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Aaron Rodgers isn't the only player trending toward a mid-March trade this offseason. Our look at 10 notable names who might be moved in the coming weeks.

Aaron Rodgers (QB, Packers)

It’s looking more and more like Rodgers & the Packers will officially part ways this time around (until of course it doesn’t).

Assuming this thing needs to get done quickly (before June 1st for contract purposes), the Packers will take on $40,313,568 of dead cap in 2023, stemming from 3 different already paid out bonuses, and a contract restructure prior to 2019. This dead cap is 100% locked in. It can’t be reduced. It can’t be transferred to a new team. The only chance for relief is a Post June 1st trade, which would split that $40.3M figure into $15.8M this year, $24.4M next.

The receiving team would take on:
2023: $15,790,000 (fully guaranteed at $58.3M cash)

2024: $32,541,667 (non-guaranteed $49.3M cash)
2025: $51,151,667 (non-guaranteed $20.9M cash)
2026: $45,291,667 (non-guaranteed $15.05M cash)

The above contract assumes that the 2023 option bonus is exercised by the receiving team, who would then be on the hook for either $43.725M of dead cap after the season, or another $47M option bonus for 2024.

Justin Fields (QB, Bears)

The Fields trade conversation won’t go away until the Bears are no longer on the clock in the upcoming draft. Chicago holds leverage from every angle this offseason (cap space, draft stock, rookie QB contract). Fields enters Year 3 of his rookie deal, set to earn $2.3M against a $5.1M cap hit. A Pre June 1st trade would actually represent a $395,000 cap loss for Chicago, but that pales in comparison to what they’d be acquiring in trade compensation.

The receiving team would take on:
2023: $2,375,632 (guaranteed)
2024: $3,233,448 (guaranteed)
2025: 5th-year option (decided on May of 2024)

Jalen Ramsey (CB, Rams)

The idea of Ramsey leaving LA has bounced around the metaverse a few times, so it’s at least worth building out here. Ramsey enters Year 4 of a 6 year, $114M deal, set to earn $17M against a $25.2M cap hit. A Pre June 1st trade can free up $5.6M of that cap, leaving behind $19.6M of dead cap (signing bonus + a 2021 restructure).

The receiving team would take on:
2023: $17,000,000 ($7.5M fully guaranteed)
2024: $18,500,000 ($0 guaranteed, $4M March roster bonus)

2025: $19,500,000 ($0 guaranteed, $4M March roster bonus)

Ramsey is essentially on a 1 year, $17M contract whether he stays in LA, or goes elsewhere.

Brandin Cooks (WR, Texans)

A move that probably should have happened at the deadline (with the Cowboys very much in mind here), Cooks still isn’t a lock to me moved elsewhere this offseason, thanks to a fully guaranteed $18M salary for 2023. If it gets done, a Pre June 1st trade means $16.2M of dead cap staying with Houston, freeing up $10.2M of space.

The receiving team would take on:
2023: $18,352,932 ($18M fully guaranteed)
2024: $16,500,000 ($0 guaranteed, $3M March roster bonus)

It’s a 1 year, $18.5M contract on its face, but $14.4M of the 2023 cap hit can be freed up with a base salary restructure + 3 void years, so it fits the bill for a contender.

Chuck Clark (S, Ravens)

Clark was a trade candidate last offseason after Baltimore added Marcus Williams via free agency, & Kyle Hamilton at the draft, but they kept him on board to slow-play the process. That still may be the case as Clark enters a contract year, set to earn $3.64M against a $6.2M cap hit.

But if the Ravens look to get some trade value here, a move would leave behind $2.6M of dead cap, freeing up $3.64M.

The receiving team would take on:
2023: $3,640,000 ($1.16M roster bonus due early March)

Donovan Smith (OT, Buccaneers)

The Bucs will face some pain this offseason as they morph into life without TB12. Moving on from your starting left tackle isn’t an ideal place to start, but the $9.95M of space to be had is certainly much needed. The 29 year old is entering a contract year, set to earn $15.25M cash against a $17.9M cap hit.

The receiving team would take on:
2023: $15,250,000 ($0 guaranteed)

Smith would be in line for a new deal per a trade, currently projecting toward a 3 year, $60M contract in our system.

DeAndre Hopkins (WR, Cardinals)

Hopkins has hit the trade hot stove of late, though that’s cooled a bit of late. The deal holds $34.3M over the next two seasons, but none of it is guaranteed, and Hopkins is likely looking to reup to a price point that more aligns with Tyreek, Davante, etc… If the Cardinals aren’t willing to oblige, there’s $8.15M of cap to be freed up with a Pre 6/1 trade out of town.

The receiving team would take on: 

2023: $19,450,000 (non-guaranteed)
2024: $14,915,000 (non-guaranteed)

In terms of new money, Hopkins projects to a 3 year, $70M extension in our system.

Leonard Williams (DE, Giants)

After 2 extremely productive seasons in 2020-2021, Williams’ production dipped off slightly - mostly stemming from 5 weeks missed. There are a few reasons Williams finds himself on this list, and his inability to make a difference on the field isn’t one of them. 1) The Giants have a LOT of mouths to feed offensively. 2) Dexter Lawrence is in his extension window. 3) Williams is on an expiring contract with a loaded cap figure. It just may be the wrong time to extend Williams on this roster, making him a very attractive trade candidate this March. He holds a 1 year, $18M (non-guaranteed) contract if moved, freeing up over $12M of cap for the Giants.

The receiving team would take on:
2023: $18,000,000 (non-guaranteed)

Frank Clark (DE, Chiefs)

Clark signed a restructured extension this past March to lower his cap hit and stay in the fold. He responded with a Frank Clark type season (5 sacks, 40 tackles), but now sits with a $30.1M cap hit for the upcoming campaign. With Chris Jones poised for a new deal, can the Chiefs extend Clark again? Will they bite the bullet on a restructure that pushes dead cap down the line? A Pre 6/1 trade leaves behind $9M of dead cap, freeing up $21.1M of cap space for KC.

The receiving team would take on:
2023: $22,500,000 (non-guaranteed)

The 29-year-old projects to a 2 year, $25M extension in our system.

Ed Oliver (DT, Bills)

Oliver enters 2023 on a fully guaranteed $10.753M 5th year option. The #9 overall selection back in 2019 has made minimal impact in 62 games, putting his future in Buffalo very much in question. Will the Bills retain some of the salary in order to find a trade partner this March?