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NFL Free Agents

2021 NFL Free Agents2021 NFL Free Agents

Tracking the status and signings of all 2021 NFL free agents. This tool includes all signings that happen during the Free Agency window only.

Player Option
Club Option
Player (12) Pos. Age From To 2020 AAV Status Market Value
Williams Trent Williams LT 33 SF TBD $13,600,000 UFA Market Value
Okung Russell Okung LT 32 CAR TBD $13,250,000 UFA 0-
Bakhtiari David Bakhtiari LT 29 GB TBD $12,000,000 UFA Market Value
Villanueva Alejandro Villanueva LT 32 PIT TBD $6,000,000 UFA 0-
Peters Jason Peters LT 39 PHI TBD $4,050,000 UFA 0-
Bolles Garett Bolles LT 29 DEN TBD $2,757,976 UFA 0-
Robinson Cam Robinson LT 25 JAC TBD $1,754,541 UFA 0-
Beachum Kelvin Beachum LT 32 ARI TBD $1,187,500 UFA 0-
Young Sam Young LT 34 LV TBD $1,050,000 UFA 0-
Moton Taylor Moton LT 27 CAR TBD $1,039,538 UFA Market Value
Dozier Dakota Dozier LT 30 MIN TBD $1,000,000 UFA 0-
Davenport Julie'n Davenport LT 26 MIA TBD $746,605 UFA 0-