UPDATED: Projected 2014 NFL Team Cap Space

UPDATED: Projected 2014 NFL Team Cap Space
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2014 NFL Projected Team Cap Space

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With the 2013 NFL season officially wrapped up, we'll take our first look at how each team ended up in terms of salary cap space (estimated as always), and project 2014 cap space as it currently stands. As the 2014 team salary cap has not yet been officially determined, we'll use the rumored $132 million to project 2014 figures for each team. The cap space represents projected rollover cap unused from 2013 plus the team's current 2014 Top 51 cap figures minus $130 million.

Arizona Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald's contract restructure cleared $10 million from the Cardinals 2014 cap. The move brings the Cardinals projected space to $15.2 million, 18th in the NFL. Additional space should be created with the expected release of G Daryn Colledge.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons cleared $6.5 million in cap space with the release of cornerback Asante Samuel and linebacker Stephen Nicholas, and $1.37M more by letting Garrett Reynolds walk. The moves bring Atlanta up to $25.25 million in projected cap space heading into the free agency season.

Baltimore Ravens

The recent restructure of LB Terrell Suggs cleared $4.8 million in 2014, bringing the Ravens over $22 million in projected space. Re-signing TE Dennis Pitta appears to be the next logical financial step in Baltimore.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are in excellent shape this offseason, with money to burn and fewer holes than usual to fill. Safety Jairus Byrd once again becomes the top question mark this March, with the franchise tag yet again the Bills' last option. It's also a strong possibility that Veteran WR Stevie Johnson is moved this offseason. A move after June 1st would leave $2.825 million on the Bills 2014 cap (and $5.65M on their 2015 cap).

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns at #3 may have the most favorable situation, with just 7 unrestricted free agents set to hit the market (2 notable in center Alex Mack and safety T.J. Ward). The padded cap space allows them room to not only shop the open market, but front-load some of their core talent set to expire in 2015 (Joe Haden, Jordan Cameron, etc) should they be sold on them long-term. The franchise tag may be in play for Cleveland.

Dallas Cowboys

It's been no secret that the Dallas Cowboys, for the 3rd straight year, are in terrible salary cap trouble. Our initial figures show them with more than $20 million over the 2014 cap already. Add in their 11 unrestricted free agents, two of which are major defensive contributers (DE Anthony Spencer, DT Jason Hatcher) and the road to cap safety is a long way for Dallas in the next few months. A likely release of WR Miles Austin (as a Post June 1st Designation) will clear a much needed $5.5 million in space.

Denver Broncos

The void of RB Knowshon Moreno and CB Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie opens up $6.31 million in cap space. They'll likely add another $10 million in space with the release of CB Champ Bailey, and possibly $3 million more by letting TE Jacob Tamme walk.

Detroit Lions

Recent departures of safety Louis Delmas, and Nate Burleson cleared more than $11M giving the Lions more than $7.7M in space. This despite Ndamukong Suh's $22.4 million figure for 2014 - the final year of his contract. The Lions are undoubtedly working to extend Suh long-term to heavily reduce this cap number.

Indiandapolis Colts

While the Indiandapolis Colts sit #4 on this list currently, 7 of their 19 unrestricted free agents were starters in 2013, leaving them with plenty of holes to potentially fill. A projected $39.9 million in cap space shouldn't stop them from trimming their current roster, notably center Samson Satele who's release can clear $4 million.

Minnesota Vikings

Matt Cassel's decision to void his 2014 salary cleared $3.7 million from the Vikings cap, but leaves Christian Ponder ($3.23M cap) as the only quarterback on the roster.


The Giants are in OK shape as it currently stands, carrying a projected $18.3M in cap space. The release/retirement of G Chris Snee would add another $6.8M to that figure. It's also likely that S Antrel Rolle works out a restructured contract, adding years to lessen his $9.25 million cap figure for 2014. The Giants also hold the most unrestricted free agents of any 2014 team with 23.

New York Jets

The New York Jets can/should leap a few spots on this list by releasing backup quarterback Mark Sanchez. A move that will clear $8.3 million in 2014 cap space. Add onto that the inevitable release of WR Santonio Holmes (clears $8.25 million), and a likely restructure/extension for CB Antonio Cromartie, and the Jets are in good shape heading into the offseason.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh joins the Cowboys as the only teams currently over the projected 2014 salary cap. As a recent report suggests, veteran cap casualty cuts could (and should) be on the way to clear cap space.

San Francisco 49ers

The Niners cleared $755k in space by reducing WR Jonathan Baldwin's 2014 salary this week, but additionaly manuevering is expected. This could come with the release of CB Carlos Rogers, a move that can free up more than $5.1M. Running back LaMichael James also appears to be on the roster bubble for 2014.

Seattle Seahawks

Like the Steelers, the Seahawks should be looking to clear cap space this offseason by releasing or heavily restructuring some of their less efficient contracts. The released of Sidney Rice cleared $7.3M in space, and the pending release of Red Bryant will clear another $5.5M.

St. Louis Rams

While the St. Louis Rams are expected to release multiple veteran contracts (Cortland Finnegan, Kendall Langford, Harvey Dahl, Scott Wells) this offseason to aid in their minimal space (around $4.3 million projected), it should also be noted that they hold the #2 and #13 picks in the upcoming NFL draft. If these selections are held, they'll account for fairly sizeable cap figures in 2014.

Washington Redskins

The Redskins cleared an additional $12.3 million this week with the voided contracts of LB Brian Orakpo, LB London Fletcher, S Brandon Meriweather, and WR Josh Morgan. The moves bring the Redskins to over $30 million in projected space, offset by 18 unrestricted free agents.

Here's our complete, sortable look at each NFL teams' 2014 projected cap space:
Team Est. 2013 Cap Space 2014 Free Agents Proj. 2014 Cap Space
1 Oakland Raiders $2,250,000 23 (17 UFA) $66,492,921
2 Jacksonville Jaguars $19,645,313 16 (8 UFA) $55,128,124
3 Cleveland Browns $24,537,568 7 (6 UFA) $51,152,022
4 Indianapolis Colts $607,906 25 (19 UFA) $39,907,029
5 Miami Dolphins $18,064,000 21 (15 UFA) $38,181,214
6 Green Bay Packers $9,820,459 19 (16 UFA) $34,198,261
7 Minnesota Vikings $812,317 20 (17 UFA) $34,031,238
8 Washington Redskins $0 19 (18 UFA) $30,141,153
9 Cincinnati Bengals $8,663,480 15 (12 UFA) $29,362,960
10 New York Jets $1,473,437 24 (18 UFA) $25,744,583
11 Philadelphia Eagles $17,169,768 13 (9 UFA) $25,674,815
12 Atlanta Falcons $3,129,200 16 (14 UFA) $25,250,938
13 Buffalo Bills $17,801,975 11 (7 UFA) $24,667,410
14 Baltimore Ravens $1,531,423 20 (13 UFA) $22,179,137
15 New York Giants $0 27 (23 UFA) $18,288,186
16 Tampa Bay Buccaneers $6,769,781 26 (21 UFA) $17,791,710
17 Denver Broncos $6,400,000 22 (16 UFA) $16,912,168
18 Arizona Cardinals $5,750,007 22 (14 UFA) $15,295,088
19 Carolina Panthers $6,012,268 26 (19 UFA) $13,960,965
20 Tennessee Titans $6,953,561 15 (15 UFA) $12,006,953
21 San Francisco 49ers $2,175,038 13 (11 UFA) $11,991,111
22 Seattle Seahawks $2,845,004 19 (15 UFA) $11,736,219
23 Chicago Bears $746,727 25 (22 UFA) $10,754,728
24 Detroit Lions $1,474,552 25 (18 UFA) $9,430,130
25 New England Patriots $4,106,801 13 (11 UFA) $9,344,255
26 Kansas City Chiefs $2,381,518 16 (13 UFA) $8,792,443
27 Houston Texans $1,114,730 17 (12 UFA) $8,221,766
28 New Orleans Saints $500,000 20 (16 UFA) $7,182,990
29 St. Louis Rams $0 12 (8 UFA) $6,317,229
30 San Diego Chargers $2,319,341 14 (12 UFA) $2,876,336
31 Pittsburgh Steelers $1,352,450 22 (20 UFA) -$6,923,074
32 Dallas Cowboys $1,280,693 12 (10 UFA) -$18,945,688

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