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Huddersfield Town Yearly Salaries

Annual financial breakdowns for Huddersfield Town, including multi-year payrolls, player salaries, loan info.


Payroll Breakdown & Totals

A current & future look at the signed players & wages allocated by position group.

    2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Total Salary Allocations   £30,134,000 £18,668,000 £3,796,000
Signed Players   26 15 3 0 0
Forwards   £8,736,000 £6,084,000
Midfield   £9,542,000 £5,824,000
Defensemen   £10,712,000 £6,136,000 £3,796,000
Goaltending   £1,144,000 £624,000

On Loan

Player Salary Figures

Current & future salary payroll figures for players on the active roster. For more view the complete Huddersfield Town Salary Payroll Table