MLB Positional Spending

A real-time look at the 2024 MLB positional spending per team.

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Team C INF OF DH SP RP Total
LAD $20.05M $85.19M $32.50M - $117.09M $9.51M $265.08M
NYY $3.48M $47.75M $117.98M - $53.62M $17.67M $240.50M
NYM $1.61M $66.59M $55.16M $12.00M $43.42M $37.68M $216.45M
TOR $8.00M $55.47M $40.32M - $73.71M $26.04M $204.28M
CHC $6.75M $74.00M $43.95M $0.74M $32.75M $40.46M $199.39M
HOU $7.51M $67.87M $15.19M - $56.95M $49.24M $197.51M
ATL $17.00M $53.75M $5.76M $16.00M $58.22M $38.46M $192.93M
PHI $1.60M $7.21M $55.30M $20.00M $73.12M $30.47M $189.44M
TEX $4.88M $70.74M $9.74M - $50.83M $25.27M $162.94M
STL $1.48M $66.74M $3.10M - $49.67M $10.54M $133.75M
MIN $12.43M $50.36M $35.14M - $13.04M $9.59M $121.29M
SF $1.75M $30.94M $29.90M $10.00M $15.24M $24.70M $115.49M
ARI $1.50M $38.16M $0.77M $9.50M $27.28M $14.63M $109.18M
SEA $12.05M $18.71M $34.15M - $30.50M $11.75M $107.17M
BOS $2.26M $33.30M $9.71M $18.60M $11.45M $20.44M $96.76M
SD $2.93M $43.83M $14.45M - $11.07M $22.39M $96.16M
BAL $12.91M $9.80M $24.33M $4.14M $19.88M $18.76M $91.29M
MIL $3.77M $31.58M $26.80M - $11.46M $8.54M $82.14M
CIN $5.53M $22.27M $5.15M - $19.58M $25.37M $79.38M
WSH $7.12M $7.28M $8.95M $0.75M $36.17M $14.93M $78.16M
CHW $4.75M $11.80M $34.10M - $11.53M $13.99M $76.15M
TB $1.50M $23.16M $10.36M - $19.24M $18.79M $74.52M
LAA $1.53M $15.89M $7.34M - $22.31M $24.74M $72.81M
DET $5.20M $8.08M $14.58M - $32.23M $11.76M $71.86M
KC $20.74M $8.95M $2.26M - $21.34M $13.59M $69.86M
PIT $3.25M $12.44M $23.48M - $8.21M $17.25M $67.59M
CLE $5.48M $32.78M $1.50M - $6.59M $14.06M $60.41M
MIA $2.81M $25.39M $5.49M - $8.53M $12.54M $56.25M
COL $2.24M $17.43M $2.49M $13.00M $12.69M $7.69M $55.53M
OAK $2.23M $15.71M $3.35M - $2.23M $7.04M $34.25M
Totals $0.18B $1.05B $0.67B $0.10B $0.95B $0.60B $3.62B
Averages $6.14M $35.10M $22.44M $3.49M $31.66M $19.93M $120.62M