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NFL Team Value Power Rankings

NFL Team Value Power Rankings
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NFL Value Power Rankings

Plenty of media outlets provide weekly cumulative Power Rankings based on NFL teams' on-field performance. Here at Spotrac we're inclined to offer a similar approach, but with a kicker. We've expanded our True Value Statistic to include every starting player - offense, defensive, and special teams. In doing so we're able to guage each NFL team's current value & production in real-time.
Total Value Power Rankings
A quick breakdown of Spotrac's NFL Team Value Rankings through week 7.
RANK Team Off TVS Def TVS S/T TVS Total TVS Comment
1 Panthers
28.96 41.26 40.73 110.95 This is a young team outperforming their pay left and right. Their biggest room for improvement may be the running game (-1.93). Carolina has 20 unrestricted free agents at season's end.
2 Cowboys
40.51 34.18 35.22 109.92 The Cowboys are positioned well because of their depth right now. Where player A may be struggling, players B + C are doing well enough to pick up the slack (and then some...) Cap issues loom in 2014 though...
3 Broncos
73.71 11.30 14.30 99.32 The closest thing to a "bad" value on this team right now is LDE Derek Wolfe, who's performing at a -7.34 TVS.
4 Chiefs
-22.34 92.32 21.71 91.68 What more needs to be said? The LB/DE/DT of the Chiefs is currenetly a +76 TVS, most in the NFL. An underperforming offense, starting with the offensive line, is being bailed out on a weekly basis by defensive play and scoring.
5 Patriots
13.37 46.73 12.37 72.47 The Patriots defense may not be elite, but in terms of their financial worth they're performing above average. The return of Gronk should bolster their TE value, leaving only the middle of the O-Line as the soft spot on this offense.
6 Seahawks
-7.84 44.45 32.55 69.16 The Seahawks offensive line has been subpar, currently holding a -31.34 TVS. If and when that stabilizes this team is primed to climb to the top of this chart, and everybody elses.
7 Saints
46.19 25.61 -7.36 64.44 The Saints carry above average value and production across the board, with the exception of their special teams - where K Hartley and returner Sproles are falling below the line.
8 Lions
19.70 3.82 22.53 46.05 The majority of the Lions fall somewhere in between the 2-5 TVS range, or in other words, fairly average. With huge cap figures waiting in 2014, the Lions need more from their youth now.
9 Bengals
25.75 5.48 10.89 42.12 This is a good, young, well contracted core - and would be much higher on this if not for the well below average numbers from Jermaine Gresham. If they're healthy they're dangerous.
10 49ers
13.68 36.01 -10.11 39.58 The O-line is under-performing, Kaepernick & Gore will soon be due an extension, and nearly the entire secondary and WR core's contracts expire after the season. It's a big 6 months for San Francisco.
11 Texans
-10.10 16.51 31.91 38.32 J.J. Watt holds the highest TVS (42.84) in the NFL. The QB change reduces the overall cost of the team, and thus the Texans don't need to perform as well to break even.
12 Rams
8.93 -16.75 43.35 35.54 Even before the injury QB Bradford's value was in the red. But the O-line is performing on par, the running game took a step forward in Week 7, and the special teams continue to be outstanding.
13 Bills
-3.58 7.21 26.82 30.46 The Bills may just be another one of those teams "hanging in", but in terms of their roster, injuries, and long-term cap situation, they're in a prime spot to be successful.The removal of OG Colin Brown and the improved play of the TEs has stabilized the Bills value.
14 Eagles
31.33 -18.92 17.24 29.65 With a LB core totaling -30.51 TVS, and only DEs carrying consistent value the Eagles have clear cut problems to address. McCoy carries the offense in terms of production & value.
15 Dolphins
-9.29 6.44 31.14 28.30 With a LB core totaling -30.51 TVS, and only DEs carrying consistent value the Eagles have clear cut problems to address. McCoy carries the offense in terms of production & value.
16 Titans
-9.53 40.06 -6.99 23.54 The abscene of Jake Locker for a few weeks set the offensive back a bit, but RB CJ2K is on the rise, and the Titans did well to waive Reynaud, a special teams disappointment.
17 Colts
11.58 28.31 -16.57 23.32 We're not going to downplay this ranking too much, as the Colts have been through and done well with a brutally difficult schedule to start 2013. The loss of Wayne may keep Indy's value low, especially with continued poor play from the O-Line.
18 Jets
-36.83 29.18 25.27 17.62 The Jets are winning sloppy, and they know it. The closest position to a "good value" is QB and Geno Smith who's playing well on a minimum salary. With November comes the weather and the running game must be better.
19 Browns
-2.89 -7.55 25.36 14.92 Plain and simple, the Browns need more production from their pass rush, and are getting less than what they've paid for from their running game (which is also, very little).
20 Packers
29.48 -3.84 -11.29 14.35 The Packers don't seem to have that "magic" yet this year, especially in terms of defensive scoring and special teams. While M. Crosby hasn't been awful, he's near the bottom of the pack in terms of value. Factor in average punting and a below average return game and the team's value is weighed down.
21 Steelers
17.13 -1.06 -2.90 13.16 This is a deceiving ranking for Pittsburgh, who's been on the rise for 2-3 weeks now. Ben has been better, the running game now exists, and a make-shift O-Line is a +1 in value. Surprisingly it's the secondary that could improve on the defensive side of the ball.
22 Ravens
-37.00 14.80 33.35 11.15 This was the year the Ravens offense had a chance to find value - as their elite contracts all have low cap figures in 2013. But Flacco, Rice, Dickson, and 60% of the O-line are under-performing, leaving points on the field and concerns going forward.
23 Redskins
21.80 -21.08 5.89 6.61 A +23 TVS for the O-Line equals a good value running game and a healthy, improving QB. Some consistency from the secondary and a stronger outside pass rush will improve the defensive numbers.
24 Chargers
40.06 -32.57 -2.39 5.10 Philip Rivers is smelling an extension this offseason. His turnaround year goes hand in hand with a stablized O-Line, and a healthy Ryan Mathews. The Chargers have the 2nd lowest defensive cap in 2013, & are still the 4th lowest value.
25 Falcons
9.95 -4.44 -9.64 -4.12 Injuries have destroyed the Falcons, and with it comes a loss in value. With the exception of the LB crew, no position is glaringly negative at this point - just depleted.
26 Giants
-35.06 8.60 18.10 -8.36 The Defensive Line & Special Teams play have been lone bright spots for the Giants thus far. Oft-injured offensive linemen and running backs and a loss in production at the TE position have badly hurt New York.
27 Buccaneers
-22.54 -12.46 3.28 -31.71 It's not great times in Tampa. They're basically a missed FG away from being negative across the board in terms of value. Big money to WRs Jackson and Williams are useless without a surrounding core.
28 Vikings
-10.61 -47.23 24.74 -33.09 The days of the $96M RB contract should be over now. The Browns have already sold their star RB in order to build up higher priority positions, it may be time for Minnesota to follow suit.
29 Raiders
-15.83 -0.51 -29.93 -46.27 Yes they're negative, but this was always goiing to be a transition year for the Raider, who carry $50M+ in dead cap in 2013. Strong play on both sides of the ball could be a sign of things to come.
30 Bears
8.76 -50.17 -12.49 -53.90 The Bears' secondary has been abismal in terms of consistent play. They're outside pass rush has been even worse. Add in the Week 7 injuries on both sides of the ball and the question remains: Does Brian Urlacher's Fox Sports contract have an out clause?
31 Cardinals
-45.00 -10.02 -0.04 -55.07 If any team's going to make a move before the deadline it should be the Cardinals, who need all sorts of help on their O-Line (-34.8 TVS) and even more help at the TE position (-13.5 TVS).
32 Jaguars
-28.70 -63.98 -4.91 -97.59 It's starting to look like this is exactly where the Jaguars would like to be heading into Week 8. With minimal dead money & around $89M in allocated 2014 cap space the Jags should have some room to chop and rebuild (see the 2013 Colts).
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