list. As it is, Claxton is looking at a very large contract.

  3. Jonas Valaciunas – New Orleans Pelicans (UFA)
    Valanciunas is still hanging in there as a productive starter. However, Valanciunas is best as part of a platoon now. He can't hold down the role for more than half of a game. But he's still a good fit for anyone who needs a starting five.


  1. Andre Drummond – Chicago Bulls (UFA)
    Drummond is the best backup center available this offseason, mostly because he's overqualified for that role. He'd make sense on just about any team, especially those looking for a high-minute backup that can start when necessary.

  2. Moritz Wagner – Orlando Magic (TEAM)
    Wagner has graduated from being a top-tier irritant. He's still that, but Wagner is now much more. He hasn’t fully scrapped the jumper, but Wagner has improved as a finisher around the rim. And he's a good defender and rebounder too.

  3. Drew Eubanks – Phoenix Suns (PLAYER)
    Eubanks had a kind of disappointing season for the Suns. He wasn't as good as he was in his last year in Portland. That could have him on the move. Eubanks is a good backup, because he can defend the rim and finish. That's solid.

  4. Xavier Tillman Sr. – Boston Celtics (UFA)
    Tillman hasn't had a big impact in Boston, but he shouldn't go overlooked as a backup big option. Tillman is both a strong defender and quick enough to hold up in switches. If his jumper ever develops, he'll be even more highly rated.

  5. Mason Plumlee – LA Clippers (UFA)
    There isn't much upside with Plumlee, but he's a good backup. You're going to get competitive defense, good passing and finishing. Nothing will excite you, but you know you have your backup center spot filled with Plumlee.

  6. Goga Bitadze – Orlando Magic (UFA)
    Bitadze seems to be flying under the radar a bit. He either started for Orlando or didn't play much. As a starter, Bitadze showed terrific rebounding, improved finishing and improving defense. He's going to be a steal for a smart team.

  7. Jalen Smith – Indiana Pacers (PLAYER)
    Smith's role fluctuated a lot. He may not be in Indiana's long-term plans, so he may opt out. If so, Smith could be a nice get as a backup big. Something really enticing: Smith shot 42% on 144 three-point attempts. That's great, if it's real.

  8. Kevin Love – Miami Heat (PLAYER)
    Love is nearing the end of his career, but he's still a productive regular season backup five. He can still rebound and pass. The shot is a little shaky, and the defense makes him unplayable in the playoffs. But he can eat some regualr season innings.

  9. Jaxson Hayes – PLAYER (RFA)
    Sometimes bigs take a while to develop, but we're hitting "now or never" time with Hayes. He'll have highlight dunks and he can rebound some. But he's lost defensively. And those glimpses of an outside shot are mere memories now.

  10. Richaun Holmes – Washington Wizards (PLAYER)
    Holmes is very likely to opt in with the Wizards. He won't see more than minimum offers at this point in his career. If he can get some minutes in Washington, he could play well enough to be a trade target by the deadline.

  11. Luke Kornet – Boston Celtics (UFA)
    Kornet has put up two good years in a row as Boston's third center. He's no longer the "Unikornet" outside shooter, but he is a good finisher. And he's a good rim protector. As a third big, teams can do a whole lot worse than Kornet.

  12. Alex Len – Sacramento Kings (UFA)
    Each year, the Kings try to upgrade at backup center. Each year, they turn back to Len. He's a rugged defender and rebounder. That one year as a jump-shooter will always be a "What if…?", but Len is a decent backup five as it is.

  13. James Wiseman – Detroit Pistons (RFA)
    Wiseman remains a lottery ticket. He's only 23 and the talent is there. Can someone pull it out of him on a nightly basis? If so, Wiseman would be a steal. The size, skill and youthful potential will get Wiseman another chance to figure it out.

  14. Chimezie Metu – Detroit Pistons (TEAM)
    Metu has turned himself in a rotation-level center. He's dropped the idea of being a stretch option, and that's helped him a lot. Decent finishing and a willingness to attack the glass on both ends will get Metu a minimum deal somewhere.

  15. Dario Saric – Golden State Warriors (UFA)
    It never quite went how it was supposed to for Saric. Weird roles and injuries kept him from becoming what we all hoped. But he's done a nice job as a small-ball backup five. He can stretch the floor and provide some playmaking for the minimum.

  16. Daniel Theis – LA Clippers (UFA)
    Theis is an ideal third center for a good team. He stays ready, despite not having a consistent role. He can shoot, he's solid in pick-and-roll and he does fine defensively. He'll get another deal, because Theis knows his role and plays it well.

  17. Neemias Queta – Boston Celtics (TEAM)
    Queta has loads of potential. He's an outstanding rebounder. He has good physical tools defensively, but needs reps to figure it out. He's also got to refine his touch a big. He'll probably be back in Boston for another year of development.

  18. Mohamed Bamba – Philadelphia 76ers (UFA)
    Bamba has the size and skill to be a stretch five. He's just never put it together for anything more than brief periods. He's also 26 years old now, so the prospect shine is gone. But for the minimum, he can be a decent backup five.

  19. Sandro Mamukelashvili – San Antonio Spurs (RFA)
    Sleeper alert! Mamukelashvili is consistent minutes as a backup away from breaking out. He can really rebound and pass for a center. The jumper is a work in progress, but he's got a funky set of moves around the rim. Keep an eye on him.

  20. Mike Muscala – Oklahoma City Thunder (UFA)
    Muscala is what he is: He's a stretch five who can give you good minutes in a pinch. Because he knows his role, he's an ideal third center. A contender will have Muscala on their bench for depth purposes next season.


  1. Udoka Azubuike – Phoenix Suns (UFA / TWO-WAY)
    Azubuike could be a good backup center. He's never fully had the chance due to role and injuries. But he's shown some rebounding ability and some defensive tools too. He's a foul machine, but someone might give him a backup deal.

  2. Ibou Badji – Portland Trail Blazers (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Badji is very raw, but he's huge. He's probaby going to have to do another two-way deal, but he's worth continuing to work with in the G League. The size and athleticism make Badji worth trying to develop.

  3. Bismack Biyombo – Oklahoma City Thunder (UFA)
    Biyombo might have another year or two left at the end of the bench for a contender. He's well-liked and he can give a team a few minutes here and there as a rebounder and defender. It all comes down to if he wants to keep playing or not.

  4. Moses Brown – Portland Trail Blazer (UFA)
    As a second-year guy, it looked like Brown was heading towards being a good backup or low-end starter. But he never built on that season. Now, he might be best off heading overseas for a year or two. The skill is there, but the shine is off him as a prospect.

  5. Thomas Bryant – Miami Heat (PLAYER)
    Injuries wrecked things for Bryant, just as he was looking like a solid starting center. Bryant has never developed enough as a defender to offset any fall-off offensively. That's put him in a spot where he's chasing backup roles.

  6. Colin Castleton – Philadelphia 76ers (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Castleton has nice touch in the paint. He's also a very good rebounder and decent shot-blocker too. If he had more range, Castleton would be a nice backup five. Another year of a development on a two-way will do him good.

  7. Luka Garza – Minnesota Timberwolves (RFA)
    Garza has flashed as a potential backup five in the NBA, but he's not quite there. He's like a 4A guy in baseball: Too good for the minors, but not quite good enough for the majors. He may return to Minnesota as deep center depth.

  8. Taj Gibson – Detroit Pistons (UFA)
    Gibson is so well thought of, that he keeps getting deals. He helps young bigs improve by making them work in practice. If Gibson is open to that, he might get another deal. But his on-court, in-game impact will be minimal if at all.

  9. Harry Giles III – Los Angeles Lakers (UFA / TWO-WAY)
    It's been great to see Giles battle his way back to the NBA. But the years injuries have taken their toll. He just doesn't seem to have it in him to hold up to what the NBA needs for even a backup role.

  10. Jay Huff – Denver Nuggets (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Huff does a great job in the G League. He blocks shot, rebounds and scores efficiently, including a nice three-point shot. That has translated to the NBA yet. He's got one more year of two-way eligibility before probably heading overseas.

  11. Damian Jones – Cleveland Cavaliers (UFA)
    Jones has never done more than flash on occasion in the NBA. Someone might bring him in as a deep frontcourt option, but that's about it. There's no real upside left here.

  12. DeAndre Jordan – Denver Nuggets (UFA)
    If Jordan wants to continue to be the sage veteran presence for a contender, he can be that again next season. And he'll even throw in a handful of produtive games here and there as a backup. But Jordan is in that wise-vet stage of his career now.

  13. Boban Marjanovic – Houston Rockets (UFA)
    There might not be a more popular teammate in the league than Marjanovic. He also practices hard and stays ready when his number is sporadically called. Someone will have him on their bench, if Marjanovic wants to keep going.

  14. JaVale McGee – Sacramento Kings (UFA)
    McGee is in the same spot as so many others on this list. He's a great locker room guy and a beloved teammate. His on-court impact is fairly minimal, but someone will sign him just because he's a terrific veteran presence to have around.

  15. Olivier Sarr – Oklahoma City Thunder (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Sarr had put together a nice season in the G League, but unfortunately suffered a torn Achilles in the G League Finals. He's likely to miss the entirety of next season, as he rehabs from the injury.

  16. Jericho Sims – New York Knicks (TEAM)
    The Knicks will likely pick up Sims option, because he's a cost-effective third center to have around. There's not much upside here, but Sims is solid enough that New York should keep him.

  17. Tristan Thompson – Cleveland Cavaliers (UFA)
    Thompson can still bang and defend a bit on the interior. But there's not much else here. He could find another team to bring him to play an enforcer type of role in limited minutes.

  18. Oscar Tshiebwe – Indiana Pacers (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Tshiebwe could lead the NBA in rebounding some day. He's that good at attacking the glass. The issue is that there isn't a whole lot else where. He was an inconsistent finisher and defender. He'll get another two-way to keep developing.

  19. Malik Williams– Toronto Raptors (RFA)
    Williams showed a knack for blocking shots and rebounding the G League. He's not a strong finisher around the rim however, and his jumper needs work. But there's potential there for a two-way contract next season.

  20. Cody Zeller – New Orleans Pelicans (UFA)
    Zeller didn't play much and didn't show much when he did play. He might get another deal as a deeper center option for a good team. Maybe some consistency would come back with regular minutes. But we're closing in on the end for Zeller.

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