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Week 8 NFL Team Value Power Rankings

Week 8 NFL Team Value Power Rankings
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Week 8: NFL Value Power Rankings

The second edition of our Value Power Rankings sees plenty of change at the top, and a few "contenders" taking a bit of a plunge. The Packers took the biggest step forward jumping four spots, while the Jets and Titans slipped four.
Total Value Power Rankings
A quick breakdown of Spotrac's NFL Team Value Rankings through week 8.
RANK Team Off TVS Def TVS S/T TVS Total TVS Comment
1 (+2) Broncos
85.84 23.26 20.41 129.52 Denver's defensive line is the only spot holding back what would otherwise be a perfect value-built team.
2 (-1) Panthers
39.67 41.67 46.16 127.51 Cam needs more from his weapons (RBs + WRs) in terms of production. Defensivly the Panthers have outstanding value, especially in the front 4.
3 (-1) Cowboys
38.24 19.94 44.49 102.67 No suprise after the Calvin Johnson record-breaking day that the Cornerbacks are the lowest value for the Cowboys right now.
4 (+1) Patriots
29.62 41.39 12.59 83.60 Tom Brady's play has been well below his standards and our mathmetical standards as well (-10.7 TVS). The defense has been excellent, despite jarring injuries to major pieces.
5 (-1) Chiefs
-37.24 96.53 23.64 82.93 Yet again the Chiefs' defense (96.53 TVS, #1 in the NFL) is carrying the load. The offense boasts the 4th worst O-Line TVS in the league.
6 (+2) Lions
42.54 3.26 25.56 71.36 The majority of the Lions fall somewhere in between the 2-5 TVS range, or in other words, fairly average. With huge cap figures waiting in 2014, the Lions need more from their youth now.
7 (0) Saints
46.64 30.75 -9.29 68.10 A balanced win against the Bills in Week 8 shows up on our board, as the offense and defense are both steadily above average. Special Teams remains an issue in New Orleans.
8 (-2) Seahawks
-14.38 43.68 33.66 62.97 The #2 TVS secondary anchors our #2 overall defense. The Seahawks offensive line remains the worst value in football (-34.8 TVS)
9 (0) Bengals
28.36 18.32 13.63 60.31 Andy Dalton turned heads in terms of on the field production in Week 8, and he can thank his #2 overall offensive line for that.
10 (+2) Rams
17.89 -15.53 47.59 49.95 It might be a bit of a shock to see the Rams in our Top 10, but the combined efforts of their Special Teams keeps them afloat. The offense is "average" right now with a lot of backups in place.
11 (-1) 49ers
18.55 39.19 -15.85 41.88 The 49ers are in a "stable" situation right now, with an offense seeing value from its running game/line, and a defensive collectively playing at about a +15 across the board.
12 (-1) Texans
-7.87 16.19 31.60 39.92 With a banged up running game, and a subpar offensive line, the Texans aren't going anywhere fast. Defensively Watt's (44.33 TVS is highest in the league).
13 (+2) Dolphins
-0.51 4.27 31.65 35.42 While Tannehill remains solid, and the running game appears to have picked up pace, the inconsistency of the offense line is holding everything back. Defensively the Linebackers are the worst value on the Dolphins to date.
14 (-1) Bills
-8.94 11.47 28.75 31.27 A good effort but draining result in the Superdome sets the Bills back a bit, but injuries have taken over in many areas of the roster.
15 (-1) Eagles
23.38 -10.49 18.30 31.19 The Eagles are getting what they paid for from their offensive line right now., but the inconsistency of the QB play (and health) is weighing this offense down. Defensively the linebackers and secondary are some of the worst combined value in the NFL.
16 (+4) Packers
36.84 -8.12 -5.76 22.96 Even though banged up the Packers' offense appears to have found its stride. The return of a two-fold running game, unbelievable production from low-paid WRs, and a stable O-Line should have Green Bay rising fast on this list in no time.
17 (+2) Browns
-7.36 -5.30 31.79 19.13 Simply put the Browns have below average value in terms of Running, Blocking, Rushing the Passer, and Stopping the Run.
18 (+3) Steelers
19.65 5.50 -8.52 16.63 Big Ben is hardly living up to his $14M cap figure in 2013, and the secondary holds back any possibility for positive defensive value.
19 (-2) Colts
7.79 26.93 -20.00 14.72 Bye Week for the Colts but tough times ahead with significant losses to injury. Luck is the #1 rated True Value QB in football, and the defensive line has been a positive surprise.
20 (-4) Titans
-16.56 38.96 -9.25 13.14 Many feel the Titans are a darkhorse team to make a second half run this season. The recipe for that includes a healthy Jake Locker and a better Chris Johnson. Tennessee is overachieving in all other categories.
21 (+3) Chargers
45.68 -32.57 -4.68 8.43 Much like the Titans, the Chargers only have a few areas to improve in as they push for a playoff spot. Unfortunately those areas are on the D-Line and Secondary, collectively./td>
22 (-4) Jets
-46.09 20.75 28.66 3.33 Quite a step back from Week 7, as the entire offensive core dropped below the value line. The Jets boast the 5th worst value O-Line, and the 3rd worst value Secondary.
23 (0) Redskins
17.78 -25.12 9.09 1.76 RGIII's play just hasn't been efficient enough to keep this offense in motion. His -7.1 TVS is in contrary to the 3rd best-value O-Line in football.
24 (+1) Falcons
13.30 -4.58 -9.38 -0.65 It's tough to judge the Falcons right now, especially when looking at their True Value. The players that ARE playing are performing to their worth. Unfortunately this hasn't been enough to translate to team wins.
25 (-3) Ravens
-55.45 13.76 34.06 -7.64 This was the year the Ravens offense had a chance to find value - as their elite contracts all have low cap figures in 2013. But Flacco, Rice, Dickson, and 60% of the O-line are under-performing, leaving points on the field and concerns going forward.
26 (0) Giants
-39.99 8.16 23.01 -8.82 A five FG performance isn't exactly going to launch the Giants up the value board, but it's a W in the books. Eli remains the worst value QB (-10.9 TVS), and the O-Line 31st overall.
27 (+1) Vikings
-12.29 -54.34 29.76 -36.87 Minnesota's in a bad place. Their low-paid QBs still can't find value production on the field, and the collective defense (-54.34 TVS) is the worst value in football.
28 (+3) Cardinals
-45.36 2.23 2.16 -40.98 Arizona had a solid, balanced effort in their Week 8 victory over Atlanta. Their offensive weapons are peforming at about par for their pay, while the O-Line has a long way to go to dig out from under.
29 (0) Raiders
-21.31 12.43 -35.25 -44.13 The Raiders don't stand out positively or negatively on either side of the ball right now; a sign that better days might be ahead for this franchise in terms of cap value, and wins.
30 (-3) Buccaneers
-26.99 -25.12 4.03 -48.09 Tampa Bay's secondary (+$29M in 2013 cap) is one of the worst values in the league right now. Combine that with the 2nd worst valued defensive line and the writing is on the wall.
31 (-1) Bears
4.24 -50.99 -15.61 -62.35 A banged up Bears roster had a much needed bye week, but life without Cutler and Briggs for a few weeks may keep the Chicago near the bottom of our list.
32 (0) Jaguars
-36.94 -71.64 -9.94 -118.52 The 49ers outclassed a Jaguars roster that simply isn't built to win. With minimal dead money & around $89M in allocated 2014 cap space the Jags should be looking toward a fresh start - across the board.
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