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NFL Free Agents

2020 NFL Free Agents2020 NFL Free Agents Analysis

Analysis for the top free agent players of the 2020 offseason as determined by our Spotrac NFL experts.

Dak Prescott
Quarterback, ,

Prescott took a big step forward in 2019 in terms of production, consistency, & poise. Unfortunately that didn’t translate into a playoff birth for Dallas. The Cowboys have the cap & cash to lock in Prescott right now, but it seems a tag & more negotiations are coming first. He’s likely to lock in $100-$120M guaranteed when it’s finalized.

Drew Brees
Quarterback, ,

The Saints will welcome back Brees, but building his contract may prove difficult. The future HOF brings over dead cap hits of $10.5M in 2020, & $5.4M in 2021 that will factor into the new numbers. 3 years, $100M sounds about right.

BradyTom Brady
Quarterback, NE, 43

Brady’s subpar 2019 proved he’s likely no longer capable of making it work with just any supporting cast. New England boasts a contender-level defense, but will need to choose wisely in free agency & the draft to warrant bringing Brady back at $30M+.

Chris Jones
Defensive Tackle, ,

He’s still not a household name, but Chris Jones has affected big games enough now to prove he’s worth a big time payday. It’s hard to imagine the 26-year-old accepting a franchise tag in 2020, but KC will start there for sure. He projects north of $19M currently.

Amari Cooper
Wide Receiver, ,

There was a time when Cooper was projecting toward the next highest WR payday of all-time. While it seems unlikely he’ll reach Julio’s $22M, a buyer’s market should land him a deal at or north of $20M this March.

JonesByron Jones
Cornerback, DAL, 27

The third big time Cowboys free agent won’t come cheap. The versatile defensive back has shown he can cover & shut down any position, a valuable asset heading toward the open market. His asking price starts at $14M, but the end result should land at around $16M.

Anthony Harris
Free Safety, ,

One of the most underrated free agents, Harris has played the role of both shutdown cover, & playmaker. His 9 INTs since 2018 give him plenty of ammo to bring to the negotiating table, where he’ll be seeking top safety money (currently $14.5M).

A.J. Green
Wide Receiver, ,

Soon to be 32 years old and coming off another injury filled season, Green carries as many cons as he does pros at this stage, but he’d still be worth a look for many teams. Cincy appears ready to tag him at $18.5M, but a trade thereafter shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ryan Tannehill
Quarterback, ,

No-one took a bigger step forward in 2019 than Tannehill, & that quick rise makes him tough to evaluate, especially if looking outside of Tennessee. Signs point to a return to the Titans, on a cap-adjusted version of Nick Foles’ deal in JAX ($25Mish).

HarrisChris Harris
Cornerback, DEN, 31

Harris was probably asked to do too much in 2019 with the Broncos, as the 30 year old showed he belongs in the slot exclusively. Harris projects to a deal between $10M-$12M currently.

WinstonJameis Winston
Quarterback, TB, 26

What we know about Jameis Winston is that we know nothing. He’s not afraid to throw the ball - anywhere, so an offense that boasts enough weapons, & proper protection should be a good fit. The $27M tag value seems about right (for now).

RiversPhilip Rivers
Quarterback, LAC, 38

Rivers production & value plummeted in 2019, putting his future very much in question. While the hot stove has him tied to a number of teams in the East, nothing is a given. Rivers projects to a cap adjusted version of Alex Smith’s deal ($25Mish).

ClowneyJadeveon Clowney
Defensive End, SEA, 27

Jadeveon Clowney’s pass rush production took a hit in Seattle’s system, but his overall efficiency was as strong as ever. Teams may be reluctant to the $20M+ recent edge rushers have scored, but an $18-$19M deal should do the trick.

Anthony Castonzo
Left Tackle, ,

Castonzo discussed retirement of late, but appears poised to return - presumably to Indy for another go. A short term deal around the $14M range makes sense for both.

Hunter Henry
Tight End, ,

A healthy Hunter Henry is one of the best pass-catching TEs in all of football. The Chargers seem poised to lock him down with a tag, so his open market value seems moot at this point. But this is a player that stands to reset the TE market, with $12M+ in his future.

BridgewaterTeddy Bridgewater
Quarterback, NO, 28

Is Teddy Bridgewater a future franchise starting QB, or is his next stop just another backup role? The price will certainly vary accordingly. There’s a world where a $28M multi-year contract and a starting role exists in 2020.

AndersonRobby Anderson
Wide Receiver, NYJ, 27

The free agent WR market isn’t exactly flush with big names, which puts Anderson in a really nice spotlight. The versatile receiver stands to push north of Allen Robinson’s $14M mark this March.

Shaquil Barrett
Outside Linebacker, ,

Barrett took a 1 year $5M “prove-it” deal in 2019, & flooded the stat sheet with 19.5 sacks, 60 tackles, & 6 forced fumbles. He’s a strong tag candidate, offering a much more profitable “prove-it’s-real” year for 2020.

SandersEmmanuel Sanders
Wide Receiver, SF, 33

Emmanuel Sanders might be the most sure handed receiver available this March. While his age will be a red flag to some, he’ll be considered a legitimate short-term veteran upgrade for many teams. Demand could push this deal north of $12M per year.

ConklinJack Conklin
Right Tackle, TEN, 26

Conklin is the best right tackle on the market, a position that now pays upwards of $18M a year. While his pass protection numbers won’t wow anyone, his overall resume is strong enough to warrant a big payday ($15Mish).

Derrick Henry
Running Back, ,

We all know the knock on paying RBs a big second contract, & it’s hard to imagine one having a more visibly valuable season than Henry in 2019. But his lack of participation in the passing game plus the miles he’s accrued aren’t ideal for his future pay. A $10M tag is likely in his future.

Brandon Scherff
Guard, ,

Brandon Scherff would easily be the best interior lineman available, but the Redskins won’t let that happen. Statistically he values a little over $12M, but back to back tags would be $33M, so a deal around $16M seems more prudent.

MariotaMarcus Mariota
Quarterback, TEN, 26

After losing the starting gig in Tennessee, it’s hard to imagine Mariota will find one out of the gate elsewhere for 2020. But it stands to reason he’ll be given a chance to compete somewhere (Vegas, LA, Chicago). Tannehill’s incentive-laden deal in 2019 sounds about right.

Justin Simmons
Free Safety, ,

There are a handful of strong safeties set to become available, but Simmons might be the best of the lot. Denver will certainly slap an $11.5M tag on him, but the real work comes with signing him long-term at around $15M per.

LittletonCory Littleton
Inside Linebacker, LAR, 26

Cory Littleton isn’t a name on many lists right now, but he fits the mold of a do-it-all linebacker that has cashed in mightily of late. If he struggles anywhere, it’s in the run stop - but that shouldn’t hurt his value too much heading toward the open market. Kwon Alexander’s $13.5M is the target number.

Devin McCourty
Free Safety, ,

McCourty will be 33 years old in 2020, but he remains a vital leader in what is now lethal Patriots defense. An $11.5M tag is in play, with Earl Thomas’ $32M guaranteed in his multi-year focus.

Yannick Ngakoue
Defensive End, ,

Like Clowney, Ngakoue’s shine wore off a bit in 2019. An $18M tag is in his future, a contract that will almost certainly only be signed if & when Jacksonville finds an appropriate trade partner. He projects to just about that $18M mark on a long-term extension.

Arik Armstead
Defensive End, ,

Armstead was trending toward a bit of a 1st round bust until he broke out for the 49ers in 2019. He’s got a bigger ceiling than he’s shown, making staying in SF on a limited price difficult. Trey Flowers’ 5 year $90M deal is in his sights.

ReaderD.J. Reader
Defensive Tackle, HOU, 26

D.J. Reader will try to reset the nose tackle/interior defensive lineman market a bit this March, coming off of career best numbers in many spots. The 26 year old projects to 5 years, $60M.

HargraveJavon Hargrave
Defensive Tackle, PIT, 27

It’s almost a given that the Steelers simply can’t afford to lock in Hargrave at the price he projects to (5 years, $72M), but the real question is will ANY team go that high for an interior D-Lineman?

HooperAustin Hooper
Tight End, ATL, 25

Hooper isn’t the most versatile TE option in the league, but he’s taken steps forward in the passing game to make himself a real option. He shouldn’t reach the pay heights of a Henry or Kittle this spring, but $10-$11M per year should be plausible.

Leonard Williams
Defensive End, ,

Williams will be seeking 2nd-tier DE money on the open market, but there just doesn’t seem to be enough on the resume to warrant it. The former #6 overall may have to settle for a high priced “prove-it” deal somewhere, not unlike the 5th year option he was traded to the Giants on ($14.2M).

PerrimanBreshad Perriman
Wide Receiver, TB, 26

Perriman finally found some footing on the wide open Bucs offense, and became one of the more reliable options for Jameis in 2019. Jamison Crowder’s $9.5M is a number to watch this March.

Tre Boston
Free Safety, ,

Boston’s bounced around the past three seasons, & has been quietly solid everywhere he’s landed. The free safety should find a multi-year offer this March, & LaMarcus Joyner’s $10.5M deal seems a likely get.

GordonMelvin Gordon
Running Back, LAC, 27

Gordon was headed for a big time payday just a few years ago, and there’s a small world where that still can happen this March. But it’s much more likely a cap-adjusted version of Mark Ingram’s deal is in his future ($6.5Mish).

Joe Thuney
Guard, ,

Thuney isn’t going to be a household name anytime soon, but his annual improvement and a fairly weak interior lineman free agent class bolster is stock mightily. The 27-year-old could find a deal in the $14M range, which seems much too rich for New England’s liking.

Jimmie Ward
Free Safety, ,

Ward needed a big 2019 to put himself in legitimate multi-year contract discussion, and he did just that. The 28-year-old should see a nice raise from his $4.5M “prove-it” deal last season, but will likely have to leave San Francisco to get it.

QuinnRobert Quinn
Linebacker, DAL, 30

Quinn had one of his most efficient seasons as an edge defender yet in 2019 as a member of the Cowboys. He could be inclined to take a bit less to stay in Dallas, but should he venture into the open market, he’ll be looking at deals around the $12M mark a cap adjusted version of what Jerry Hughes reeled in with the Bills.

Van NoyKyle Van Noy
Inside Linebacker, NE, 29

Van Noy settled into a legitimate pass rushing role in NE, and didn’t disappoint (6.5 sacks, 60 tackles, 3 forced fumbles). Another 3 year deal at or around the $8M mark seems to fit.

MartinezBlake Martinez
Inside Linebacker, GB, 26

Martinez has the makings of a top-tier cover linebacker, but just can’t seem to have that one breakout season to spotlight on his resume. While the market for this position has jumped of late, the financial ceiling for Blake is likely around $12M, a cap-adjusted version of Bernard McKinney’s deal in Houston.

EbronEric Ebron
Tight End, IND, 27

Ebron’s no longer viewed as the “next great TE”, but he’s now done enough to round back into a formidable option, especially in the passing game. The bottom line here is his overall production - especially in terms of TDs, puts him well ahead of the current average TE price. His value lives in the $9-$10M range.

PetersJason Peters
Left Tackle, PHI, 38

The future HOF is now 38, but finished 2019 as the 6th best graded tackle according to PFF. He’s an upgrade for many NFL O-Lines, and shouldn’t break the bank at this stage of his career. A 1 year deal in the $8-$10M mark seems right, and the Browns are a very likely landing spot.

BulagaBryan Bulaga
Right Tackle, GB, 31

Bulaga’s only real red flag is a lack of consistency, but he’s coming off of back to back solid years in Green Bay. Soon to be 31, he shouldn’t carry too much of a price tag this offseason, but Lane Johnson’s $18M per year deal at 29 years old really puzzled this market. Bulaga projects to a deal around $11M, but that’s a fragile valuation for now.

McGovernConnor McGovern
Center, DEN, 27

McGovern hit his stride in a contract year, which always works out well financially. Denver seems poised to at least try to retain him, but he’s certain to test the market first. The standard center contract lives at $10M now, and any type of demand in free agency will push things closer to $12M.

Matt Judon
Outside Linebacker, ,

Judon lives this low because he’s a lock for a tag with the Ravens. However, it’s becoming clear that Baltimore may look to shop him thereafter, seeking a high draft pick compensation in return. Financially Judon should be set to lock in 2nd-tier Edge defender money, somewhere in the $16M range.

Bud Dupree
Outside Linebacker, ,

Dupree peaked in a contract year, putting the cap-strapped Steelers in a bind with how to proceed. Tagging him at $16M likely means 3-4 players fall off the roster as cap casualties. However, with only one year of true above average production, a tag seems like the correct move here.

Fowler Jr.Dante Fowler Jr.
Defensive End, LAR, 26

The Rams likely want to retain Fowler, but their finances may not allow for it. After falling out of favor in Jacksonville, Fowler’s done just enough to stay above the fold as he hits the open market. His baseline value chimes in at $15M, but this thing likely gets to $17M when it’s all said and done.

Brian Poole
Cornerback, ,

The former Falcons UDFA signed a 1 year, $3.5M bridge deal with the Jets, and posted a very efficient 2019, especially in terms of advanced metrics. He’s enters the open market as a Top 5 free agent CB, and should be in consideration for a return to the Jets, especially with Trumaine Johnson certainly on his way out.

BellVonn Bell
Strong Safety, NO, 25

While his standard production numbers don’t jump off the page, advanced metrics LOVE Vonn Bell. He’s been consistently above average the past three seasons in New Orleans, and should find himself a healthy raise on the open market. His baseline calculation sits at $4.5M.

Kenyan Drake
Running Back, ,

Kenyan Drake had a Ryan Tannehill type leap forward in 2019, taking control of the Cardinals’ running game in a big way (while vaulting plenty of fantasy rosters into stardom). With David Johnson guaranteed in 2020, the decision to bring Drake back will be a difficult one, but it seems likely Arizona will vow to keep the band together, even if it means an expensive rushing attack in 2020. Drake projects to just under $6M, but he’s reportedly looking for $9M.