And then there were eight. A quick look at the current and future contract statuses for the 8 quarterbacks set to start in this weekend’s NFL Divisional Round, and few who won’t be available as well.

2022 Average Salary (league rank)

  1. Patrick Mahomes, $45M (5th)
  2. Josh Allen, $43M (6th)
  3. Dak Prescott, $40M (9th)
  4. Trevor Lawrence, $9.1M (18th)
  5. Joe Burrow, $9M (19th)
  6. Trey Lance, $8.5M (21st)
  7. Jimmy Garoppolo, $7M (26th)
  8. Daniel Jones, $6.4M (29th)
  9. Jalen Hurts, $1.5M (55th)
  10. Brock Purdy, $934k (77th)


Mahomes was the only Top 5 paid quarterback to make the postseason, with Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, & Deshaun Watson all missing out on the party.

Patrick Mahomes (KC, 27)
9 years, $415M remaining
Mahomes’ 12 year deal doesn’t even really get good until 2023, when his cash payout jumps over $40M ($63.1M across the first three seasons). This deal is fully guaranteed through 2031, or until Mahomes says he wants a new one - whichever happens first.


Josh Allen (BUF, 26)
6 years, $217M remaining
Allen is mostly fully guaranteed through the 2024 season, and will become fully locked in on March 19th. He holds early vesting guarantees through 2025, keeping him safely in the fold for at least 3 more seasons.


Dak Prescott (DAL, 29)
2 years, $65M remaining
Dak’s deal is only guaranteed through 2023, putting him loosely in a contract year next season. But it’s much more likely that the Cowboys restructure his $49.1M cap hit for 2023, then extend their QB1 again after the upcoming season.


Trevor Lawrence (JAX, 23)
2 years, $9.6M + 5th year option remaining
Lawrence will become extension eligible for the first time after 2023, so his much improved play this past season is a huge step in the right direction toward an historic payday. Nick Foles’ $88M contract back in 2019 is the largest total value deal in Jags history.


Joe Burrow (CIN, 26)
1 year, $5.5M + 5th year option remaining
Burrow is now extension eligible, and has already done plenty enough to warrant signing a new deal this spring. He projects to a 6 year, $264M contract in our system right now.


Trey Lance (SF, 22)
2 years, $9M + 5th year option remaining

Lance continues to recover from ankle surgery and as of now, his status for 2023 is TBD. His next 2 contract years are already fully guaranteed, and the Niners will need to decide on his 5th year option by May of 2024. That’s about all we can say at this point.


Daniel Jones (NYG, 25)
Pending Free Agent
Jones is eligible for free agency on March 15th, but it seems impossible now that the Giants will let him get there. A $32M(ish) franchise tag could be on the table next month, but a multi-year extension in the $25-$30M per year range should also be expected.


Jimmy Garoppolo (SF, 31)
Pending Free Agent
Garoppolo can’t be franchise tagged, and with Brock Purdy holding serve for the better part of 6 weeks now, it seems unlikely that an extension will be on the table before March 15th arrives. Jimmy G will test the open market for the first time in his career, and could command 2nd tier starter money ($30M+) to join a new team for 2023 and beyond.


Jalen Hurts (PHI, 24)
1 year, $1.4M
2023 is the final year of Hurts’ rookie deal, but it seems a no-brainer that the Eagles will lock in their QB1 to a massive extension this spring. The MVP candidate projects to a 6 year, $266M contract in our system right now, but it’s hard to imagine he won’t surpass Kyler Murray’s numbers.


Brock Purdy (SF, 23)
3 years, $2.9M remaining
Purdy scored a $77k signing bonus in June, and holds non-guaranteed minimum salaries through the 2025 season. He appears to be one of the most consistent backup options in the league right now - though the system and players around him most certainly help.