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With the NBA Playoffs winding down, we'll take a quick look at the projected payouts for each postseason team in 2018-19. Since the official playoff bonus pool figure hasn't been released yet, we'll base these numbers off of last year's amount, which came in at $20M, as playoff pools have had a pattern of being the same two years in a row. Should this change, we'll update this article accordingly. All payouts figures are team totals that are then divvied up among the club's players.

Warriors & Raptors
As it stands, the Golden State Warriors stand to reel in $4M ($272,800 per player) for losing the Finals, & $5.2M ($352,500 per player) should they win it.

The Toronto Raptors stand to receive $3.99M($266,200 per player) for a Finals loss, or $5.1M ($345,800 per play) if they win it all.


Seeding Payouts

Best Overall Record Bucks $576,843
#1 Seeds Bucks, Warriors $504,737 (each)
#2 Seeds Raptors, Nuggets $405,684 (each)
#3 Seeds 76ers, Trail Blazers $302,843 (each)
#4 Seeds Celtics, Rockets $238,001 (each)
#5 Seeds Pacers, Jazz $198,317 (each)
#6 Seeds Nets, Thunder $135,263 (each)


Posteason Payouts

First Round Bucks, Raptors, 76ers, Celtics, Pacers, Nets, Magic, Pistons, Warriors, Nuggets, Trail Blazers, Rockets, Jazz, Thunder, Spurs, Clippers $298,485 (each)
Conference Semis Bucks, Raptors, Celtics, 76ers, Warriors, Rockets, Trail Blazers, Nuggets $355,159 (each)
Conference Finals Bucks, Raptors, Warriors, Trail Blazers $586,898 (each)
Finals Loser TBD $2,346,947
Finals Winner TBD $3,541,896


Total Payouts

Here's a look at the total compensation for each team thus far.
* The Warriors & Raptors will add an additional $2.3M, or $3.5M based on the outcome of the finals.

Bucks $2,322,122
Warriors $1,745,279*
Raptors $1,646,226*
Trail Blazers $1,543,385
Nuggets $1,059,328
76ers $956,487
Celtics $891,645
Rockets $891,645
Pacers $496,802
Jazz $496,802
Nets $433,748
Thunder $433,748
Magic $298,485
Pistons $298,485
Spurs $298,485
Clippers $298,485