Projected Cap Space for all 2015 NFL Teams

Projected Cap Space for all 2015 NFL Teams USA Today Sports - Kyle Terada
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With the 2014 NFL season officially wrapped up, we'll take our first look at how each team stands in terms of their 2015 salary caps. As the 2015 team salary cap has not yet been officially determined, we'll use the rumored $142 million to project space for each team. We'll show a thorough breakdown of each team's financial situation heading into 2015. Keep scrolling down for a brief analysis of each team, including potential early offseason moves.


Understanding the following table

Free Agents
The total number of free agents a team currently carries, including the amount of Unrestricted Free Agents in parenthesis. (Click this to load the complete list).

2014 Rollover
These figures represent the estimated unused cap dollars each team is currently able to rollover from their 2014 roster. The Rams are currently the only team without available rollover money.

Total Cap $
This figure represents the total of ALL active players signed to a team's 2015 roster (including players already suspended, and dead cap).

Signed Players
The number of players currently with a 2015 contract.

Top 51 Cap $
The combined cap total for the 51 largest contracts on a team's roster. Teams will be expected to get this figure under the finalized cap figure by March 10, 2015 (4PM EST). For now we're estimating that figure to be $142 million.

Estimated Draft Pool
The maximum amount of estimated cap dollars a team will need to spend to sign all of their upcoming 2015 draft picks (assuming the rookie scale mimics the 2014 scale, though it may increase slightly if the overall team cap rises more than expected).

Projected Top 51 Cap Space
The estimated amount of space a team currently has to work with when subtracting the projected $142,000,000 + the est. 2014 rollover + the est. maximum draft pool from their Top 51 Cap $.


2015 Cap Allocations, Draft Pools, & estimated Space

  Free Agents 2014 Rollover Total Cap Dollars Signed Top 51 Cap Dollars Draft Pool Top 51
Cap Space
17 (13 UFA) $4,256,919 $158,558,496 62 $153,623,496 $4,665,807 -$12,032,384
25 (19 UFA) $2,845,29 $120,303,992 53 $119,433,992 $6,261,361 $19,149,937
30 (14 UFA) $5,791,927 $143,233,518 51 $143,233,518 $4,127,266 $431,143
30 (13 UFA) $2,647,907 $116,408,657 59 $113,798,657 $3,243,215 $27,606,035
17 (11 UFA) $4,939,773 $135,669,949 57 $133,059,949 $4,630,487 $9,249,337
23 (19 UFA) $1,545,934 $115,264,212 48 $115,264,212 $5,699,089 $22,582,633
17 (13 UFA) $8,697,310 $116,244,265 55 $114,504,265 $4,769,279 $31,423,766
24 (12 UFA) $18,908,285 $111,891,643 56 $109,716,643 $7,895,357 $43,296,285
23 (17 UFA) $3,260,740 $135,091,242 51 $135,091,242 $5,006,156 $5,163,342
20 (13 UFA) $5,870,000 $122,543,330 57 $119,933,330 $4,065,477 $23,871,193
25 (21 UFA) $939,171 $127,395,367 54 $126,090,367 $4,712,301 $12,136,503
16 (12 UFA) $7,791,106 $126,027,453 55 $124,287,453 $4,438,861 $21,064,792
17 (11 UFA) $966,613 $134,374,692 60 $130,459,692 $4,928,694 $7,578,227
28 (15 UFA) $7,699,867 $116,257,859 55 $114,517,859 $4,493,272 $30,688,736
14 (7 UFA) $21,768,205 $103,687,330 61 $99,112,330 $7,331,248 $57,324,627
20 (13 UFA) $2,246,790 $150,339,674 64 $144,459,674 $4,889,003 -$5,101,887
20 (14 UFA) $7,770,411 $149,339,325 58 $146,144,325 $5,134,953 -$1,508,867
13 (9 UFA) $5,723,960 $134,974,415 64 $129,094,415 $5,509,112 $13,120,433
16 (11 UFA) $6,442,054 $151,495,046 51 $151,495,046 $4,474,064 -$7,527,056
20 (13 UFA) $1,710,130 $167,134,893 56 $164,884,893 $5,285,883 -$26,460,646
25 (18 UFA) $151,000 $132,941,666 68 $124,946,666 $6,267,498 $10,936,836
22 (15 UFA) $12,619,394 $106,067,926 52 $105,632,926 $6,080,823 $42,905,645
24 (8 UFA) $7,400,000 $93,772,171 55 $92,032,171 $7,216,784 $50,151,045
11 (7 UFA) $15,715,700 $140,828,105 59 $137,273,105 $5,345,009 $15,097,586
25 (12 UFA) $778,469 $143,569,237 54 $142,264,237 $4,706,175 -$4,191,943
18 (17 UFA) $1,500,000 $119,955,506 58 $116,835,506 $4,492,053 $22,172,441
21 (16 UFA) $4,206,936 $152,960,538 63 $147,515,538 $5,111,335 -$6,419,937
25 (19 UFA) $4,825,000 $119,994,305 46 $119,994,305 $4,410,884 $22,419,811
16 (8 UFA) $0 $143,847,842 57 $141,237,842 $4,701,876 -$3,939,718
25 (12 UFA) $1,063,033 $116,720,734 54 $115,415,734 $8,112,982 $19,534,317
29 (21 UFA) $11,254,828 $112,243,347 54 $110,938,347 $7,490,535 $34,825,946
24 (14 UFA) $108,621 $132,619,482 64 $126,889,482 $6,942,847 $8,276,292
  Free Agents 2014 Rollover Total Cap Dollars Signed Top 51 Cap Dollars Draft Pool Top 51
Cap Space

Brief Analysis by Team

Arizona Cardinals

With nearly $160M allocated to their cap already, and an estimated $4.6M in draft signings ahead of them, expect plenty of restructures/releases in the coming weeks. Larry Fitzgerald's $23.6M cap hit is priority number one in getting things in order for the coming season.

Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta sits in nice shape heading towards the free agent period, with nearly $20M currently available. They can add another $3.75M to that by releasing RB Steven Jackson, one of a few expected cap casualties this offseason.

Baltimore Ravens

With $143.2M allocated to just 51 players thus far, Baltimore will be making noise in the coming weeks. LB Arthur Brown, and DE Chris Canty are among the early bubble players, and would clear a combined $3.5M in 2015 space.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills can use plenty of their $27M+ in estimated cap space to make up for their lost 1st round pick in free agency this offseason. They're execpted to be actively seeking offensive linemen, defensive backs, and maybe even a free agent QB.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers stand at a healthy $9.24M in space, but will most certainly increase that by way of early offseason moves - most notably from the release of 9-year RB DeAngelo Williams.

Chicago Bears

The Bears need a new defense, and have a $5.7M draft pool, and $22.5M in current cap space to do so. Current QB contract withstanding, it's a big offseason for the new regime in Chicago.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are actually in a pretty nice spot in terms of space ($31.4M), and parting free agents (13). Overall the Cincinnati defense underachieved in 2014, and DE Robert Geathers might become a casualty of it. Doing so would clear $3.05M more in cap space.

Cleveland Browns

The Browns are a bit of a mess. Their starting QB is about to hit free agency. Their 2014 1st round-selected QB can't stay out of the bars. Their top offensive weapon in WR Josh Gordon is facing a suspension for the entire 2015 season. Silver lining: Cleveland holds two first round picks, and more than $43M in projected cap space.

Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys hold two of the more notable free agents in WR Dez Bryant and RB DeMarco Murray. With just $5.1M in est. space to work with as of today, it's unlikely they'll get both back in the fold next year. Restructuring the contract of Tony Romo seems likely.

Denver Broncos

The Broncos have 7 2014 starters set to hit free agency. While they currently possess north of $23M in cap space, it seems unlikely that all will return, especially with the use of the franchise tag (likely to Demaryius Thomas).

Detroit Lions

No team has a bigger (and costlier) decision to make this offseason than the Lions do with DT Ndamukong Suh. With just over $12M in space, they'll need to clear space to have a chance to keep him in the fold.

Green Bay Packers

After nearly finding themselves in the Super Bowl, the Packers are in excellent shape heading into the offseason, carrying more than $21M in space. Notable free agents include RT Bryan Bulaga, and WR Randall Cobb.

Houston Texans

Houston should be busy early on freeing up much needed space (just $7.5M currently). They have plenty of needs (including QB), and not enough capital to work with as of today. Restructuring WR Andre Johnson, and trading/releasing CB Johnathan Joseph may be priorities.

Indianapolis Colts

Like the Packers, Indy counters a near Super Bowl run with plenty of space to work with this offseason ($30M). They'll add another $3M to that by releasing the now non-guaranteed salary of RB Trent Richardson, and will look to sign back a chunk of their 15 unrestricted free agents.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Oh to be the GM in Jacksonville this offseason, who currently has $57+M cap dollars to "play with" - and that's after accounting for a $7.3M draft pool. They can add to that figure by cutting ties with RB Toby Gerhart and backup QB Chad Henne, but expect to see plenty of new faces in a Jaguars uniform in the coming months.

Kansas City Chiefs

Somewhat unexpectedly, the Chiefs are in poor shape heading into the 2015 league year. Currently more than $5M in the hole, they'll need to be creative in the coming weeks to put themselves in a position to get better. Restructuring LB Tamba Hali, and cutting ties with underachieving WR Dwayne Bowe could be priorities.

Miami Dolphins

With -$1.5M in current space, change is coming in Miami. No team has more rumored "cap casualties" thus far than the Dolphins, who might seemingly cut ties with WRs Brian Hartline & Brandon Gibson, LBs Phillip Wheeler and Dannell Ellerbe, while also shopping the high-paid Mike Wallace.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings will be a team to watch this offseason, as we await the future plans of RB Adrian Peterson. They currently stand at just north of $13M in space, but could add to that should they trim some borderline pieces (QB Matt Cassel, G Charles Johnson, WR Greg Jennings).

New England Patriots

The Patriots -$7.5M in space is a bit deceiving, as it includes a $25M option for CB Darrelle Revis. The notable pending free agent list contains S Devin McCourty, RBs Shane Vereen/Steven Ridley, and K Stephen Gostkowski. Cutting ties with WR Danny Amendola can clear up to $4.5M in space.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints used every trick in the book to get themselves under the cap in 2014, and they're in just as much trouble so far in 2015. New Orleans currently sits at a whopping -$26.4M in the hole heading into the new league year. The cap mess probably means the end of Marques Colston in a Saints uniform.

New York Giants

New York boasts just over $10M in space after draft allocations, which might make it difficult to bring back DE Jason Pierre-Paul. Restructuring QB Eli Manning by way of a long-term extension would be a nice way to free up some immediate room.

New York Jets

The $42.9M in cap space might be one of the lone bright spots surrounding the Jets right now. RB Chris Johnson and WR Percy Harvin may be on the roster bubble as well, meaning New York has the money to buy/obtain pretty much anyone they wish this offseason.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders can add to an already impressive $50M in cap space by cutting ties with RB Maurice Jones-Drew and QB Matt Schaub, though both could easily make the 2015 roster. Look for new head man Jack Del Rio to poach some of his former Broncos free agents this offseason.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles are an interesting team right now. They may add a few pieces and try to push the current team into the postseason. They may also blow the thing up and start over this offseason, which may include cutting ties with highly-paid RB LeSean McCoy.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The removal of longtime defensive coordinator could signal a rebuild of an aging defense in Pittsburgh. This may include the release of S Troy Polamalu, which can clear $6M in space (currently -$4M).

San Diego Chargers

San Diego carries $22M in space into the offseason, but holds a list of fairly notable pending free agents to lose as well. They can add another $5M in space by releasing the underachieving LB Jarret Johnson.

San Francisco 49ers

Two years removed from the NFC Championship game, this team is now in total flux. On the bright side, they have north of $21M in space to work with right now. Notable pending free agents include RB Frank Gore, WR Michael Crabtree, and G Mike Iupati.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks have combined strong drafting with timely extensions to keep their cap tables flexible and well-structured. They'll carry $22M of space into an offseason that should include a monster extension for their worthy quarterback.

St. Louis Rams

The Rams have actually allocated themselves into cap trouble thus far for the 2015 season (currently an estimated $3.5M in the hole). They can free up more than $13M in space by cutting ties with C Scott Wells and OT Jake Long.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs not only hold the first overall selection in the upcoming draft, but an additional $19.5M in cap space to work with as well. They'll do well to add to they by restructuring (or releasing) QB Josh McCown, and DE Michael Johnson in the coming weeks.

Tennessee Titans

Tennessee carries more than $34M in cap space to play with right now, and should add to that with the removal of S Michael Griffin and RB Shonn Greene. Their 21 pending unrestricted free agents is tied for most in the league.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins don't currently have much room to work with ($8.2M), but can make up for some with key restructures this offseason. It's likely the majority of their 14 UFAs walk this March.



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