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Spotrac’s Free Agent by Position Series

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2024 NBA free agency is right around the corner. This isn’t considered to be a blockbuster free agent class, but there are several impact players available. In these rankings, we took a similar approach to the one many teams use when it comes to ranking available players. Each position was broken down into tiers. The tiers are:

  • All-Star: These aren’t all necessarily All-Stars, but they have the ability to be an All-Star
  • Starters: These players are either starters or they produce at a starter-level of impact
  • Rotation: These are solid players that should be in a team’s regular season rotation
  • Fringe: These are players at the end of the bench or Two-Way players largely in the G League

Players were then ranked within their tiers. All potential free agents have been ranked, including those with pending options.


  1. LeBron James – Los Angeles Lakers (PLAYER)
    Yes, he's going to be 40 years old. Yes, he's going to be in Year 22. Doesn't matter. LeBron James is still playing at an All-NBA level. He's getting the max. The only question? Will it be from the Lakers or someone else?

  2. Pascal Siakam – Indiana Pacers (UFA)
    Siakam is a virtual lock to re-sign with the Pacers. The real concern is will it be a four- or five-year max? Four is a lot more palatable. Five could get a little rough by that final season. No matter, Siakam will stay in Indiana.


  1. Miles Bridges – Charlotte Hornets (UFA)
    What happens with Bridges will largely depend on how teams feel about his off-court issues. If they can get past that, Bridges is a talented combo forward. Someone is going to pay him, and probably very handsomely.

  2. Tobias Harris – Philadelphia 76ers (UFA)
    Harris isn't a max or near-max guy, as he was on his previous contract. But he's also not a minimum player, as many have suggested. Someone will get a scoring forward on a fair contract this summer. It just won't be the Sixers.

  3. Patrick Williams – Chicago Bulls (RFA)
    Williams is still an enigma. He's efficient. He rebounds. He's an above-average defender. But he's been hurt in two of four seasons. His role has never scaled beyond fourth or fifth option. Will someone take a chance that there's more?

  4. Nicolas Batum – Philadelphia 76ers (UFA)
    Batum has settled into a rolid role as a stretch four to end his career. He's been right around a 40% three-point shooter in each year since he left Charlotte. He can still defend too. But…how much longer does he want to play?


  1. Kyle Anderson – Minnesota Timberwolves (UFA)
    A year after hitting a career-best 41% from behind the arc, Anderson cratered to 23%. He's also heading into his age-31 season. But he defends, can handle the ball and pass. And he's solid inside the arc. Good backup for the MLE.

  2. Taurean Prince – Los Angeles Lakers (UFA)
    Prince has become a really solid shooter. That has value as a combo forward. He's probably more of a backup or spot starter than regular starter, but Prince should get a raise off the Bi-Annual amount he played for last season.

  3. Obi Toppin – Indiana Pacers (RFA)
    Toppin had a really nice season for the Pacers. He's better than most backup fours, and Siakam is going to re-sign. Maybe a team can put together an offer sheet to make the Pacers blink? If you believe in the shooting, it's worth it.

  4. Precious Achiuwa – New York Knicks (RFA)
    Achiuwa got back to being an energy/hustle guy who rebounded, played defense and ran the floor for the Knicks. That's his best role. Embracing that should see him get a nice deal as a backup four and small-ball backup five.

  5. Jae Crowder – Milwaukee Bucks (UFA)
    Crowder can't really defend wings anymore. He's lost too much footspeed. He's a touch small to defend most fours. That leaves him in a weird combo forward spot coming off the bench. He'll get another job for the minimum somewhere.

  6. Bol Bol – Phoenix Suns (UFA)
    A look at the numbers would make you wonder why Bol doesn't have an established role. But if you watch him play, you can see how up and down the Bol experience is. He's just never put it together. Talent gets him another deal.

  7. Jeff Green – Houston Rockets (TEAM)
    Heading into his age-38 season, Green is still plugging along. The Rockets don't really need him, but they love having him around their young core. That will probably see Green's option picked up for another year off the bench.

  8. Haywood Highsmith – Miami Heat (UFA)
    If you believe in Highsmith's three-point shooting, he should be an MLE candidate. If you're a little shaky, he should get a chunk of the MLE. Can Miami match that, given tax/apron concerns? Highsmith could be the next to leave Miami.

  9. Trendon Watford – Brooklyn Nets (RFA)
    Watford can play. He's a good finisher, a good passer and fairly solid defensive. The shooting volume is low, but the jumper looks like he should take more. Restricted free agency will hurt him, but Watford should get a nice deal.

  10. Tristan Vukcevic – Washington Wizards (TEAM)
    Vukcevic got a late-season taste of the NBA. We don't know enough, but there's potential there. The Wizards may decline this option and sign Vukcevic to a long-term deal. They didn't bring him over to see him bounce after 10 games.

  11. Davis Bertans – Charlotte Hornets (PLAYER)
    Bertans can still shoot. But he's no longer the high-volume sniper that he was early in his career. The Hornets will probably clear this deal off their books, but someone else will give Bertans a deal to be a stretch four off their bench.

  12. Keita Bates-Diop – Brooklyn Nets (PLAYER)
    Bates-Diop's season was a disappointment. He never replicated what he showed with the Spurs. He may just pick up his option to guarantee some money. If not, a team could still get a nice player for a minimum deal.

  13. J.T. Thor – Charlotte Hornets (TEAM)
    It's been baby steps for Thor. He's shown some promise, but the development has been a little slow. The Hornets might give him one more year to see if all comes together. Otherwise, he'll battle for a backup forward spot elsewhere.

  14. Marcus Morris Sr. – Cleveland Cavaliers (UFA)
    At various points last season, it looked like Morris was done as a productive player. At other points, including in the playoffs, Morris showed he has something left. Someone will give him a minimum deal for some forward depth.

  15. P.J. Tucker – LA Clippers (PLAYER)
    Tucker is going to pick up his option. If he opts out, he's unlikely to see $11 million total the rest of his career. We're really close to the end of the line, and Tucker is more of tradable salary than a real rotation guy at this point.


  1. Thanasis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks (UFA)
    Antetokounmpo tore his Achilles in a workout shortly after the season. He's unlikely to get signed, as he'll be rehabbing all season long.

  2. Dominick Barlow – San Antonio Spurs (RFA)
    Barlow has been dominant on the G League level, and has flashed in the NBA. Restricted free agency will allow the Spurs to control the process. Look for him to be back in San Antonio for at least one more season.

  3. Greg Brown III – Dallas Mavericks (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Brown is a good shot blocker and pretty good rebounder. He's also a solid finisher around the rim. The issue is Brown is a bit undersized and his jumper hasn't come around yet. He'll probably do another year on a two-way deal.

  4. Jamal Cain – Miami Heat (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    For a little bit, it looked like Cain was the Heat's next G League development success story. He's not quite there yet though. Look for him to do one more year on a two-way with Miami before moving to the NBA permanently.

  5. Vlatko Cancar – Denver Nuggets (TEAM)
    Cancar missed all of last season after a torn ACL last summer. The Nuggets will pick up this option and Cancar may be part of the rotation as a backup forward next season. That's how things were trending before his injury.

  6. Robert Covington – Philadelphia 76ers (UFA)
    Between injuries and age, we may be closing in on the end of the line for Covington. He can't get after defensively on the perimeter anymore. That limits his value, as he's not the volume shooting weapon he once was either.

  7. Moussa Diabate – LA Clippers (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Diabate remains and interesting prospect. He can really, really rebound. He's also a decent shot blocker. Diabate is also a solid finisher. Another year of seasoning on a two-way contract is probably in order for the big man.

  8. Danilo Gallinari – Milwaukee Bucks (UFA)
    We're just about at the end for Gallinari. He simply can't move enough to defend very well. Maybe a team gives him a deal in hopes he can provide some floor spacing, but Gallo may be finishing up his career playing overseas.

  9. Usman Garuba – Golden State Warriors (UFA)
    Garuba denied that he's continuing his career by signing in Spain. That will leave the door open for another NBA deal, but it'll be a minimum deal and a battle for a roster spot. Gabuba may yet end up in Spain when all is said and done.

  10. Anthony Gill – Washington Wizards (UFA)
    After several years of solid play in Europe, Gill had a nice run in the NBA. If he shot it better, Gill might even have a shot at a bigger NBA role. As it stands, he's a vet minimum guy, or he could head back overseas for a bigger deal.

  11. James Johnson – Indiana Pacers (UFA)
    Johnson is a locker-room presence at this point. The Pacers have enjoyed having him around, and the toughness he adds. If they have an open roster spot, Johnson might be back. Otherwise, it's been a really nice career.

  12. Kai Jones – LA Clippers (TEAM)
    The Clippers are going to pick up their option on Jones. They'll want to see if they can finally tap all that untapped potential. Jones seems to be committed to making the most of his second chance, which is great to see.

  13. Isaiah Mobley – Cleveland Cavaliers (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Mobley has done a nice job in two G League seasons. He even showed some signs of developing into a stretch big. That development will probably continue for at least one more year on a two-way deal.

  14. Markieff Morris – Dallas Mavericks (UFA)
    Unlike his brother Marcus, Markieff Morris hasn't flashed much. He's a respected veteran voice though, and Morris adds toughness. That could keep him on a roster again next season for the veteran minimum.

  15. Pete Nance – Cleveland Cavaliers (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Nance had a nice G League season. He's developing into a jack-of-all-trades forward. The Cavs would probably like another year to keep working with Nance on a two-way contract.

  16. Drew Peterson – Boston Celtics (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Peterson has potential a stretch four. He can also really, really pass the ball. That opens things up beyond just being a spot-up shooter. Another year honing his skills in the G League will be good for Peterson.

  17. Micah Potter – Utah Jazz (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Potter has done well in the G League. He's a pretty solid scorer around the basket, and he can really step out and shoot it. If he held up better defensively, he'd be in the NBA. As it stands, another two-way is in Potter's future.

  18. Jeremiah Robinson-Earl – New Orleans Pelicans (TEAM)
    Unless the Pelicans really need to cut salary for tax purposes, or they really need a roster spot, Robinson-Earl will be back. He's shown signs of being a solid backup big in the NBA. New Orleans can use the frontcourt depth.

  19. Luka Samanic – Utah Jazz (UFA)
    Samanic saw his most extensive NBA minutes last season and he didn't do much with them. He's not a shooter and he didn't finish well either. Samanic may be headed back to Europe for more money and a bigger role.

  20. Adama Sanogo – Chicago Bulls (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Sanogo is a terrific rebounder and really solid around the rim. If he was a better rim protector, he'd probably get an NBA deal. But it'd be smart for a team to give Sanogo another two-way deal to develop in the G League.

  21. Thaddeus Young – Phoenix Suns (UFA)
    We might at at the end of the line for Young. He does space the floor anymore, and his quickness is just about gone. Teams love his approach and leadership, so maybe he finds another deal. But we're closing in on retirement time.

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