NFL Fines & SuspensionsNFL Fines & Suspensions

Tracking all reported fines & suspensions throughout the 2017 NFL season.

Player Pos. Team Forfeits Week
ParryDavid Parry
Personal Conduct
DT NO 4 games
ColemanShon Coleman
Making physical contact with an official against Los Angeles (LAC)
T CLE $30,387.00 Week 13
PetersMarcus Peters
Throwing a penalty flag into the stands against New York (NYJ)
CB KC $24,309.00 Week 12
ButlerDarius Butler
Horsecollar tackle against Marqise Lee (JAC)
CB IND $18,231.00 Week 13
JackMyles Jack
Excessive facemask against Chester Rogers (IND)
OLB JAC $9,115.00 Week 13
SorensenDaniel Sorensen
Roughing the Passer against Josh McCown (NYJ)
FS KC $18,231.00 Week 13
IlokaGeorge Iloka
Helmet-to-helmet hit against Antonio Brown (PIT)
SS CIN $35,464.00 Week 13
PetersMarcus Peters
Player Safety (Flag into the stands)
CB KC 1 game
Smith-SchusterJuJu Smith-Schuster
Blindside Block + Taunting against Vontaze Burfict (CIN)
WR PIT 1 game
SmithJimmy Smith
CB BAL 4 games
GronkowskiRob Gronkowski
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Tredavious White (BUF)
TE NE 1 game
RayShane Ray
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Oakland (OAK)
OLB DEN $12,154.00 Week 12
RodgersRichard Rodgers
Hit to the head against Sean Davis (PIT)
TE GB $24,309.00 Week 12
JohnsonCharles Johnson
DE CAR 4 games
PeppersJabrill Peppers
Hit to a defenseless receiver against Josh Malone (CIN(
S CLE $24,309.00 Week 12
StewartDarian Stewart
Hit to a defenseless receiver against Amari Cooper (OAK)
FS DEN $24,309.00 Week 12
JacksonGabe Jackson
Physically contacting a referee against Denver (DEN)
G OAK $30,387.00 Week 12
CountessBlake Countess
Helmet to helmet hit against Coby Fleener (NO)
S LA $24,309.00 Week 12
BowieMichael Bowie
Personal Conduct
RT NYG 6 games
TreggsBryce Treggs
Taunting against Cincinnati (CIN)
WR CLE $12,154.00 Week 12
CrabtreeMichael Crabtree
Role in a brawl with Aqib Talib (DEN)
WR OAK 1 game
TalibAqib Talib
Role in a brawl with Michael Crabtree (OAK)
CB DEN 1 game
FitzgeraldLarry Fitzgerald
Crackback block against Houston (HOU)
WR ARI $24,309.00 Week 11
ThomasEarl Thomas
Late Hit against Levine Toilolo (ATL)
FS SEA $24,309.00 Week 11
AlonsoKiko Alonso
Roughing the Passer against Ryan Fitzpatrick (TB)
OLB MIA $18,231.00 Week 11
MallettRyan Mallett
Verbally abusing officials against Green Bay (GB)
QB BAL $12,154.00 Week 11
WorleyDaryl Worley
Unsportsmanlike conduct (shoving) against Jarvis Landry (MIA)
CB CAR $9,115.00 Week 11
WhiteheadTahir Whitehead
Stepping on Charles Leno (CHI)
OLB DET $9,115.00 Week 11
LongKyle Long
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (shoving) against A'Shawn Robinson (DET)
G CHI $9,115.00 Week 11
WentzCarson Wentz
Low Block against DeMarcus Lawrence (DAL)
QB PHI $9,115.00 Week 11
LowryDean Lowry
Roughing the Passer against Joe Flacco (BAL)
DE GB $18,231.00 Week 11
JenkinsJanoris Jenkins
Throwing ball into stands against Kansas City (KC)
CB NYG $6,076.00 Week 11
SmithTerrance Smith
Blindside block against Zak DeOssie (NYG)
ILB KC $24,309.00 Week 11
WilliamsP.J. Williams
Roughing the Passer against Kirk Cousins (WAS)
CB NO $9,115.00 Week 11
SmithPreston Smith
Roughing the Passer against Drew Brees (NO)
OLB WAS $18,231.00 Week 11
HoltonJohnny Holton
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Jonathan Jones (NE) (slapping)
WR OAK $12,154.00 Week 11
GilbertMarcus Gilbert
Excessive Facemask against Tennessee (TEN)
RT PIT $9,115.00 Week 11
GilbertMarcus Gilbert
RT PIT 4 games
DansbyKarlos Dansby
Roughing the Passer against Russell Wilson (SEA)
ILB ARI $18,231.00 Week 10
RichardsonSheldon Richardson
Roughing the Passer against Drew Stanton (ARI)
DT SEA $18,231.00 Week 10
SkrineBuster Skrine
Hit against a defenseless receiver, DeSean Jackson (TB)
CB NYJ $48,620.00 Week 10
JohnsonDuke Johnson
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (throwing helmet) against Detroit (DET)
RB CLE $12,154.00 Week 10
LeeMarqise Lee
Taunting against Tre Boston (LAC)
WR JAC $9,115.00 Week 10
KoyackBen Koyack
Crackback block against Los Angeles (LAC)
TE JAC $9,116.00 Week 10
DiggsStefon Diggs
Excessive Celebration (hugging goal post) against Washington (WAS)
WR MIN $12,154.00 Week 10
ThompsonDarian Thompson
Late hit against Carlos Hyde (SF)
S NYG $9,115.00 Week 10
ColemanKurt Coleman
Unnecessary Roughness against Devonta Freeman (ATL)
FS CAR $24,309.00 Week 10
BetheaAntoine Bethea
Role in a brawl against San Francisco (SF)
SS ARI $9,115.00 Week 9
ReddickHaason Reddick
Role in a brawl against San Francisco (SF)
ILB ARI $9,115.00 Week 9
RuckerFrostee Rucker
Role in a brawl against San Francisco (SF)
DT ARI $9,115.00 Week 9
LawsonShaq Lawson
Roughing the Passer against Josh McCown (NYJ)
DE BUF $18,231.00 Week 9
GreenA.J. Green
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Jacksonville (JAC)
WR CIN $12,154.00 Week 9
JonesByron Jones
Throwing helmet against Kansas City (KC)
CB DAL $12,154.00 Week 9
WoodsXavier Woods
Blindside block against Kansas City (KC)
S DAL $24,309.00 Week 9
WinstonJameis Winston
Taunting against Marshon Lattimore (NO)
QB TB $12,154.00 Week 9
DanielsMike Daniels
Headbutting Travis Swanson (DET)
DT GB $9,115.00 Week 9
GeorgeJeremiah George
Horse-collar tackle against Lamar Miller (HOU)
ILB IND $18,231.00 Week 9
SaffoldRodger Saffold
Chop Block against New York (NYG)
G LA $9,115.00 Week 9
EdwardsMario Edwards
Unnecessary Roughness against Miami (MIA)
DE OAK $9,115.00 Week 9
JosephKarl Joseph
Late Hit against Miami (MIA)
S OAK $18,231.00 Week 9
NormanJosh Norman
Horse-Collar tackle against Jimmy Graham (SEA)
CB WAS $36,464.00 Week 9
HydeCarlos Hyde
Role in a fight against Arizona (ARI)
RB SF $9,115.00 Week 9
GreenA.J. Green
Fighting against Jalen Ramsey (JAC)
WR CIN $30,387.00 Week 9
EvansMike Evans
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (brawl, taunting) against New Orleans (NO)
WR TB 1 game
KerleyJeremy Kerley
WR NYJ 4 games
DavisThomas Davis
Helmet-to-helmet hit against Adam Humphries (TB)
OLB CAR $48,620.00 Week 8
RubinAhtyba Rubin
Roughing the Passer against Josh McCown (NYJ)
DT ATL $18,231.00 Week 8
RobertsDarryl Roberts
Helmet to helmet hit against Devonta Freeman (ATL)
CB NYJ $24,309.00 Week 8
AlonsoKiko Alonso
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Joe Flacco (BAL)
OLB MIA $9,115.00 Week 8
JudonMatt Judon
Horse Collar tackle against Kenyan Drake (MIA)
OLB BAL $18,231.00 Week 8
ThuneyJoe Thuney
Clipping against Los Angeles (LAC)
G NE $9,115.00 Week 8
CollinsJamie Collins
Roughing the Passer against Case Keenum (MIN)
OLB CLE $18,231.00 Week 8
WilsonDamien Wilson
Roughing the Passer against Kirk Cousins (WAS)
OLB DAL $18,231.00 Week 8
SimmonsJustin Simmons
Hit on a defenseless receiver against Demarcus Robinson (KC)
SS DEN $24,309.00 Week 8
DiggsQuandre Diggs
Helmet to helmet hit against Jesse James (PIT)
CB DET $24,309.00 Week 8
DavisSean Davis
Helmet to helmet hit against Marvin Jones (DET)
SS PIT $24,309.00 Week 8
HaydenD.J. Hayden
Leaving the sideline against Pittsburgh (PIT)
CB DET $3,037.00 Week 8
WashingtonCornelius Washington
Leaving the sideline against Pittsburgh (PIT)
DE DET $3,037.00 Week 8
ValoagaJeremiah Valoaga
Leaving the sideline against Pittsburgh (PIT)
DE DET $3,037.00 Week 8
CunninghamZach Cunningham
Roughing the Passer against Russell Wilson (SEA)
ILB HOU $18,231.00 Week 8
WagnerBobby Wagner
Horse Collar tackle against Lamar Miller (HOU)
ILB SEA $18,231.00 Week 8
PullardHayes Pullard
Excessive Facemask against Dion Lewis (NE)
ILB LAC $9,115.00 Week 8
StephenShamar Stephen
Excessive Facemask against Cleveland (CLE)
DT MIN $9,115.00 Week 8
WilsonEric Wilson
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Cleveland (CLE)
OLB MIN $12,154.00 Week 8
JenkinsJanoris Jenkins
Violating team rules
CB NYG 1 game
FreemanJerrell Freeman
ILB CHI 10 games
ClaybornAdrian Clayborn
Roughing the Passer against Tom Brady (NE)
DE ATL $18,231.00 Week 7
McClainRobert McClain
Helmet-to-helmet hit against Deonte Thompson (BUF)
CB TB $24,309.00 Week 7
HicksAkiem Hicks
Excessive Facemask against Cam Newton (CAR)
DE CHI $9,115.00 Week 7
BurfictVontaze Burfict
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (kicking) Roosevelt Nix (PIT)
OLB CIN $12,154.00 Week 7
LeeDarron Lee
Roughing the Passer against Matt Moore (MIA)
ILB NYJ $36,464.00 Week 7
LeeDarron Lee
Excessive Facemask against Miami (MIA)
ILB NYJ $9,115.00 Week 7
AndersonRobby Anderson
Throwing his helmet against Miami (MIA)
WR NYJ $12,154.00 Week 7
SuhNdamukong Suh
Excessive Facemask penalty against New York (NYJ)
DT MIA $9,115.00 Week 7
PetersMarcus Peters
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Derek Carr (OAK)
CB KC $9,115.00 Week 7
BosticJon Bostic
Horse-collar tackle against Jacksonville (JAC)
ILB IND $18,231.00 Week 7
BriceKentrell Brice
Horse-collar tackle against Mark Ingram (NO)
S GB $18,231.00 Week 7
OnyemataDavid Onyemata
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Randall Cobb (GB)
DT NO $12,154.00 Week 7
GlowinskiMark Glowinski
Unnecessary Roughness against New York (NYG)
G SEA $9,115.00 Week 7
MorrisonAntonio Morrison
Excessive facemask against Jacksonville (JAC)
ILB IND $9,115.00 Week 7
OkungRussell Okung
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Denver (DEN)
LT LAC $9,115.00 Week 7
AndersonZaire Anderson
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Los Angeles (LAC)
ILB DEN $9,115.00 Week 7
RobinsonKeenan Robinson
Roughing the Passer against Russell Wilson (SEA)
OLB NYG $18,231.00 Week 7
WrightK.J. Wright
Facemask against Orleans Darkwa (NYG)
OLB SEA $9,115.00 Week 7
PaulNiles Paul
Uniform violation (socks) against Philadelphia (PHI)
TE WAS $6,076.00 Week 7
SendejoAndrew Sendejo
VIolating player safety rules (hit to the head)
SS MIN 1 game
LynchMarshawn Lynch
Entering the field of play and physically striking an official
RB OAK 1 game
MitchellMike Mitchell
Late Hit against Alex Smith (KC)
FS PIT $9,115.00 Week 6
MitchellMike Mitchell
Helmet to helmet hit against Charcandrick West (KC)
FS PIT $46,820.00 Week 6
DupreeBud Dupree
Roughing the Passer against Alex Smith (KC)
OLB PIT $24,309.00 Week 6
BellLe'Veon Bell
Excessive Celebration (punching the goalpost) against Kansas City (KC)
RB PIT $12,154.00 Week 6
CampbellDe'Vondre Campbell
Roughing the Passer against Jay Cutler (MIA)
OLB ATL $18,231.00 Week 6
JarrettGrady Jarrett
Roughing the Passer against Jay Cutler (MIA)
DT ATL $18,231.00 Week 6
BarrAnthony Barr
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (head butt) against Davante Adams (GB)
OLB MIN $9,115.00 Week 6
TreadwellLaquon Treadwell
Blindside Block against Lenzy Pipkins (GB)
WR MIN $24,309.00 Week 6
RyanJake Ryan
Horse Collar tackle against Jerick McKinnon (MIN)
ILB GB $18,231.00 Week 6
JohnsonJaleel Johnson
Excessive Facemask against Chicago (CHI)
DT MIN $9,115.00 Week 5
GrahamBrandon Graham
Excessive Facemask against Carolina (CAR)
DE PHI $9,115.00 Week 5
JordanCameron Jordan
Excessive Celebration (dunking ball) against Detroit (DET)
DE NO $12,154.00 Week 6
HillJosh Hill
Hit to a defenseless player against Detroit (DET)
TE NO $24,309.00 Week 6
LearyRon Leary
Excessive Facemask against New York (NYG)
G DEN $9,115.00 Week 6
GarconPierre Garcon
Impermissible use of the helmet against Montae Nicholson (WAS)
WR SF $24,309.00 Week 6
SwearingerD.J. Swearinger
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Pierre Garcon (SF)
SS WAS $9,115.00 Week 6
ElliottEzekiel Elliott
Violating the league's personal conduct policy
RB DAL 6 games
KuechlyLuke Kuechly
Excessive facemask against Ameer Abdullah (DET)
ILB CAR $9,115.00 Week 5
RandallDamarious Randall
Taunting against Dak Prescott (DAL)
CB GB $9,115.00 Week 5
AdamsDavante Adams
Throwing the ball into the stands against Dallas (DAL)
WR GB $6,076.00 Week 5
GilchristMarcus Gilchrist
Helmet to helmet hit against Travis Kelce (KC)
SS HOU $8,000.00 Week 5
KalilMatt Kalil
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Philadelphia (PHI)
LT CAR $9,115.00 Week 5
HitchensAnthony Hitchens
Excessive Facemask against Los Angeles (LAR)
ILB DAL $9,115.00 Week 5
ElamMatt Elam
Violating the league's personal conduct policy
SS BAL 6 games
Rodgers-CromartieDominique Rodgers-Cromartie
Violating team rules
CB NYG 1 game
DanielsB.J. Daniels
Off-Field Violation
WR ATL 4 games
DorleantMakinton Dorleant
Off-Field Violation
CB GB 1 game
LathamDarius Latham
Substance Abuse
DT OAK 4 games
Clinton-DixHaHa Clinton-Dix
Hit to the head against Josh Bellamy (CHI)
FS GB $24,309.00 Week 4
BrownAntonio Brown
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (kicking Spencer Lanning (CLE))
WR PIT $8,200.00 Week 4
KingMarquette King
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (throwing ball) against Denver (DEN)
P OAK $9,115.00 Week 4
SmithZa'Darius Smith
Roughing the Passer against Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
OLB BAL $18,231.00 Week 4
BreelandBashaud Breeland
Horse Collar tackle against Kareem Hunt (KC)
CB WAS $18,231.00 Week 4
PoslusznyPaul Posluszny
Taunting against Dylan Donahue (NYJ)
OLB JAC $9,115.00 Week 4
TrevathanDanny Trevathan
Hit to a defenseless receiver (Davante Adams, GB)
ILB CHI 1 game
Beckham, Jr.Odell Beckham, Jr.
Excessive Celebration against Philadelphia (PHI)
WR NYG $12,154.00 Week 3
ParksWill Parks
Unsportsmanlike conduct against Mike Tolbert (BUF)
S DEN $9,115.00 Week 3
LeBlancCrevon LeBlanc
Low Block against Pittsburgh (PIT)
CB CHI $9,115.00 Week 3
CohenTarik Cohen
Throwing a ball into the stands against Pittsburgh (PIT)
RB CHI $6,076.00 Week 3
EvansMarwin Evans
Excessive facemask against Joe Mixon (CIN)
S GB $9,115.00 Week 3
LawrenceDeMarcus Lawrence
Excessive celebration (imitating gun shots) against Arizona (ARI)
DE DAL $12,154.00 Week 3
CrawfordTyrone Crawford
Excessive celebration (imitating gun shots) against Arizona (ARI)
DE DAL $12,154.00 Week 3
BurgessJames Burgess
Late Hit against Indianapolis (IND)
ILB CLE $9,115.00 Week 3
SorensenDaniel Sorensen
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Tyrell Williams (LAC)
FS KC $12,154.00 Week 3
AdamsJamal Adams
Taunting against Miami (MIA)
S NYJ $9,115.00 Week 3
LeeDarron Lee
Roughing the Passer against Jay Cutler (MIA)
ILB NYJ $18,231.00 Week 3
RhodesXavier Rhodes
Taunting against Tampa Bay (TB)
CB MIN $9,115.00 Week 3
SendejoAndrew Sendejo
Helmet to helmet hit against Cameron Brate (TB)
SS MIN $24,309.00 Week 3
BarrAnthony Barr
Horse-collar tackle against Charles Sims (TB)
OLB MIN $18,231.00 Week 3
BlountLeGarrette Blount
Excessive celebration against New York (NYG)
RB PHI $9,115.00 Week 3
WardJimmie Ward
Hit with his helmet against Robert Woods (LA)
FS SF $24,309.00 Week 3
ArmstrongRay-Ray Armstrong
Horse collar tackle against Los Angeles (LA)
OLB SF $18,231.00 Week 3
ShermanRichard Sherman
Removing helmet and arguing with official against Tennessee (TEN)
CB SEA $12,154.00 Week 3
ConklinJack Conklin
Role in an altercation with Richard Sherman (SEA)
RT TEN $12,154.00 Week 3
KirkseyChristian Kirksey
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Ronnie Stanley (BAL)
ILB CLE $9,115.00 Week 2
ConteChristopher Conte
Helmet to helmet hit against Josh Bellamy (CHI)
FS TB $24,309.00 Week 2
GentryTanner Gentry
Unnecessary Roughness against Tampa Bay (TB)
WR CHI $9,115.00 Week 2
MillerBraxton Miller
Unnecessary Roughness against Cincinnati (CIN)
WR HOU $9,115.00 Week 2
EngramEvan Engram
Excessive Celebration (Crotch-grab) against Detroit (DET)
TE NYG $12,154.00 Week 2
JerniganTimmy Jernigan
Horse-Collar Tackle against Kareem Hunt (KC)
DT PHI $18,231.00 Week 2
LangiHarvey Langi
Excessive facemask against New Orleans (NO)
ILB NE $9,115.00 Week 2
DupreeBud Dupree
Excessive Celebration against Minnesota (MIN)
OLB PIT $12,154.00 Week 2
SkrineBuster Skrine
Helmet to helmet hit against DeAndre Washington (OAK)
CB NYJ $24,309.00 Week 2
AvrilCliff Avril
Excessive Facemask against San Francisco (SF)
DE SEA $9,115.00 Week 2
HagemanRa'Shede Hageman
Violation of conduct policy (domestic violence)
DE ATL 6 games
TimmonsLawrence Timmons
Undisclosed team violation
ILB MIA 1 game
LynchMarshawn Lynch
Unsportsmanlike conduct (hand gesture) against Tennessee (TEN)
RB OAK $12,000.00 Week 1
VaccaroKenny Vaccaro
Hit with his helmet against Stegon Diggs (MIN)
SS NO $24,309.00 Week 1
AnzaloneAlex Anzalone
Hit to the head against Dalvin Cook (MIN)
OLB NO $24,309.00 Week 1
LeeDarron Lee
Late Hit against Eric Wood (BUF)
ILB NYJ $9,115.00 Week 1
TarttJaquiski Tartt
Hit on a defenseless receiver, Greg Olsen (CAR)
FS SF $9,115.00 Week 1
ShazierRyan Shazier
Roughing the Passer against Deshone Kizer (CLE)
ILB PIT $24,309.00 Week 1
GayWilliam Gay
Hit to the head against Ricardo Louis (CLE)
CB PIT $24,309.00 Week 1
WilcoxJ.J. Wilcox
Hit to the head against Corey Coleman (CLE)
FS PIT $24,309.00 Week 1
IngramMelvin Ingram
Roughing the Passer against Trevor Siemian (DEN)
OLB LAC $24,309.00 Week 1
DavisJarrad Davis
Unnecessary Roughness against Jermaine Gresham (ARI)
ILB DET $9,115.00 Week 1
BennettMartellus Bennett
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against K.J. Wright (SEA)
TE GB $9,115.00 Week 1
NgakoueYannick Ngakoue
Roughing the Passer against Deshaun Watson (HOU)
DE JAC $24,309.00 Week 1
KelceTravis Kelce
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against Kyle Van Noy (NE)
TE KC $12,154.00 Week 1
SorensenDaniel Sorensen
Unsportsmanlike Conduct against New England (NE), pulling players off a pile
FS KC $12,154.00 Week 1
JosephLinval Joseph
Excessive face mask against New Orleans (NO)
DT MIN $9,115.00 Week 1
DiggsStefon Diggs
Football into the stands against New Orleans (NO)
WR MIN $6,076.00 Week 1
WalkerJoe Walker
Late Hit against Jamison Crowder (WAS)
ILB PHI $24,309.00 Week 1
CushingBrian Cushing
ILB HOU 10 games
BrownJosh Brown
Domestic Violence
K NYG 1 game
ShieldsSam Shields
CB GB 2 games
SneadWillie Snead
Substance Abuse
WR NO 3 games
BurfictVontaze Burfict
Illegal hit against Anthony Sherman (KC)
OLB CIN 3 games
OdighizuwaOwamagbe Odighizuwa
DE NYG 4 games
TuerkMax Tuerk
C LAC 4 games
StrongJaelen Strong
Substance Abuse (marijuana)
WR HOU 1 game
TreggsBryce Treggs
Hit to the head against Damarious Randall (GB)
WR PHI $25,000.00 Preseason
BulloughMax Bullough
ILB HOU 4 games
CollinsJalen Collins
CB ATL 10 games
MooreDamontre Moore
Substance Abuse
DE DAL 2 games
BrownDuane Brown
Skipping minicamp workouts
LT HOU $80,405.00 Preseason
JonesAdam-Pacman Jones
Off-field conduct (obstructing justice)
CB CIN 1 game
AllisonGeronimo Allison
Substance Abuse
WR GB 1 game
BryantArmonty Bryant
Substance Abuse
DE DET 4 games
ThomasMike Thomas
WR LA 4 games
FloydMichael Floyd
Substance Abuse
WR MIN 4 games
WallerDarren Waller
Substance Abuse
TE BAL 16 games
ThorntonKhyri Thornton
Substance Abuse
DT DET 6 games
PowellWalter Powell
WR BUF 4 games
IhedigboJames Ihedigbo
Substance Abuse
SS BUF 4 games
GilbertJustin Gilbert
Substance Abuse
CB PIT 16 games
IrvingDavid Irving
DT DAL 4 games
BulloughMax Bullough
ILB HOU 4 games
HillTroy Hill
Off-field legal issues (DUI)
CB LA 2 games
EvansShaquelle Evans
Substance Abuse
WR DAL 4 games
BostickBrandon Bostick
TE NYJ 4 games
MarshallNick Marshall
CB NYJ 4 games
McDonaldT.J. McDonald
Off-field incident
SS LA 8 games
Seferian-JenkinsAustin Seferian-Jenkins
Substance Abuse
TE NYJ 2 games
DixonKenneth Dixon
RB BAL 6 games
MarshallJalin Marshall
WR NYJ 4 games
GuionLetroy Guion
DE GB 4 games
MurphyTrent Murphy
OLB WAS 4 games
225 players $24,102,113