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Phoenix Suns

Total Cap Allocations: $127M (21st)
Total Cash Allocations: $121M (20th)


Top Earners

Player 2020-21 Salary Career Earnings Contract Status
Chris Paul (PG, 35) $41,358,814 $299,909,419 $44.2M player option in 2021-22
Devin Booker (SG, 24) $29,467,800 $65,032,653 3 years, $101.5M remaining
Jae Crowder (SF, 31) $9,258,000 $46,074,135 2 years, $20M remaining
E’Twaun Moore (SG, 32) $2,331,593 $40,162,398 UFA
Langston Galloway (SG, 29) $2,028,594 $28,941,768 UFA


Extension Candidates

Chris Paul
The internets claim Paul will likely opt out of his $44.2M player option next year in lieu of a multi-year extension to finish off his career in Phoenix. Paul carries a 3 year, $118M valuation in our system.

Deandre Ayton
The #1 overall selection from 2018 becomes extension-eligible after this season, with a 5 year, $168M max contract likely in his sights. Ayton’s overall numbers slipped a bit this year, but his efficiency took major steps forward, a theme for the Suns in 2020-21.

Cameron Payne
Every 36 year old point guard needs a viable backup plan, and Payne has proved to be more than adequate in that role. Delon Wright’s 3 year, $28M deal in Sacramento seems a good fit here.

2021-22 Outlook

The Suns will be operating over cap, and will be struggling to stay under the tax threshold with extensions for Paul and Payne likely coming. They’re set to pick #29, and will likely use their Non-Tax Exception to add a piece to the puzzle. VIEW MORE



Milwaukee Bucks

Total Cap Allocations: $132M (9th)
Total Cash Allocations: $135M (6th)

Top Earners

Player 2020-21 Salary Career Earnings Contract Status
Jrue Holiday (PG, 31) $25,876,111 $152,488,072 4 years, $135M remaining
Brook Lopez (C, 33) $12,697,675 $144,840,372 2 years, $27.2M remaining
Khris Middleton (SF, 29) $33,051,724 $120,920,176 3 years, $113M remaining
Giannis Antetokounmpo (PF, 26) $27,528,088 $106,999,970 5 years, $228M remaining
Jeff Teague (PG, 33) $3372826 $98,540,766 UFA


Extension Candidates

P.J. Tucker
It’s always difficult to value a player who operates mostly on “intangibles'', and at 36, Tucker is mostly that. His statistical production is all but diminished, but there’s still a strong case to resign here. Our valuation says 1 year, $5M should get it done.

Bobby Portis
Portis holds a $3.8M player option that he’s certain to decline, which could put him in a decent spot come free agency. If the Bucks see him as a possible replacement for PJ Tucker, a multi-year extension could be on the table here. Portis holds a 3 year, $32M valuation in our system.

Jeff Teague
Teague’s minutes diminished and thus his production did as well - but his efficiency, especially behind the 3-point line, went up in almost all facets. He holds value in a depth position, and will likely be in Milwaukee’s plans for the next few seasons. He holds a 2 year, $15M valuation.


2021-22 Outlook

The Bucks will be operating well over cap, but are already $12M over the luxury tax threshold. This figure will only get worse should the above extensions kick in, and it leaves Milwaukee with the smaller $5.9M exception to work with as well. The Bucks will draft #31 overall. VIEW MORE