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Spotrac 2012 Year in Review

Spotrac 2012 Year in Review
Popular Players and Teams of 2012

Spotrac's Year in Review: 2012

It's been a big year for us here at Spotrac, most notably because of the growth, voices, and support of our great community. In light of this we've taken some time to analyze our most dedicated supporters, and top-viewed players and teams in the past year. Thank you to all who made 2012 possible.
Top Twitter Followers
Our most-involved followers via tweets, re-tweets, comments, etc...All worth your follows in 2013.
Rank Name Handle Note
1 Joel Corry @corryjoel The NFL salary cap journalist for National Football Post has been a reliable source while keeping us on our toes in 2012.
2 Robert Raiola @SportsTaxMan The Sports Tax Man has brought a new side to the world of contracts with incredible facts, figures, & forecasting.
3 Gannicus O'Brien @NYJET_Prime Continues to be great for kickstarting an NFL conversation, and passing along our nerdy fun facts.
Top Viewed Players
A mix of hollywood, international media, and on-field performance generated our top player views in 2012.
Rank Player Team(s) Note
1 Kroy Biermann Atlanta Falcons Thanks 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'! Kroy Biermann was the top viewed player of 2012.
2 Tom Brady New England Patriots Always a top viewed player for his top quarterbacking skills and his exposure in the media.
3 Jeremy Lin New York Knicks
Houston Rockets
'Linsanity' helped Jeremy Lin become a sought after RFA in the 2012 offseason landing him in Houston as one of their centerpieces.
4 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts
Denver Broncos
Peyton Manning's dismissal from the Colts, resurgence from his neck surgery, and signing/comeback with the Broncos projected him to the 4th spot.
5 Eli Manning New York Giants Having won his second Super Bowl and becoming part of the 'elite quarterback' talk (also where he stands next to Peyton on the all-time list), Eli lands the 5th spot.
Top Viewed NFL Teams
Rank Team Note
1 New York Giants The Super Bowl champions continued to dominate the news with free agent losses in the offseason and an up-and-down 2012 campaign.
2 New England Patriots So consistently good that they remain under the radar at times, but the financial makeup of the Patriots will never be boring.
3 Dallas Cowboys They've missed the postseason 3 straight years, but "America's Team" is still as polarizing as ever. 2013 cap space issues should keep them that way.
4 Detroit Lions Speaking of cap space issues, the Lions took a step back in 2012 (minus Calvin Johnson), and are in a mess of trouble financially.
5 Chicago Bears 10 wins, a plethora of injuries, and now seeking a new head coach the Bears may come to the forefront of NFL news this offseason.
Top Viewed MLB Teams
Rank Team Note
1 New York Yankees No surprise here, the Yankees pay more for their infield than most teams pay their full roster.
2 San Francisco Giants Don't look now, but San Francisco is quickly becoming the best sports town in America.
3 Detroit Tigers Bigtime offseason signings with huge paychecks make the Tigers a contract site dream. They're polarizing and relevant again.
4 Boston Red Sox In the news for all the wrong reasons in 2012 the Red Sox remain popular because of the shuffling of roster pieces heading into 2013.
5 Texas Rangers Texas has had a lot of moving pieces in the past calendar year, none bigger than the loss of OF Josh Hamilton.
Top Viewed NBA Teams
Rank Team Note
1 Miami Heat No surprise the 2011-12 champions, full of major contracts, lead in pageviews.
2 Los Angeles Lakers As if the Lakers needed more reason to be noticed, the acquisition of Howard and Nash make this roster a financial powerhouse.
3 Oklahoma City Thunder The young talented Thunder will remain relevant as rookie contracts begin to expire, i.e. James Harden.
4 New York Knicks LinSanity + Carmelo + Amare + New York City = plenty of reason to pay attention to this team.
5 Boston Celtics As the old get older the question of who to pay, how much to pay, and who's next make this roster intriguing.
Top Viewed NHL Teams
Rank Team Note
1 New York Rangers The Rangers pulled the big free agent in 2011-12 in Brad Richards and went on to win the Eastern Conference.
2 Detroit Red Wings "Hockeytown USA" has four players with $30+M contracts on the roster, but fell off a little in 2011-12.
3 Pittsburgh Penguins Malkin, Crosby, and Fleury's contracts total a combined $182M. The Penguins are young, explosive, and polarizing.
4 Boston Bruins Falling just short of the Rangers in the Eastern Conference, the Bruins have 10 players with $10M+ contracts.
5 Philadelphia Flyers Not to be outdone, the Flyers boast 11 players with $10M+ contracts, and will need to resign C, Giroux after the lockout.