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The 2021 NBA Draft class is eligible to sign Rookie Scale contract extensions this offseason. Each player has until late-October to agree to an extension. If no agreement is reached, the player will be eligible for restricted free agency in the summer of 2025. A handful of players are ineligible to sign an extension, because they had team options declined or were waived at some point during their rookie scale contract.

By pick from that 2021 Draft, here’s where things stand for each player. We’ll also make a prediction on what happens before the late-October extension deadline.

For reference: The standard maximum extension (25% of the cap) these players can sign projects to be $224,895,000 over five years. The Designated Rookie Extension amount (30% of the cap) projects to be $269,874,000 over five years. We’re projecting this off a salary cap of $155.1 million for the 2025-26 season.

In order to qualify for the Designated Rookie Extension, a player must make All-NBA this coming season, or they can also qualify by winning MVP or Defensive Player of the Year this coming season.

#1 Cade Cunningham – Detroit Pistons

Cunningham had a rough start to his career. He struggled some as a rookie, which is completely forgivable. His second year was a lost season due to injuries. In Year 3, Cunningham finally showed why he was the first overall pick in 2021. He was simply better in every facet of the game. The efficiency was better, the overall shooting improved and his playmaking took another leap. Cunningham is a franchise guy. Franchise guys get the max.

Projection: Five years, $224,895,000 (25% of the cap), no options; Designated Rookie language to bump the extension to five years, $269,874,000, no options

#2 Jalen Green – Houston Rockets

Despite the counting stats improving in his sophomore season, Green was worse in Year 2 than he was as a rookie. In his third season, Green got back on track, especially in the second half of the year. Playing “real” basketball for the first time, Green showed he can contribute to winning. But he’s not a no-brainer max guy. The Rockets have big dreams, and if Green doesn’t get to star status, a max deal would become a cap-clogger. There’s a gap here that probably won’t be overcome. But, hey, that’s what restricted free agency is for on the back end. If Green pops this year, the Houston can max him out next summer.

Projection: No extension

#3 Evan Mobley – Cleveland Cavaliers

Mobley isn’t perfect. He’s still figuring things out, especially as a four. When he’s played the five, Mobley looks like a different, and better, player. This extension is as much about what Mobley might be and where the Cavs roster might go, as it is anything we’ve seen from player or team right now.

Projection: Five years, $224,895,000 (25% of the cap), no options; Designated Rookie language to bump the extension to five years, $269,874,000, no options

#4 Scottie Barnes – Toronto Raptors

Barnes is the Raptors franchise guy now. Toronto has traded away any other contenders for that crown. And, you know what? The Raptors were right. Barnes is the kind of all-around player everyone wants to build around. He’s a good defender, in addition to carrying a heavy offensive load. Barnes’ jumper keeps getting better every year too. That’s a no-questions-asked max player, with upside still in play.

Projection: Five years, $224,895,000 (25% of the cap), no options; Designated Rookie language to bump the extension to five years, $269,874,000, no options

#5 Jalen Suggs – Orlando Magic

Suggs first two years were full of fits and starts. He’d get going, then pick up an injury and have to start over. Year 3 was a pretty healthy year for Suggs, and he leveled up big time. Suggs had easily his best offensive season, and he was a menace defensively too. Most importantly, he showed he can play either guard position, which helps Orlando with roster construction. He’s not a max extension guy, but Suggs is going to get paid.

Projection: Four years, $112 million, no options

#6 Josh Giddey – Oklahoma City Thunder

OKC keeps things pretty quiet, as far as future plans go. That said, it seems like something has to give with the roster. Not in a bad way, but to take the next step. Feels like that something may involve Giddey getting traded. He was played off the floor for parts of the playoffs. Feels like the Thunder may deal him now and let another team figure out what to do with Giddey’s next contract.

Projection: No extension

#7 Jonathan Kuminga – Golden State Warriors

This one is tricky. Kuminga became a regular starter in his third season and put together his best season. He’s one of the younger players in this draft class too, so there’s still plenty of upside. But the Warriors are trying to rebalance their cap sheet too. The presumption here is that rebalancing is being done with extending Kuminga on a big, but non-max deal in mind.

Projection: Four years, $108 million, no options

#8 Franz Wagner – Orlando Magic

Despite a really rough shooting season, Wagner is a franchise cornerstone for Orlando. He’s a good all-around player on offense and a better defender than he gets credit for. He’s not quite at the no-brainer max level that Paolo Banchero will be a year from now, but he’s pretty close. We’re going to call this a “Desmond Bane” max, where Wagner gets just below the max in guaranteed, but can hit some incentives (some related to shooting) to get up to the full max.

Projection: Five years, $200,000,000 with nearly $22.5 million in incentives, no options

#9 Davion Mitchell – Sacramento Kings

Mitchell spent part of this season out of the Kings rotation. He’s never quite popped as hoped for. The good news? His three-point shot showed real improvement last year. The Kings will probably give this another year before handling things in restricted free agency next offseason.

Projection: No extension

#10 Ziaire Williams – Memphis Grizzlies

Williams came along late in his rookie season, but has gone through two injury-plagued years since. His shot hasn’t improved much either. Memphis is still looking for that star-level small forward, but has added some depth. With the roster getting full and expensive, Williams won’t get an extension.

Projection: No extension

#11 James Bouknight – Out of the NBA

Bouknight was waived by the Charlotte Hornets midway through last season. He’s yet to catch on with another NBA team.

#12 Joshua Primo – Out of the NBA

Primo was waived by the San Antonio Spurs in 2022. He spent part of last season with the LA Clippers before being waived in mid-April.

#13 Chris Duarte – Sacramento Kings

Duarte never built on a promising rookie season. He dealt with injuries in his second year, then had an inconsistent role with the Kings last season. Duarte would have to sign something so team-friendly that he’s better off betting on himself figuring it out.

Projection: No extension

#14 Moses Moody – Golden State Warriors

Moody has been a pretty steady player for the last couple of seasons. He’s a pretty shooter and a rugged defender. With the Warriors watching their payroll over the next couple of seasons, they may not want to commit to Moody long-term without making some other roster moves first.

Projection: No extension

#15 Corey Kispert – Washington Wizards

Kispert has improved each season. He showed more variety to his game in his third year, as he made shots off the dribble and flashed some playmaking skills. The Wizards got Deni Avdija on a very fair extension last year, and they’ll probably get Kispert on something similar this offseason.

Projection: Four years, $52 million, no options

#16 Alperen Sengun – Houston Rockets

The Rockets have a star in Sengun. He’s an excellent scorer, rebounder and passer. Sengun can function as an offensive hub, or as a complementary player. Having him signed long-term will make everything a bit easier for Houston to build the roster, because Sengun allows for them to go in so many different directions.

Projection: Five years, $224,895,000 (25% of the cap), no options; Designated Rookie language to bump the extension to five years, $269,874,000, no options

#17 Trey Murphy III – New Orleans Pelicans

Murphy is part of the future (and present!) in New Orleans. He’s a great fit on the wing in between Zion Williamson and Herb Jones, because his shooting. Murphy can also slide up to play as a small-ball four, or slide over to the two in bigger lineups. Injuries are a slight concern, but nothing to be overly concerned about with inking Murphy to a long-term deal.

Projection: Five years, $140 million, no options

#18 Tre Mann – Charlotte Hornets

After getting caught in the roster crunch in Oklahoma City, Mann played really well for Charlotte. He can play on- or off-ball, which is big for a backcourt mate with LaMelo Ball. The Hornets will probably wait on signing Mann to an extension, because they’d like to see everyone on the court together first.

Projection: No extension

#19 Kai Jones – LA Clippers

Jones caught on with the Clippers late in the season. He seems to have things sorted out in his personal life, after some off-court issues saw him get waived by the Hornets ahead of last season.

#20 Jalen Johnson – Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks have been aggressive about signing their players to extensions over the years. Johnson should be no different. Despite suffering some injuries, Johnson blossomed in Year 3. Atlanta is facing some long-term salary crunch, but that should be relieved via trades this summer. That should free up flexibility to get Johnson signed to a long-term deal.

Projection: Five years, $125 million, no options

#21 Keon Johnson – Brooklyn Nets

Johnson was waived by the Phoenix Suns after being traded late last offseason. He played this past year on a two-way deal with the Nets.

#22 Isaiah Jackson – Indiana Pacers

Jackson has been in and out of the Pacers rotation as Myles Turner’s backup. With Jalen Smith a potential free agent, Indiana may want to get Jackson locked in long-term. He’s a terrific athlete, good rebounder and good shot blocker. Look for Aaron Nesmith’s team-friendly extension from last to be a guide here.

Projection: Four years, $45 million, no options

#23 Usman Garuba – Golden State Warriors

Garuba is coming off a season where he spent most of the year on a two-way with the Warriors before a late conversion. This came after being traded and ultimately waived while on his rookie scale deal. There are rumors he may head overseas next, but Garuba himself said no such decision has been made.

#24 Josh Christopher – Out of the NBA

Christopher spent part of last season on a two-way deal with the Utah Jazz. He’s finished the season in the G League.

#25 Quentin Grimes – Detroit Pistons

Grimes put together two really nice seasons to start his career. Year 3 was a kind of a mess. Grimes shooting fell off, and he was traded to the Pistons before being shut down with an injury. With Detroit’s roster in flux under Trajan Langdon, Grimes will probably play out the year before restricted free agency next summer.

Projection: No extension

#26 Bones Hyland – LA Clippers

After a promising rookie season, Hyland hasn’t found the same kind of traction the last two years. He’s been unable to crack the Clippers rotation, so he’s more of a trade candidate this summer than he is an extension candidate.

Projection: No extension

#27 Cam Thomas – Brooklyn

Thomas has become a terrific scorer, either off the bench or as a starter. A high-usage bench scorer is probably Thomas’ best role in the NBA, and one he can capably fill for more than a decade. But the Nets seem to have big plans for potential cap space in 2025. That doesn’t mean Thomas is leaving Brooklyn, but he won’t get extended.

Projection: No extension

#28 Jaden Springer – Boston Celtics

Springer hasn’t shown enough to get extended. He’s flashed at moments, but that’s all it’s been. Boston acquired him as a flyer to add some tradable salary and to see if he can pop in their schemes. No chance of an extension happening here.

Projection: No extension

#29 Day’Ron Sharpe – Brooklyn Nets

Sharpe is a terrific offensive rebounder. He’s also shown nice touch around the basket too. At worst, Sharpe is a solid backup center. But, like Cam Thomas, the Nets aren’t putting any extra salary on the books for 2025-26 unless they have to.

Projection: No extension

#30 Santi Aldama – Memphis Grizzlies

Aldama has become a good rotation big. He’s a good scorer, with nice touch on his jumper. He’s a better rebounder than he gets credit for, and he improved as a rim protector last season. The Grizzlies roster and cap sheet are pretty stuffed though. That will probably see them hold off on adding any more guaranteed long-term money for now.

Projection: No extension