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UPDATE (7:45 PM): Griffin has agreed to give back $13.3 million. Current reports state approximately $4.3 million was given back for the 2020-21 season and $8.7 million for the 2021-22 season. Furthermore, Detroit will not be using the stretch provision for the 2021-22 season and will be taking on the lump sum. Once more accurate details are provided per dollar amounts we will post another update.


Blake Griffin has agreed to a buyout with the Detroit Pistons; details of the buyout are still to be determined. Griffin had approximately $56.4 million in guaranteed salary remaining on at the time of his buyout. 



Cap Hit: $36,810,996 (includes $215,000 from Trade Kicker when traded from LAC to DET)

Cash Total: $34,442,873 (Amount was reduced from $36,595,996 due to advanced payment at the beginning 2019-20 season and agreement between NBA and NBPA for salary reductions)

Cash Remaining Owed at Buyout: $17,542,972



This was to be a Player Option, but is deemed guaranteed salary until player has declined the option.

Cap Hit: $38,957,028

Cash Total/Owed: $38,957,028


Now What?

Once Griffin has cleared waivers on March 7 (Sunday) @ 5PM he is free to sign with another NBA team. Griffin will most likely sign at the veteran minimum which would be for $1,229,676 cash and $776,983 cap hit (if signed on Mar 8, 2021).

Depending on the agreement between Detroit and Griffin, Detroit could take a lump sum cap hit in 2021-22 season or stretch owed cap hit for the 2021-22 over three years.


All-Time Single-Year Dead Cap thru 2020-21 Season

  1. Blake Griffin (2020-21):  $36,810,996
  2. Carmelo Anthony (2018-19):  $25,534,253
  3. Chandler Parsons (2019-20):  $25,102,511
  4. Joe Johnson (2015-16):  $21,894,863
  5. Amar'e Stoudemire (2014-15):  $20,910,988