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The Golden State Warriors are facing nearly a half-billion bill this season when it comes to salaries, plus tax penalties. The Indiana Pacers had plenty of room under the tax line to space. In the end, Indiana lent a helping hand to help Golden State save a bunch of money.

Here are the particulars:

Golden State Warriors acquire: 2024 second-round pick

Indiana Pacers acquire: Cory Joseph, 2025 Hornets second-round pick, Cash Considerations

Let’s dive in!

Golden State Warriors

Incoming salary: None

  • None

Outgoing salary: $2.0 million

  • Cory Joseph (PG, one year, $2.0 million)

This trade was all about saving money for the Warriors. Even though Joseph’s veteran minimum salary was for only for just over $2 million, Golden State saved over $13 million because of how deep they are into the luxury tax, as a tax repeater. Even if you offset what they paid Indiana to cover Joseph’s deal, that’s worth it.

And, for what it’s worth, the Warriors got a 2024 second-round draft pick in this deal, albeit a likely late one. Considering they’ll need to fill out their roster through the draft and minimum signings, assuming they stay a second apron team next year, that’s not nothing.

Indiana Pacers

Incoming salary: $2.0 million

  • Cory Joseph (PG, one year, $2.0 million)

Outgoing salary: None

  • None

Indiana got cash to cover eating Joseph’s contract. And they swapped a not-great 2024 second-round pick for what should be a pretty good 2025 second-round pick. Sometimes it pays to be a helpful partner in a trade.

The Pacers waived Cory Joseph after completing this trade.