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NFL Trade Deadline Candidates

NFL Trade Deadline Candidates © Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

WIth the October 29th trade deadline nearing, we'll take a look at notable NFL players who have been reportedly added to the trade block this fall, including their remaining salary for 2019 (through Week 6), and the dead cap cost to move each.

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 PlayerRemaining 2019 Cashthoughts
Leonard Williams (DE, NYJ) $9,188,235 Williams' is in a contract year with the Jets, who don't appear poised to extend the 25-year-old. His $9M price tag may make this a tougher trade to process though.
Le'Veon Bell (RB, NYJ) $1,637,867 After all the drama it seems crazy for Bell to be shipped out of New York in just half a season, but the thought should at least be entertained. He's fully guaranteed through 2020 with essential options thereafter. The Jets would take on dead cap hits of $6.7M in 2019, & $6M in 2020. It's not likely.
Trumaine Johnson (CB, NYJ) $5,176,470 Johnson has been dreadfully average since signed a $72.5M contract in NY, and a change of scenery should benefit both at this point. His deal runs through 2022, but his 2020 salary doesn't guarantee until March 20th. A trade leaves behind dead cap hits of $6.8M in 2019 & $12M in 2020.
Kelechi Osemele (OG, NYJ) $6,276,470 At this cost it seems unlikely that a banged up Osemele is moved, but he's reportedly on the block nonetheless. He carries a non-guaranteed $11.7M salary in 2020.
Patrick Peterson (CB, ARI) $7,117,647 Peterson has yet to hit the field in 2019 per his 6-game suspension (PEDs), and it's possible his days in Arizona are already over. With multiple teams interested in his services, moving on might be the best business move for the Cardinals now. His trade would leave behind dead cap hits of $634,588 in each of 2019 & 2020.
Mohamed Sanu (WR, ATL) $3,882,352 Sanu's role has diminished drastically since the addition of Calvin Ridley, & with the Falcons' season in the tank, a move here seems likely. It would leave behind hits of $3.5M in 2019, & $1.4M in 202 to Atlanta.
Desmond Trufant (CB, ATL) $6,147,058 Trufant's having a down year after back to back solid campaigns, but he's still a viable asset to the secondary. He's signed through 2022, but his deal contains no more full guarantees after 2019. A trade leaves behind dead cap hits of $7.75M in 2019, & $10.2M in 2020.
Tyler Kroft (TE, BUF) $1,508,455 The Bills signed Kroft to an $18.75M free agent contract this past March, and he's yet to see the field as a Bills player to date. But Buffalo also drafted two very capable TEs this May, which could put Kroft's role in jeopardy going forward. In need of an outside WR, Kroft could be used as tradebait this month. Buffalo would take on dead cap hits of $3.6M in 2019, & $1.6M in 2020.
Carlos Dunlap (DE, CIN) $2,349,632 Like many Bengals, it's been a down year to start 2019 fur Dunlap who has a contract through 2021 ($0 guaranteed going forward). A trade this month leaves behind dead cap hits of $8.03M in 2019, & $4.5M in 2020.
William Jackson (CB, CIN) $1,147,556 Jackson is an every down defensive back on a rookie contract, but his salary spikes to nearly $10M in 2020 on a 5th-year option. With the Bengals headed for a rebuild, getting value in a trade makes a lot of sense. Moving him leaves behind $1.94M of dead cap to Cincy.
Von Miller (OLB, DEN) $11,000,000 After a 14.5 sack, 50 tackle 2018, Miller's numbers on average are down to start 2019. The 30-year-old is in an essential contract year (2 club options remaining), with the Broncos, who would take on dead cap hits of $14.125M in 2019, & $11.85M in 2020.
Emmanuel Sanders (WR, DEN) $6,632,352 A Week 6 knee injury might put a halt on his ability to be moved, but the 32-year-old was certainly drawing interest in his contract year. A trade out leaves behind $6.3M of dead cap to Denver.
Chris Harris (CB, DEN) $6,341,176 Harris signed a restructured 1-year deal prior to the season to stick in Denver, but is likely fielding offers as the deadline nears. His trade leaves behind $5.575M of dead cap to Denver.
Jalen Ramsey (CB, JAX) $2,351,558 The saga continues, as reported deals are squashed by a stubborn Jacksonville front office. Should a trade process this week, Jacksonville takes on a dead cap hit of $5.078M in 2019.
Melvin Gordon (RB, LAC) $3,626,764 After all that, the Chargers season appears to be spiraling - even with Melvin Gordon in the lineup. A $3.6M pricetag might be a bit much for most teams to swallow on a rental piece running back, but it only takes one team. Gordon has earned just under $1M with LAC to date.
Trent Williams (OT, WAS) $7,192,463 The standoff continues, and it seems silly to most that Washington won't bring back as much value as possible for the aging OT. With $7.1M remaining in 2019, & $12.75M non-guaranteed in 2020, Williams' will have more than a few suitors should the Redskins pursue a move. A trade leaves behind dead cap hits of $3.5M in 2019, & $2M in 2020.
Billy Price (OL, CIN) $655,073 The Bengals are headed in the wrong direction, and the #21 overall selection in 2018 could be better served elsewhere. A move this week leaves behind dead cap hits of $2M in 2019, & $3.3M in 2020.
Ryan Fitzpatrick (QB, MIA) $970,588 Fitzpatrick started the year as the Dolphins' starting QB, but gave way to Josh Rosen in Week 3. While he's a more than capable backup, his services might be better used on a QB-needy roster such as Chicago, or Pittsburgh. His move leaves behind $4.5M of dead cap in 2019.
Kenyan Drake (RB, MIA) $1,310,294 Drake seems to be a low risk, potential high reward option for RB-needy teams at the deadline. He's in the final year of his rookie contract, which would leave behind $920,020 of dead cap to Miami.
Devante Parker (WR, MIA) $2,608,455 Parker's been a shell of himself for the past two seasons, and actually restructured his 5th-year option into a more manageable salary to stick around this year. It's possible a change of scenery awakens his skillset, and a $2.6M salary isn't terribly risky to take on. His trade would leave behind $2.42M of dead cap to Miami.
Stefon Diggs (WR, MIN) $6,102,573 This seems like a non-topic at this point after a once embattled Diggs ripped down 167 yards and 3 TDs against the Eagles in Week 6. Toss in dead cap hits of $6.4M in 2019 & $9M in 2020, and it seems unlikely the Vikings move on right now.
O.J. Howard (TE, TB) $953,507 The Buccaneers are a Jekyll & Hyde team, showing flashes of explosiveness one week, & ineptitude the next. A shakeup of some degree is likely coming, and it may start with the trade of TE Howard, who is fully guaranteed through 2020 with a 5th-year option available in 2021.The move would leave behind dead cap hits of $2M in 2019, & $1.55M in 2020.