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2024 NBA free agency is right around the corner. This isn’t considered to be a blockbuster free agent class, but there are several impact players available. In these rankings, we took a similar approach to the one many teams use when it comes to ranking available players. The tiers are:

  • All-Star: These aren’t all necessarily All-Stars, but they have the ability to be an All-Star
  • Starters: These players are either starters or they produce at a starter-level of impact
  • Rotation: These are solid players that should be in a team’s regular season rotation

All potential free agents have been ranked, including those with pending options.


  1. LeBron James – Los Angeles Lakers, PF (PLAYER)
    Yes, he's going to be 40 years old. Yes, he's going to be in Year 22. Doesn't matter. LeBron James is still playing at an All-NBA level. He's getting the max. The only question? Will it be from the Lakers or someone else?
  2. Paul George – LA Clippers, SF (PLAYER)
    There was a point when it felt like George wouldn't even hit the market. He may still extend, as he can do so up through June 30. But it's now starting to look likely George may be the best player with a chance of actually changing teams.
  3. Tyrese Maxey – Philadelphia 76ers, PG (RFA)    
    Maxey is a free agent in name only. He's going to re-sign with Philadelphia on a five-year max deal worth either 25% and possibly up to 30% of the cap.
  4. Pascal Siakam – Indiana Pacers, PF (UFA)
    Siakam is a virtual lock to re-sign with the Pacers. The real concern is will it be a four- or five-year max? Four is a lot more palatable. Five could get a little rough by that final season. No matter, Siakam will stay in Indiana.
  5. DeMar DeRozan – Chicago Bulls, SF (UFA)
    It feels like DeRozan is more likely to extend or re-sign with the Bulls than he is to actually leave. However, if Chicago doesn't give him a good enough offer, DeRozan would be in demand around the league as a scoring wing option.
  6.  OG Anunoby – New York Knicks (PLAYER)
    The Knicks presumably traded a lot for Anunoby with an understanding that they'd re-sign him. He's not going to come cheap, however. Anunoby will be looking for something in the range of $35-$40 million. That's pricey, but worth it.
  7. James Harden – LA Clippers, PG (UFA)
    Harden is very likely to re-sign with the Clippers. The questions are for how many years and how much money? He's still an offensive force, even if he's slipping. That keeps him in All-Star consideration and near the top of this list.
  8. Immanuel Quickley – Toronto Raptors, PG (RFA) 
    If a cap space team wanted to offer Quickley a max contract, the Raptors might blink. Otherwise, Toronto will re-sign Quickley and install him as their point guard of the future. He was THE get in the OG Anunoby trade.


  1. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Denver Nuggets, SG (PLAYER)
    Caldwell-Pope will probably opt out, but he's likely not leaving Denver. Look for Caldwell-Pope and the Nuggets to sign a long-term deal that keeps him in Denver for at least a few more years.
  2. Miles Bridges – Charlotte Hornets, PF (UFA)
    What happens with Bridges will largely depend on how teams feel about his off-court issues. If they can get past that, Bridges is a talented combo forward. Someone is going to pay him, and probably very handsomely.
  3. Isaiah Hartenstein – New York Knicks, C (UFA)
    Hartenstein has only been even a semi-starter for one season. But he's shown that he can be a productive staring center. He defends, rebounds and he's a good passer. He's also a solid finisher with nice touch. A big payday is coming.
  4. Malik Monk – Sacramento Kings, SG (UFA)
    Monk is one of the best free agents who may actually change teams this summer. He's become a plug-and-play guy who can start or coming off the bench. He's going to get a big contract from someone this summer.
  5. Nicolas Claxton – Brooklyn Nets (UFA)
    Claxton is the best defender of the FA center group. He's an All-Defense level of rim protector, and he can hold his own on switches. If he was a bit more refined offensively, he'd top this list. As it is, Claxton is looking at a very large contract.
  6. D'Angelo Russell – Los Angeles Lakers, PG (PLAYER)
    Russell is in an interesting spot. He's not going to be a top target for any of the cap space teams, but some of them could turn to him. He can score and pass. Put the right defense around him, and he's a solid starting point guard.
  7. Kelly Oubre Jr. – Philadelphia 76ers, SF (UFA)
    It wasn't that Oubre had a bounce-back season for the Sixers, because he had been good for the Hornets, Warriors and Suns. But Oubre did prove he can contribute to a winning team in a big way. He won't be on a minimum again.
  8. Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors, SF (UFA)
    Thompson has slipped. He can't defend the quicker guards anymore. He's more of a 3/4 now than he is a guard. But Thompson still put up 18 PPG on 39% shooting from deep. That has value. But does it still have value to the Warriors?
  9. Tobias Harris – Philadelphia 76ers, PF (UFA)
    Harris isn't a max or near-max guy, as he was on his previous contract. But he's also not a minimum player, as many have suggested. Someone will get a scoring forward on a fair contract this summer. It just won't be the Sixers.
  10. Tyus Jones – Washington Wizards, PG (UFA)
    Jones first year as a starter went pretty well. He put up career-highs nearly across the board. Jones is a low-end starter and a high-end backup. He'll have plenty of offers, should he choose to leave a starting job in Washington.
  11. Jonas Valaciunas – New Orleans Pelicans, C (UFA)
    Valanciunas is still hanging in there as a productive starter. However, Valanciunas is best as part of a platoon now. He can't hold down the role for more than half of a game. But he's still a good fit for anyone who needs a starting five.
  12. Patrick Williams – Chicago Bulls, PF (RFA)
    Williams is still an enigma. He's efficient. He rebounds. He's an above-average defender. But he's been hurt in two of four seasons. His role has never scaled beyond fourth or fifth option. Will someone take a chance that there's more?
  13. Bruce Brown – Toronto Raptors, SG (TEAM)
    It sounds like Toronto will pick up Brown's option. After that, the Raptors are expected to explore trades for the versatile guard/wing.
  14. Buddy Heild – Philadelphia 76ers, SG (UFA)
    Hield dipped a bit with the Sixers, compared to his play with the Pacers, especially in the playoffs. But he's still one of the best shooters on the market this summer. He's almost 32, so deals might be a bit shorter in length.
  15. Gary Trent Jr. – Toronto Raptors, SG (UFA)
    Trent is one of the best 3&D options who might change teams this summer. He's also only 25 years old, so there's plenty left in his legs. With Toronto resetting, someone should get a nice player in Trent this offseason.
  16. Nicolas Batum – Philadelphia 76ers, PF (UFA)
    Batum has settled into a rolid role as a stretch four to end his career. He's been right around a 40% three-point shooter in each year since he left Charlotte. He can still defend too. But…how much longer does he want to play?
  17. Gary Harris – Orlando Magic, SG (UFA)
    Harris has been a solid 3&D guard for the Magic for a few years now. He's a tier lower than the players above him on this list. And Harris is now 30 years old. But for a chunk of the MLE, he'll be a nice pickup for someone.
  18. Caleb Martin – Miami Heat, SF (PLAYER)
    Martin dipped a bit last season from the previous two seasons but he's still a solid two-way wing. That's something teams pay for. Look for Miami to do what they can to keep him, because replacing him will be a challenge otherwise.
  19. Russell Westbrook – LA Clippers, PG (PLAYER)
    We're closing in on the end for Westbrook, but we aren't there yet. He's best as a backup, but could still be a starter somewhere. He'll probably return to the Clippers, but he might try to find a bigger role elsewhere.
  20. Markelle Fultz – Orlando Magic, PG (UFA)
    Fultz dealt with injuries again. He's abandoned any pretense of a three-point shot. But he does a nice job in the midrange game, and he's a solid defender. He'd be a low-end starter, but a pretty good backup, just not in Orlando.
  21. Isaac Okoro – Cleveland Cavaliers, SF (RFA)
    Okoro is only 23 years old and he's gotten better each season, despite an everchanging role. His ability to defend plus hitting open shots, should have a smart team pushing the Cavs with an offer sheet they might not match.
  22. Malik Beasley – Milwaukee Bucks, SG (UFA)
    Beasley is a starter level guy, and he shouldn't have to play on a minimum deal this season. As a reliable shooter, who stays healthy, Beasley is worth part of the MLE from a playoff team.
  23. Kyle Lowry – Philadelphia 76ers, PG (UFA)
    Lowry is squeezing all he can out of his career at this point. He seemed rejuvenated by landing at home in Philadelphia. Look for Lowry to return to the Sixers, likely on a minimum deal as a low-minutes starter or as Maxey's backup.
  24. Saddiq Bey – Atlanta Hawks, SF (RFA)
    Bey wasn't as efficient as his first half-season with the Hawks, but he was on his way to a nice payday. Now, a torn ACL will cost him a lot of next season. He might just sign the qualifying offer and rehab most of the year in Atlanta.


  1. Simone Fontecchio – Detroit Pistons, SF (UFA)
    Fontecchio put together a really solid second season in the NBA. So much so that Detroit is going to do what they can to keep him around. Look for an MLE-ish type of deal and that'll be good for the Pistons to keep the wing shooter.
  2. Luke Kennard – Memphis Grizzlies, SG (TEAM)
    Kennard may be the best shooter in the NBA. The challenge is that he can't stay healthy. The Grizzlies may decline their team option for Kennard, because of tax concerns. If so, someone will snag a shooter on the cheap.
  3. Andre Drummond – Chicago Bulls, C (UFA)
    Drummond is the best backup center available this offseason, mostly because he's overqualified for that role. He'd make sense on just about any team, especially those looking for a high-minute backup that can start when necessary.
  4. Monte Morris – Minnesota Timberwolves, PG (UFA)
    This was a lost season for Morris. He wasn't healthy with Detroit and didn't carve out a real role with Minnesota. Still, he's one of the best backup point guards in the NBA. He'll have no problem finding a contract to fill that role.
  5. Kyle Anderson – Minnesota Timberwolves, PF (UFA)
    A year after hitting a career-best 41% from behind the arc, Anderson cratered to 23%. He's also heading into his age-31 season. But he defends, can handle the ball and pass. And he's solid inside the arc. Good backup for the MLE.
  6. Derrick Jones Jr. – Dallas Mavericks, SF (UFA)
    Jones got back to being the guy he looked like in Miami with Dallas. He defended well and made just enough shots to keep team's honest. And he's got good chemistry with Luka Doncic. Look for the Mavs to try to keep him around.
  7. Sam Hauser – Boston Celtics, SF (TEAM)
    It's unlikely Boston will decline Hauser's minimum team option. The Celtics already have enough tax issues as it is. But if they do decline the deal, it's likely because they have a long-term agreement in place to keep Hauser in Boston.
  8. Eric Gordon – Phoenix Suns, SG (PLAYER)
    Despite the fact that he turns 36 years old next season, Gordon remains one of the more reliable bench scoring/shooting options in the NBA. He may choose to stay with the Suns, out of wanting to run it back.
  9. Jose Alvarado – New Orleans Pelicans, PG (TEAM)
    Alvarado probably won't even hit free agency. The Pelicans are close enough to the tax line that picking up his option and dealing with free agency next summer is the way. He's a key backup for New Orleans, so he'll stick around.
  10. Moritz Wagner – Orlando Magic, C (TEAM)
    Wagner has graduated from being a top-tier irritant. He's still that, but Wagner is now much more. He hasn’t fully scrapped the jumper, but Wagner has improved as a finisher around the rim. And he's a good defender and rebounder too.
  11. Drew Eubanks – Phoenix Suns, C (PLAYER)
    Eubanks had a kind of disappointing season for the Suns. He wasn't as good as he was in his last year in Portland. That could have him on the move. Eubanks is a good backup, because he can defend the rim and finish. That's solid.
  12. Gordon Hayward – Oklahoma City Thunder, SF (UFA)
    It all went wrong for Hayward in OKC. He didn't play much, never got comfortable and didn't carve a role. But Hayward showed with Charlotte that he can still do a little bit of everything…when healthy. Who pays what for that? Who knows?
  13. Taurean Prince – Los Angeles Lakers, PF (UFA)
    Prince has become a really solid shooter. That has value as a combo forward. He's probably more of a backup or spot starter than regular starter, but Prince should get a raise off the Bi-Annual amount he played for last season.
  14. Obi Toppin – Indiana Pacers, PF (RFA)
    Toppin had a really nice season for the Pacers. He's better than most backup fours, and Siakam is going to re-sign. Maybe a team can put together an offer sheet to make the Pacers blink? If you believe in the shooting, it's worth it.
  15. Precious Achiuwa – New York Knicks, PF (RFA)
    Achiuwa got back to being an energy/hustle guy who rebounded, played defense and ran the floor for the Knicks. That's his best role. Embracing that should see him get a nice deal as a backup four and small-ball backup five.
  16. Royce O’Neal – Phoenix Suns, SF (UFA)
    The Suns are likely to do what it takes to keep O'Neale around. He played a key role after coming over from Brooklyn and he's the closest thing to a 3&D weapon that Phoenix has. Look for him to get a decent, short-term deal in July.
  17. De’Anthony Melton – Philadelphia 76ers, SG (UFA)
    After putting together a strong season two years ago, Melton missed most of last season with back issues. If healthy, Melton could be a nice combo guard as a starter or off the bench.
  18. Isaiah Joe – Oklahoma City Thunder (TEAM)
    The Thunder are likely to pick up their team option for Joe. He's been really good as their primary shooter off the bench for a couple of seasons now. Next year will be Joe's year to cash in through free agency.

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