AFC Division Winners

EastBills (-230)

Buffalo is the second largest division favorite and while it’s hard to argue against their loaded roster there are subtle ways they could disappoint. Injury regression could set in or the offense could struggle under new OC Ken Dorsey. If one or both of those become reality and the Miami offense ascends to top 5 status under new coach Mike McDaniel, this division could finish much closer than anticipated. 

NorthRavens (+145)

I tend to think the North is a coin flip between Baltimore and Cincinnati but I’m betting on an MVP caliber season from Lamar Jackson and some regression from the Bengals offense.

SouthColts (-125)

If Matt Ryan is even marginally more consistent than Carson Wentz was in 2021, Indianapolis should sleep walk to a division title. I don’t like betting against Mike Vrabel but Tennessee  swapped AJ Brown for an unproven rookie and Derrick Henry is coming off a pretty significant foot injury. I suspect this quickly turns into a rebuilding year for the Titans.

WestChargers (+240)

To be clear, I’m still high on the Chiefs and think their predicted demise is premature. The way they win will look different than years past but the sum of their parts is better than people give them credit for. That being said, I just really like this Chargers squad. Tons of continuity on their already elite offense and the addition of Khalil Mack changes the entire dynamic of their defense. I’m betting this is the year it all comes together for them.

AFC Wildcard:  Chiefs, Dolphins


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