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Monday Morning Financial Round Up

Monday Morning Financial Round Up

The Obligatory Le'Veon Bell Update

Le’Veon Bell has 8 days to report to the Steelers or his 2018 season, and $855,529 per week paycheck that comes with it, are completely lost. If he doesn’t report, the Steelers could escalate this situation next February by slapping a transition tag on Bell, which stands to cost around $9M for the 2019 season for the running back position (though Bell may fight this figure with the NFLPA).

The transition tag is similar to a franchise tag, wherein other teams can submit an offer sheet for Bell, that the Steelers will have the right to match or refuse. The difference with the transition tag is, if the Steelers refuse an offer sheet and Bell signs with a new team, they receive no draft pick compensation in return. It should also be noted that it’s possible the Steelers slap another franchise tag on Bell as well.

Bell has forfeited $7,699,761 in 2018 compensation to date, leaving around $6.8M remaining on his offered tag. However the Steelers plan to place Bell on a two-week roster exemption list if and when he reports. Players on this list are generally paid a reduced salary, so it stands to reason that Le’Veon will be earning around or less than $6M in 2018 should he report for Week 10.

Oh and by the way: James Conner now has 1,229 yards from scrimmage and 10 touchdowns in 8 games, while earning $34,000 per week.

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Sayonara Sam

Sam Bradford was generously granted his release (well waivers, but it’s all but certain he’ll go unclaimed) from the Arizona Cardinals after a summer, & 3 games that awarded him $15.9375M for 2018, and a chance to cash in a little more should he sign elsewhere for the 2nd half of the season. Including the above nearly $16M, Arizona will shell out $32.2M to their three quarterbacks this year ($11.3M to Rosen, $5M to Glennon). Bradford was almost certainly never going to see the field again for Arizona, due to his whopping $312,500 per game active bonus clause.

While the move clears $20M of cap space for the Cardinals in 2019, it also has some ramifications elsewhere, as the Vikings will now likely lose the 3rd round compensatory pick they were eyeing next April for letting Sam walk in free agency, while the Cardinals should now secure a later round comp. pick.

The 30-year-old Bradford has raked in $130M across nearly 9 NFL seasons with the Rams, Eagles, Vikings, and Cardinals.

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Kershaw a Dodger for Life?

The Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw came to terms on a revised deal that makes a lot of sense for both sides, and likely allows the future Hall of Fame to finish his career in LA. Kershaw originally had a 2 year, $65M player option for 2019 & 2020, but per his new contract, now stands to make a minimum of $93M over the next three seasons with the Dodgers. Additionally, the contract includes significant bonuses tied to his ability to stay healthy, and remain in the starting rotation, as he’ll cash in $1M each for 24,26,28, & 30 starts each year. There’s also a $1.5M bonus for winning the Cy Young ($500,000 if he finishes Top 3).

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The Young, Cheap, Kings

The Sacramento Kings of an active salary cap of $84M in 2018-19 (3rd lowest, 28th in the league) but are now 6-4 through the first ten games of the season. They find themselves ranked the third best value team in the league according to our True Value Stat, behind the 8-1 Bucks ($117M), and the 8-1 Nuggets ($116M). The team closest to them in terms of low payroll and wins/production would be the Pacers, who own a 7-3 record with a $106M payroll.

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