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10 Notable 2019 NFL Franchise Tag Candidates

10 Notable 2019 NFL Franchise Tag Candidates

Projected 2019 Franchise Tag Values

  • Quarterback $24.865M
    Running back $11.214M
    Wide receiver $16.787M
    Tight end $10.387M
    Offensive linemen $14.067M
    Defensive end $17.128M
    Defensive tackle $15.209M
    Linebacker $15.443M
    Cornerback $16.022M
    Safety $11.15M
    Kicker/Punter $4.971M


Grady Jarrett (DT, ATL)

Projected Price: $15.35M

The Falcons rarely use the tag, and have cleared considerable cap space with a few releases already, making a long-term deal much more likely. His current market value also sits at $15.5M.


DeMarcus Lawrence (DE, DAL)

Projected Price: $20.5M

Lawrence has been an elite edge rusher over the past 2 seasons and will command a long-term deal north of $20M. The Cowboys have around $50M to spend right now, but with deals for Dak, Zeke, & Amari also in play, this will be one to watch.


Trey Flowers (DE, NE)

Projected Price: $17.3M

The Pats have been linked to potential tags for Flowers, OT Trent Brown, & K Stephen Gostkowski. Of the three, Flowers seems the more possible, though none are "likely". Flowers was easily the best pass-rush option for a sneaky good Pats defense in 2019. He'll need to take the Patriots discount to stay long-term though.


Jadeveon Clowney (OLB, HOU)

Projected Price: $15.6MM

This one seems like a slam dunk, as Houston likely wants another year to see if Clowney has officially turned the corner, while they also possess north of $60M in cap space. He holds a market value of $16.6M heading into March.


Dee Ford (OLB, KC)

Projected Price: $15.6M

The Chiefs have around $25M in space at the time of this post, so slapping a $15M+ tag on Ford will be costly, but doing so may mean others will fall. It's very possible Justin Houston is shipped out via trade/release in the coming weeks to clear room for Ford's pricetag.


Landon Collins (S, NYG)

Projected Price: $11.2M

The Giants defensive rebuild likely stops here, as Collins is too young, and too talented to just let walk away. An $11M tag for a team with $27M of space isn't ideal, so expect something more long-term around $9.5M per year to come sooner rather than later.


Nick Foles (QB, PHI)

Projected Price: $25.1M

It's risky business to tag a player you really don't want, and certainly can't afford in order to trade him, but it appears the Eagles are poised to make this move. He'll likely cost a 3rd round pick, and a restructured extension once he gets wherever he's going. Foles carries a $19.2M market value into the tag window.


Robbie Gould (K, SF)

Projected Price: $5M

One of the most accurate kickers since the new rules have been in place, Gould won't be allowed to walk one way or another. The 49ers hold $50M+ of space yet again, so a placeholder tag while they hammer out a multi-year deal won't hurt a bit. A deal north of $4.25M per year will make him the highest paid kicker in the league.


Frank Clark (DE, SEA)

Projected Price: $17.3M

The Seahawks have cleared up enough space ($50M) to offer themselves options with Clark. It's now a lock that he'll be tagged in order to provide more time to hammer out an extension. He holds a $15.7M market value currently.


Donovan Smith (OT, TB)

Projected Price: $14.2M

This is a bit of a tough call, as the Bucs are teetering on a complete rebuild, and Smith has been inconsistent through his first few seasons. But the position should prove too important to give up on, & a 1-year tag to see how 2019 plays out makes the most sense. The 25-year-old carries a $10.2M market value.