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Robert Quinn requested a trade away from the Bears this past offseason. On Wednesday, Chicago finally granted his wish, shipping the 32 year old pass rusher to the 1st Place Philadelphia Eagles in exchange for retained salary, and a 2023 4th round draft pick.


The Traded Contract

Philadelphia picks up a 3 year, $27.7M contract per this deal, but only the $684,444 comes with any type of guarantee.

2022: $684,444 (guaranteed)
2023: $14M (non-guaranteed)
2024: $13M (non-guaranteed)

Update: The Eagles have agreed to remove the final two years of the contract per the terms of the trade. Quinn will now be eligible for free agency after the 2022 season.


The Dead Cap & Savings

The Bears paid a price to gain a halfway decent (4th round) draft pick out of this transaction. Chicago agreed to retain $7.1M of the remaining $7.82M in 2022 salary still due to Quinn. So in total:

Dead Cap
2022: $16,453,055 ($12.215M cash)
2023: $8,475,000

Cap Savings
2022: $684,444
2023: $9,762,500
2024: $17,237,500


In Conclusion

The Bears accomplished 3 things here: They moved on from a player who openly did want to remain with the organization. They acquired a mid round draft pick that gives them a chance at plugging an immediate hole next year, and they opened up $10M of cap space across this and next season to further help in their rebuilding process.

If they achieved all of that for an additional $7.1M, who am I to say that it wasn’t money well spent (yet).