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A near impossible task, but our team took a stab at selecting the best & worst contracts based on their length. Only active contracts from the big 4 sports (MLB, NFL, NFL, NBA) were applicable. Enjoy our full breakdown of these selections in this week's edition of The Spotrac Podcast.

1-Year Contracts

Best: Cody Bellinger, 1B/OF, LAD: 1 year, $11.5M

Worst: Leonard Williams, DE, NYG, 1 year, $17.04M franchise tag


2-Year Contracts

Best: Kawhi Leonard, SF, LAC: 2 years, $67M (+1 unlikely option)

Worst: Jimmy Graham, TE, CHI: 2 years, $16M


3-Year Contracts

Best: Julio Jones, WR, ATL: 3 years, $66M

Worst: Andrew McCutchen, OF, PHI: 3 years, $50M


4-Year Contracts

Best: Patrick Mahomes, QB, KC: 4 years, $16.4M

Worst: John Wall, PG, WAS: 4 years, $171M


5-Year Contracts

Best: Corey Kluber, SP, CLE/TEX: 5 years, $38.5M (+2 options)

Worst: Nicholas Batum, SF, CHA: 5 years, $120M


6-Year Contracts

Best: David Pastrnak, RW, BOS: 6 years, $40M

Worst: Ezekiel Elliott, RB, DAL: 6 years, $90M


7-Year Contracts

Best: Christian Yelich, OF, MIL: 7 years, $188.5M

Worst: Chris Davis, 1B, BAL: 7 years, $161M


8-Year Contracts

Best: Connor McDavid, C, EDM: 8 years, $100M

Worst: Miguel Cabrera, 1B/DH, DET: 8 years, $248M


9-Year Contracts

Only: Gerrit Cole, SP, NYY, 9 years, $324M


10-Year Contracts

Best: Nicklas Backstrom, C, WAS: 10 years, $67M

Worst: Jordan Staal, C, CAR: 10 years, $60M


11-Year Contracts

Best: Jeff Carter, C, LAK: 11 years, $58M

Worst: Johan Franzen, LW, DET: 11 years, $43.5M


12-Year Contracts

Best: Mike Trout, OF, LAA: 12 years, $426.5M

Worst: Sidney Crosby, C, PIT: 12 years, $104.4M


13-Year Contracts

Best: Alex Ovechkin, LW, WAS: 13 years, $124M

Worst: Giancarlo Stanton, OF/DH, NYY: 13 years, $325M


14-Year Contracts

Only: Shea Weber, D, MTL: 14 years, $110M