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Wide Receiver Age: 27 Exp: Years
Player Status: Inactive
  • Current Contract

    Carlin Isles signed a 2 year, $930,000 contract with the Detroit Lions, including an average annual salary of $465,000. In , Isles will earn a base salary of , a signing bonus of , a roster bonus of , a signing bonus of , a restructure bonus of , a workout bonus of and a incentive bonus of , while carrying a cap hit of and a dead cap value of .

    Contract: 2 yr(s) / $930,000
    Signing Bonus -
    Average Salary $465,000
    Total Guarantees -
    Guaranteed at Signing -
    Free Agent: 2016 / ERFA
      Bonus Breakdown Cap Details Cash Details  
    Year   Age Base Salary Cap Hit Dead Cap Yearly Cash
    2014 Contract details by year 24 $420,000 $420,000 - $420,000($420,000)
    Pre-6/1 Release2014 Dead Cap: -2014 Cap Savings: $420,000 Pre-6/1 Trade2014 Dead Cap: -2014 Cap Savings: $420,000 Post-6/1 Release2014 Dead Cap: -2015 Dead Cap: $02014 Cap Savings: $420,000 Post-6/1 Trade2014 Dead Cap: -2015 Dead Cap: $02014 Cap Savings: $420,000
    2015 Contract details by year 25 $510,000 $510,000 - $510,000($930,000)
    Pre-6/1 Release2015 Dead Cap: -2015 Cap Savings: $510,000 Pre-6/1 Trade2015 Dead Cap: -2015 Cap Savings: $510,000 Post-6/1 Release2015 Dead Cap: -2016 Dead Cap: $02015 Cap Savings: $510,000 Post-6/1 Trade2015 Dead Cap: -2016 Dead Cap: $02015 Cap Savings: $510,000
    2016 Free Agent Year 26 ERFA  
    Sources: NFL contract specifics generally collected from verified reports.
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