MLB Payrolls

MLB  Team Salary Payroll TrackerMLB Mulit-Year Payroll Tracker

A real-time look at the mulit-year payroll totals for each MLB team. These figures derive from a player's payroll salary, which includes the combination of a base salary, incentives, & any signing bonus proration. See also: Cash Payrolls, Luxury Tax Payrolls.

Rank Team 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 Total Payroll
1 LAD LAD $118.7M $120.8M $239.9M $246.4M $302.7M $268.7M $259.1M $199.6M $207.0M $107.9M $267.2M $2,338,056,007
2 NYY NYY $212.6M $227.5M $238.1M $213.8M $222.5M $220.7M $209.7M $180.1M $223.0M $111.9M $203.4M $2,263,411,608
3 BOS BOS $172.6M $175.3M $170.7M $170.1M $183.5M $207.8M $209.9M $227.4M $229.2M $84.2M $182.5M $2,013,078,095
4 SF SF $126.0M $137.5M $140.3M $160.3M $186.4M $178.3M $189.8M $205.7M $178.6M $73.4M $161.7M $1,738,065,020
5 LAA LAA $146.6M $157.2M $141.4M $165.4M $151.3M $174.4M $166.2M $173.7M $161.3M $66.0M $180.3M $1,683,875,783
6 CHC CHC $139.5M $116.3M $100.1M $89.5M $133.0M $184.4M $172.1M $194.3M $221.6M $86.6M $144.0M $1,581,271,974
7 PHI PHI $170.0M $179.9M $163.5M $175.1M $141.7M $103.9M $104.0M $95.8M $159.6M $73.5M $183.8M $1,550,910,262
8 DET DET $111.5M $144.3M $155.2M $172.0M $162.2M $200.2M $188.5M $131.0M $114.6M $43.2M $85.7M $1,508,320,607
9 WSH WSH $75.0M $98.3M $116.9M $149.5M $165.7M $139.4M $182.3M $181.4M $172.3M $75.1M $144.4M $1,500,152,049
10 STL STL $119.9M $120.5M $120.5M $121.2M $132.2M $149.4M $145.3M $163.8M $174.3M $73.2M $169.0M $1,489,212,354
11 TEX TEX $103.7M $138.2M $137.9M $139.6M $156.4M $163.0M $163.4M $140.6M $148.5M $64.2M $95.6M $1,451,371,869
12 NYM NYM $142.2M $105.9M $101.3M $94.5M $115.7M $147.7M $144.0M $150.2M $146.8M $81.9M $199.3M $1,429,583,420
13 TOR TOR $73.5M $97.3M $131.8M $141.8M $138.3M $152.3M $175.6M $150.9M $111.4M $55.0M $149.4M $1,377,247,114
14 SEA SEA $101.4M $84.4M $83.2M $107.0M $126.0M $146.5M $161.4M $161.0M $144.4M $50.4M $81.8M $1,247,754,191
15 ATL ATL $99.8M $97.9M $94.9M $116.9M $110.8M $96.1M $105.2M $130.8M $143.9M $63.6M $147.5M $1,207,563,616
16 COL COL $83.3M $88.2M $79.3M $96.7M $106.9M $107.9M $139.3M $144.0M $157.2M $67.8M $114.3M $1,184,768,000
17 HOU HOU $85.6M $54.5M $35.6M $51.7M $81.5M $103.3M $138.7M $163.5M $168.8M $82.5M $192.3M $1,158,037,788
18 MIN MIN $114.0M $109.1M $81.5M $87.5M $106.4M $97.2M $121.0M $115.5M $125.3M $55.7M $117.5M $1,130,758,005
19 CHW CHW $127.6M $109.0M $111.8M $89.2M $118.9M $129.7M $86.4M $71.8M $91.4M $53.7M $141.0M $1,130,424,358
20 BAL BAL $94.4M $82.9M $100.4M $113.6M $117.8M $150.2M $175.3M $130.4M $73.3M $23.5M $53.7M $1,115,525,682
21 CIN CIN $81.9M $89.9M $106.8M $113.4M $116.3M $88.6M $96.4M $100.3M $128.4M $55.6M $125.6M $1,103,275,637
22 KC KC $52.6M $70.3M $85.4M $98.6M $126.5M $141.6M $148.2M $129.9M $104.8M $34.8M $85.1M $1,077,884,934
23 ARI ARI $65.8M $83.0M $88.3M $106.5M $76.8M $97.9M $102.6M $143.3M $118.9M $65.6M $88.7M $1,037,324,945
24 MIL MIL $92.6M $110.9M $88.2M $110.6M $94.0M $62.2M $68.9M $109.0M $135.9M $41.4M $97.4M $1,011,155,583
25 SD SD $48.0M $63.8M $73.3M $85.0M $107.9M $83.5M $77.9M $103.8M $104.3M $73.1M $175.7M $996,399,652
26 CLE CLE $56.0M $77.3M $93.0M $84.5M $77.4M $106.0M $132.3M $143.1M $107.7M $39.3M $48.9M $965,362,444
27 OAK OAK $76.5M $59.0M $67.1M $93.5M $80.4M $82.9M $73.5M $80.3M $93.4M $36.7M $89.2M $832,440,148
28 PIT PIT $48.6M $61.8M $71.5M $77.0M $99.4M $99.5M $98.2M $91.0M $72.7M $25.3M $54.3M $799,389,107
29 MIA MIA $65.3M $0.9M $36.0M $50.7M $76.1M $77.7M $110.8M $91.8M $75.6M $31.6M $58.0M $772,825,315
30 TB TB $46.1M $70.2M $72.6M $76.8M $76.6M $63.9M $77.8M $68.8M $64.2M $28.3M $70.9M $716,196,483