100+ Potential 2018 NFL Cap Casualties

100+ Potential 2018 NFL Cap Casualties
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We've identified players from each NFL team who may be trending toward the 2018 roster bubble, based on performance vs. compensation & dead cap structure. The list below shows the individual financial implications to trade or release each player based on various bonus dates some may have. We'll continue to update this list as new reports emerge. Did we miss someone? Send suggestions to @spotrac.

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Player Team Pos. 2018 Cap Dead Cap Details Thoughts
Matt Schaub  ATL QB $5,500,000 Release/Trade
$1.25M ($4.25M savings)
Too rich for a backup. A pay cut may be possible as cap will be needed to get a new deal for QB1 done.
Tyrod Taylor  BUF QB $18,080,000 Pre-3/16 Release
$8.64M ($9.44M savings

Pre-3/16 Trade:
$7.64M ($10.44M savings)
Taylor battled through injuries, changing offensive weapons, and a scheme probably not ideal for his skillset, likely meaning the end of his era in Buffalo, who have draft assets ready and waiting.
Mike Glennon CHI QB $16,000,000

Pre-3/16 Trade:
$2M ($14M savings)

Pre-6/1 Release:
$4.5M ($11.5M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release
$3.5M ($12.5M savings), $1M 2019 dead cap

No thoughts needed.
Andy Dalton CIN QB $16,300,000 Trade/Release:
$2.4M ($13.9M savings)
Dalton's 2018 could hinge on a free agency arbitration hearing for backup AJ McCarron, who is looking for a shot to start (somewhere).
Cody Kessler CLE QB $924,295 Pre 6/1 Trade/Release:
$332,394 ($425,000 savings)

Post 6/1 Trade/Release:
$166,197 ($758,098 savings), $166,198 2019 dead cap
Kizer, Kessler Hogan, a free agent, a high draft pick? The Browns 2018 QB situation is a total crapshoot.
Blake Bortles  JAC QB $19,053,000

Pre-3/14 Trade/Release

$0 ($19.053M savings)

All signs heading toward March point toward Bortles playing out his 5th-year option for 2018. A solid first half could get extension talks starting.
Alex Smith KC QB $20,600,000 Pre-3/16 Trade/Release:
$3.6M ($17M savings)

Post-3/16 Trade
$3.6M ($17M savings)

Post-3/16 Release:
$5.6M ($15M savings)
The 33-year-old is having a career season, but it may not be enough to secure his spot in 2018. With Patrick Mahomes waiting in the wings and $17M in cap to be saved, the business of football may rear it's head here.
Eli Manning  NYG QB $22,200,000 Pre-3/16 Trade/Release:
$12.4M ($9.8M savings)
Plenty needs to be hashed out before this decision is made, but it's safe to say Eli's status in NY is in question. A $5M roster bonus due March 16th becomes key in this move.
Nick Foles  PHI QB $7,600,000 Trade/Release:
$5.4M ($2.2M savings)
The Super Bowl MVP would sure love a chance to cash in on his success, but the Eagles likely hold tight here. $7M cash for a backup isn't bad work.
Ben Roethlisberger PIT QB $23,200,000 Pre-3/18/18 Trade/Release/Retirement:
$12.4M ($10.8M savings)
Retirement rumors will certainly pick back up once the Steelers hit the offseason. Ben is due a $5M roster bonus in early March, so talks will move fast here.
Trevor Siemian DEN QB $1,918,198 Trade/Release:
$13,198 ($1.905M savings)
The Broncos can't do much with Paxton Lynch's contract, so Siemian seems likely to fall off the roster.
Matt Cassel TEN QB $2,500,000 Pre 3/18 Release
$0 ($2.5M savings)
Cassel has a connection with new coach Mike Vrabel, but Tennessee likely needs/wants the $2.5M in cap to be saved here.
Kevin Hogan CLE QB $630,000 Trade/Release:
$0 dead cap ($630,000 savings)
With Taylor, Stanton, and a future 1st rounder in the fold, Hogan's spot is better placed elsewhere.
Teddy Bridgewater NYJ QB $6,000,000 Trade/Release:
$500,000 ($5.5M savings)
Bridgewater agreed to a "prove it" deal with the Jets, who then paid a hefty price to jump up to #3 in the coming draft.
Christian Hackenberg NYJ QB $1,270,991 Trade/Release Post 6/1
$397,327 ($873,664 savings), $397,327 2019 dead cap
#3 + McCown + Bridgewater likely means the door for Hackenberg & possible Bryce Petty as well.
Running Backs
Player Team Pos. 2018 Cap Dead Cap Details Thoughts
Adrian Peterson ARZ RB $3,500,000 Trade/Release:
$0 dead cap prior to March 16, 2018 ($3.5M savings)
AP has shown better production in Arizona, but it's been spotty, and the return of David Johnson in 2018 likely means his $3.5M cap figure becomes too rich.
Jonathan Stewart  CAR RB $5,250,000 Trade/Release:
$1.5M ($3.75M savings)
The Panthers tolerated a $6.175M cap hit for Stewart in 2017, so it's possible they can keep him in the fold at a lesser cost in 2018 as well.
Lamar Miller  HOU RB $6,750,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$2M ($4.75M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1M ($5.75M savings), $1M 2019 dead cap
While Miller's been a nice option in the receiving game this year, his rush stats are at career lows (3.7 yards per carry). Houston has ample cap space heading into March, so this isn't a necessitty by any means.
Chris Ivory  JAC RB $7,000,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$3M ($4M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1M ($6M savings), $2M 2019 dead cap
As long as Fournette is heathly, he's the future at this position. While Ivory poses a nice depth piece for the Jaguars, his $7M cap figure is much too high for this role. Re-signing on a cheaper deal is possible.
Latavius Murray MIN RB $6,350,000 Pre 3/16 Trade/Release:
$1.2M ($5.15M savings)
Murray's deal was always structured as a 1 year contract if needed. His $5.15M 2018 salary fully guarantees on March 16th so this will be a quick decision.
Mark Ingram NO RB $6,245,000 Pre 3/16 Trade/Release
$1.645M ($4.6M savings)
Ingram + Kamara has been quite a show in 2017, but the business reality of the RB position still puts Ingram's 2018 roster spot in jeopardy. A restructured extension could be possible here.
Doug Martin TB RB $6,750,000 Trade/Release
$0 ($6.75M savings)
With no signing bonus & his salary guarantees voided per a PED suspension, the under-producing and recently injured Martin will need to do plenty over the rest of 2017 to claim a roster spot in 2018.
DeMarco Murray  TEN RB $6,500,000 Trade/Release:
$0 ($6.5M savings)
On pace for just 700 yards rushing, Murray's numbers are down in 2017, leaving his dead-cap-free $6.5M figure in 2018 up for grabs.
Matt Forte NYJ RB $4,000,000

$1M ($3M savings)

Injuries kept Forte's 2017 at bay. With the Jets in a complete rebuild mode, these two will divorce this spring.
Mike Gillislee NE RB $2,181,250 Trade/Release:
$0 ($2.1M savings)
Injuries & plenty of depth at the position kept his 2017 production at bay. With Dion Lewis expiring, Gillislee may be passed on.
Marshawn Lynch OAK RB $5,953,125 Pre 3/18 Trade/Release:
$0 ($5.9M savings)

Post 3/18 Trade/Release:
$1M ($4.9M savings)
Lynch has a $1M roster bonus due on March 18th. He had a bit of an up/down 2017, but remains one of the Raiders best offensive weapons. Odds are he stays.
Theo Riddick DET RB $4,137,500 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1.925M ($2.2125M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$962,500 ($3.175M savings), $962,500 in 2019 dead cap
Riddick's role (and subsequent production) was reduced in 2017, & the Lions have already been linked to Dion Lewis this March.
C.J. Anderson DEN RB $4,500,000

$0 ($4.5M savings)

The Broncos are in need of a new QB, & potentially a new WR to go with him. Anderson's savings will be necessary.
Wide Receivers
Player Team Pos. 2018 Cap Dead Cap Details Thoughts
Breshad Perriman  BAL WR $2,769,875 Trade/Release:
$1,147,785 ($1.6M savings)
The Perriman Project just isn't panning out. With no salary guarantee in 2018, look for Baltimore to use their out here.
Russell Shepard CAR WR $3,550,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1.4M ($2.15M savings)

Post 6/1 Trade/Release:

$700,000 ($2.85M savings), $700,000 2019 dead cap
The trade away of Kelvin Benjamin opened targets for Shepard an co, but 27 year old is on pace for just 20 catches in 2017.
Dez Bryant DAL WR $16,500,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$8M ($8.5M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$4M ($12.5M savings), $4M 2019 dead cap
There's growing chatter about Bryant's future after inconsistent production the past 2 seasons. He seems fairly safe to get another year out of this deal.
Emmanuel Sanders DEN WR $10,937,500 Pre 3/18 Trade/Release or 3/18-6/1 Trade:
$5.375M ($5.5M savings)
Sanders' production has took nosedive in 2017, most likely due to the inconsistent QB play across the board. With plenty of cap space, this isn't a need release, but it still may come.
Randall Cobb GB WR $12,750,000 Trade/Release:
$3.25M ($9.5M savings)
His receptions, yards, and touchdowns have decreased in each of the past 3 seasons. Entering a contract year in 2018, the Packers may need to move on.
Tavon Austin  LAR WR $8,000,000 Pre-3/16 Trade
$0 ($8M savings)

Post-3/16 Trade/Release:
$5M ($3M savings)
Austin has a $5M roster bonus fully guaranteed, but not paid until MArch 16th. With limited targets over the past 2 seasons, his $8M cap figure may be too rich for LA.
Brandon Marshall  NYG WR $6,156,250 Trade/Release:
$1M ($5.1M savings)
Prior to his injury, Marshall was nearly non-existent in the Giants offense. It's tough to imagine them swallowing a $6.1M pill for 2018.
Cordarrelle Patterson OAK WR $3,250,000 Trade/Release:
$0 ($3.25M savings)
Patterson won't hit the stats needed to void this salary, but the Raiders will likely choose to do it for him.
Darrius Heyward-Bey  PIT WR $1,333,334 Trade/Release:
$133,334 ($1M savings)
The Steelers have a decent score of receivers to complement Brown at the top of the depth chart, and should look to clear the $1M here.
Michael Crabtree OAK WR $7,750,000 Trade/Release:
$0 ($7.75M savings)
His production (among others) has slipped in 2017, and with word of turmoil between he and the organization swirling, the Raiders will likely take the cap savings.
Jordy Nelson GB WR $12,550,000 Trade/Release:
$2.3M ($10.25M savings)
Still Rodgers' goto option, Nelson's recent injuries make him a liability with a cap figure north of $12.5M. It's very likely he or Cobb are displaced this offseason.
Jeremy Maclin BAL WR $7,500,000

Pre 3/16 Trade/Release

$2.5M ($5M savings)

Maclin just didn't produce the way Baltimore had hoped when bringing him in this offseason. He's likely a cap cut for the 2nd year in a row, due a $1M roster bonus on March 16th.
Demaryius Thomas DEN WR $12,033,333

Pre 3/14 Trade/Release:
$4.4M ($7.63M savings)

Thomas has a $4M option bonus that must be exercised prior to March 14th. If Denver declines it, they'll take on a $4.4M dead cap hit, and Thomas will hit free agency.
Markus Wheaton CHI WR $5,750,000 Trade/Release:
$750,000 ($5M savings)
The Bears are looking to get better in a lot of areas, but WR is a priority. Look for a big name to land here this March.
Brandon LaFell CIN WR $4,000,000 Pre-March 18th Trade/Release:
$0 ($4M savings)
His production was nearly cut in half over the past two seasons, and the 31-year-old represents $4M in potential cap savings prior to March 18th.
Allen Hurns JAC WR $7,000,000 Trade/Release:
$0 ($7M savings)
Simply hasn't been able to stay on the field and reproduce his early success. He has 75 catch potential when right.
Dwayne Harris NYG WR $4,050,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1.6M ($2.45M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$800,000 ($3.25M savings), $800,000 2019 dead cap
The special-teamer and occassional WR sees his cap hit rise north of $4M in 2018, likely much too rich to handle.
Torrey Smith PHI WR $5,000,000 Trade/Release
$0 ($5M savings)
Smith was a nice complimentary option in the Eagles offense, but may simply be pushed out for cap purposes. A pay cut might be possible here.
Aldrick Robinson SF WR $2,200,000 Trade/Release
$150,000 ($2.05M savings)
Minimal production even with the loss of PIerre Garcon. SF will look to upgrade here.
Tight Ends
Player Team Pos. 2018 Cap Dead Cap Details Thoughts
Levine Toilolo ATL TE $5,000,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$2M ($3M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1M ($4M savings), $1M 2019 dead cap
Austin Hooper appears to be best pass/block option going forward. The Falcons can find a cheaper reserve.
Dion Sims CHI TE $6,333,333

Pre 3/16 Release or Pre-6/1 Trade:
$666,667 ($5.6M savings)

3/16-6/1 Release:
$4,666,667 ($1,666,667 savings)

Post 6/1 Trade
$333,333 ($6M savings), $333,334 2019 dead cap

Post 6/1 Release
$4,333,333 ($2M savings), $333,334 2019 dead cap

Sims hasn't been much of a factor since joining on from Miami. He's a high cap casualty risk.
James Hanna DAL TE $3,500,000 Trade/Release:
$750,000 ($2.75M savings)
Witten's expected return puts Hanna's contract year in question. It seems unlikely he stays at $3.5M
Eric Ebron  DET TE $8,825,000 Pre 3/14 Trade/Release:
$0 ($8.825M savings)
On pace for 40 catches and 3 TDs, it doesn't appear as though Ebron is anywhere near the #10 overall selection the Lions made him in 2014.
Julius Thomas MIA TE $6,600,000 Trade:
$0 ($6.6M savings)

$2M ($4M savings)
Thomas just isn't the same weapon he was as Peyton Manning's TE, and shouldn't expect to be paid as such going forward.
Martellus Bennett NE TE $6,450,000 Pre 3/14 Trade/Release:
$0 ($6.45M savings)
The Patriots have always valued their TEs well, but Bennett at a $6M+ cap figure seems too rich. He has a $2M roster bonus due March 14th.
Jordan Reed  WAS TE $10,300,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$5.4M ($4.9M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1.8M ($8.5M savings), $3.6M 2019 dead cap
When healthy he's one of the best weapons in football. But the Redskins likely can't hope for healthy on a $10.3M cap figure. This is a situation to watch come March.
Coby Fleener NO TE $8,000,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$8.2M ($-200,000 savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$5M ($3M savings), $3.2M 2019 dead cap
$3.4M of 2018 salary fully guaranteed on Feb. 7th, all but securing his role in 2018. It's a a bit of a surprise.
Lance Kendricks GB TE $2,225,000 Trade/Release
$600,000 ($1.65M savings)
Primarily a blocking option (just 18 receptions in 2017), Kendricks' appears better served elsewhere.
Rob Gronkowski NE TE $10,906,250 Pre-6/1 Retirement
$4M ($6.9M savings)

Post-6/1 Retirement
$2M ($8.9M savings), $2M 2019 dead cap
Gronkowski hasn't solidified his desire to continue playing yet after the Super Bowl 52 loss. This puts all 3 NE TEs on the bubble.
Offensive Linemen
Player Team Pos. 2018 Cap Dead Cap Details Thoughts
Cordy Glenn  BUF OT $14,450,000 Pre-3/18 Release
$11.1M ($3.35M savings)

Pre-3/18 Trade
$9.6M ($4.85M savings)

3/18-6/1 Release
$19.6M(-$5.15M savings)

3/18-6/1 Trade:
$11.6M ($2.85M savings)

Post 6/1 Release:
$13.2M ($1.25M savings), $6.4M 2019 dead cap

Post 6/1 Trade:
$5.2M ($9.25M savings), $6.4M 2019 dead cap
The Bills are better when Cordy Glenn is their left tackle, but injuries have kept him from being a consistent impact. With big cap $ to boot, this will be one to watch.
Ja'Wuan James MIA OT $9,341,000 Pre-3/14 Trade/Release
$0 ($9.341M savings)
An injury riddled 2017 has James' future in question. His $9.3M 5th-year option becomes fully guaranteed on March 14th.
Jason Peters PHI OT $11,666,666 Pre-3/18 Trade/Release:
$6.3M ($5.3M savings)
$4.5M of Peters 2018 salary becomes fully guaranteed on March 18th. Even at 35 years old, Peters holds immense value to the Eagles offense. This will be a tough call.
Richie Incognito BUF OG $7,575,000 Trade/Release:
$1.15M ($6.425M savings)
Incognito can still handle himself in the trenches, but appears to be a bad fit for the newly installed Bills offense.
Laken Tomlinson  SF OG $1,600,941 Trade/Release:
$0 ($1.6M savings)
The former Lions 1st rounder is struggling through 2017, and with no guaranteed money remaining could fall off the 2018 roster.
J.R. Sweezy  TB OG $5,875,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1.875M ($4M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$625,000 ($5.25M savings)
Sweezy restructured his contract to stick around in 2017, but is still one of the worst rated guards in football according to PFF.
Benjamin Ijalana NYJ OT $5,921,875 Trade/Release:
$1.25M ($4.6M savings)
The Jets must decide on Ijalana by Feb. 20th to avoid a contract void. A divorce is likely here as the Jets have ample space to find a replacement.
Zane Beadles SF OF $4,083,334 Trade/Release:
$583,334 ($3.5M savings)
Beadles only saw around 400 snaps in 2017.
Mike Iupati ARI OG $9,700,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$3.4M ($6.3M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1.7M ($8M savings), $1.7M 2019 dead cap
He's battled injuries over the past two seasons, including seeing action in just 1 2017 game. Now 30, a near $10M cap hit may be too rich for Arizona's blood.
Andy Levitre ATL OG $8,375,000 Trade/Release:
$1.375M ($7M savings)
Still a perfectly good run-blocker, the near 32-year old is entering a contract year in 2018. A restructure may be more likely than an outright release.
Bobby Massie CHI OT $6,084,375

Pre-March 16th Trade/Release:
$500,000 ($5.5M savings)

Massie had a decent 2017, and his cap figure increases only slightly for 2018. He's due a $1M roster bonus on March 16th, so a decision will be made prior.
Jeff Allen HOU OG $7,375,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release:
$2.5M ($4.875M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1.25M ($6.125M savings), $1.25M 2019 dead cap
Allen was supposed to be the next man up on the O-Line, but graded out as one of the worst guards in the NFL in 2017. He represents strong savings as well.
Zach Strief NO OT $3,875,000 Pre-3/18 Release
$1.1M ($2.775M savings)

Post-3/18 Release
$2.6M ($1.275M savings)
The 34-year-old has talked retirement in the past, but the Saints may release him before that comes into play, as a $1.5M roster bonus is due March 18th.
Ramon Foster PIT OG $3,591,668 Trade/Release
$916,668 ($2.675M savings)
The Steelers need cap, and with BJ Finney primed to step up his role, this could be a somehwat surprising move.
Defensive Linemen
Player Team Pos. 2018 Cap Dead Cap Details Thoughts
Brandon Mebane  LAC DT $5,500,000 Trade/Release:
$1M ($4.5M savings)
Graded one of the worst D-Linemen in all of football according to PFF, the Chargers will likely look to get younger and cheaper here next season.
Brian Robison  MIN DE $3,500,000 Release:
$1.25M ($2.25M savings)
It's tough to find a weak area on the Vikings D, but at 34 years old, Robison's 2018 roster spot could be in jeopardy.
Alan Branch NE DT $4,700,000 Trade/Release:
$1M ($3.7M savings)
The Patriots will need to clear space before March, and Branch's near $4M in savings would be ideal.
Muhammad Wilkerson  NYJ DE $20,000,000 Pre-3/14 Trade/Release:
$9M ($11M savings)
Wilkerson's $16.75M salary for 2018 fully guarantees on March 14th. It sounds like he's all but checked out of NY already, so a move of some sort seems imminent.
Cliff Avril  SEA DE $8,000,000 Trade/Release:
$500,000 ($7.5M savings)
The Seahawks are going to have to bend a bit to get better in 2018, and with Avril heading toward 32-years of age plus recovering from a neck injury, his $7.5M in potential savings might be favored.
Evander Hood WAS DE $1,400,000 Trade/Release:
$150,000 ($1.25M savings)
His snaps are down a bit in 2017 and his production much the same. While a $1.4M cap figure isn't going to break Washington's bank, the $1.3M in savings may be needed elsewhere.
Charles Johnson CAR DE 3,187,500 Trade/Release:
$0 ($3.1M savings)
After just 12 regular season games, Johnson was a healthy scratch in the Panthers Wildcard game. A paycut might save his spot.
Corey Liuget LAC DT $9,500,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release
$3M ($6.5M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1.5M ($8M savings), $1.5M 2019 dead cap
Liuget's reliability & production have fallen off since he signed his 5 year $58M extension in 2015. With $6.5M to be saved ($8M as a Post 6/1 cut), the Chargers can move on fairly easily here.
Benson Mayowa DAL DE $3,850,000 Trade/Release:
$1.1M ($2.75M savings)
The Cowboys are poised to not lose DeMarcus Lawrence, and in doing so will need to trim cap in a few areas. This would be a start.
Domata Peko DEN DT $4,200,000 Trade/Release:
$500,000 ($3.7M savings)
Peko's a valuable run-stopper, but at 33-years-old and the Broncos in need of a few cap dollars, he could become a casualty.
Chris Long PHI DE $2,350,000 Pre 3/18 Trade/Release
$400,000 ($1.95M savings)
Long had an excellent season as a depth edge defender for the SB champs. But Brandon Graham needs a new contract, and Vinny Curry deserves to remain in the fold.
Chris Baker TB DT $4,875,000 Pre 3/18 Release
$0 ($4.875M savings)
Baker was a big free agent signing last March, but had a bust year. $3M of his 2018 salary guarantees on March 18th.
Jerry Hughes BUF DE $10,400,000 Pre 3/18 Trade/Release
$5.8M ($4.6M savings)
Hughes' pass-rush production has dropped off the past 2 seasons. Add in a $10.4M cap figure and future in Buffalo may be in question. There's a $1M roster bonus due March 18th.
Player Team Pos. 2018 Cap Dead Cap Details Thoughts
Brian Cushing HOU SLB $9,700,000 Trade/Release:
$1.2M ($8.5M savings)
The Texans are a better defense when Cushing is in the lineup, but injuries & a recent 10 game suspension for PEDs has his future in question.
Tamba Hali  KC OLB $9,708,334 Pre-3/1 Trade/Release:
$1,708,334 ($8M savings)
Hali has a $1.5M roster bonus due on March 1st. WIth KC already in cap trouble for 2018, Hali's savings will be a necessity.
Dee Ford  KC OLB $8,718,000 Pre-3/14 Trade/Release:
$0 ($8.718M savings)
Ford's 5th-year option will guarantee on March 14th. Injury has kept him off the field for half of 2017. He'll be a question mark heading into March.
Elvis Dumervil  SF OLB $4,250,000 Trade/Release:
$500,000 ($3.75M savings)
The 49ers need not cut a soul with their $100M+ in cap space. But it stands to reason they will look to get younger in a few areas.
Pernell McPhee CHI OLB $8,075,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release
$1M ($7.075M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$700,000k ($7.375M savings), $500,000 2019 dead cap
Finishing 2017 on the IR (shoulder), McPhee represents more than $7M in potential cap savings next March.
Robert Quinn LAR OLB $12,399,766 Pre-3/16 Trade/Release:
$955,354 ($11.4M savings)

Post-3/16 Trade/Release:
$2,066,645 ($10.3M savings)
Quinn is still a formidable edge defender, but the Rams have mouths to feed this spring, which could force his $12.4M cap off the books.
Mark Barron LAR ILB $10,000,000 Pre-3/16 Trade/Release
$3M ($7M savings)

Post-3/16 Trade/Release:
$5M ($5M savings)
Barron has a $2M roster bonus due March 16th, so like Quinn, his release would be purely ane early business decision.
David Harris NE ILB $2,750,000 Trade/Release
$625,000 ($2.125M savings)
Harris was brought in as a veteran presence to a young LB group, but clearly lost a step in the past 18 months.
Nathan Stupar NO OLB $2,125,000 Trade/Release
$400,000 ($1.725M savings)
The Saints may simply need the cap relief here.
Lorenzo Alexander BUF OLB $3,600,000 Pre 3/16 Trade
$550,000 ($3.05M savings)

Pre 3/16 Release
$850,000 ($2.75M savings)
A sparkling 2016 was followed up by a bit more realistic 2017 in terms of statistical production. The 34-year-old still offers plenty of flexibility & leadership to a D.
Defensive Backs
Player Team Pos. 2018 Cap Dead Cap Details Thoughts
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie NYG CB $8,500,000 Trade/Release
$2M ($6.5M savings)
DRC's status has been up and down. It's possible a new regime views him as a veteran leader for an under-performing defense, but the cap savings don't lie.
Lardarius Webb BAL CB $2,550,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release
$800,000 ($1.75M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$400,000 ($2.15M savings), $400,000 2019 dead cap
Webb was a cap casuaalty in 2017, but re-signed on a smaller deal as a depth body. His role was further reduced, leaving 2018 very much in question.
Adam-Pacman Jones CIN CB $6,666,668 Trade/Release
$666,668 ($6M savings)
A below par 2016 + an injury-riddled 2017 likely have Jones' roster spot for 2018 in jeopardy. Especially with $6M in savings available.
Ron Parker KC SS $7,000,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release
$2M ($5M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1M ($6M savings), $1M 2019 dead cap
Parker has struggled to lock down the backend of the Chiefs' D, and will see his cap figure grow to $7M in 2018. KC needs cap space and could look to find some here.
Jason Verrett  LAC CB $8,526,000 Pre-3/14 Trade/Release:
$0 ($8.526M savings)
Verrett's missed significant time due to injury in back to back seasons, putting his 5th-year option for 2018 in question. LA will need to decide prior to March 14th, when it guarantees.
Buster Skrine  NYJ CB $8,500,000 Trade/Release
$2.5M ($6M savings)
Skrine has been a solid veteran presence for the Jets secondary, but could be bypassed for a cheaper option in 2018.
David Amerson OAK CB $6,000,000 Pre-3/16 Trade/Release:
$0 ($6M savings)
Amerson's $5.5M salary becomes fully guaranteed on March 16th. He'll likely be release prior to that date.
William Gay PIT CB $2,383,334 Retirement/Trade/Release:
$633,33 ($1.75M savings)
The near 34-year-old is on the back side of his career and may become expendable with a younger secondary in place.
Richard Sherman  SEA CB $13,200,000 Trade/Release:
$2.2M ($11M savings)
Sherman was playing his usual above average CB play before his injury. He'll enter a contract year in 2018, and a $13.2M hit is rich for a cap-strapped Seattle team. A restructured extension is possible.
Da'Norris Searcy  TEN SS $4,925,000 Trade/Release:
$1.125M ($3.8M savings)
Searcy took a pay cut this past season, and has been asked to do more than expected. His $4.925M cap figure may be too high for a role player going forward.
Orlando Scandrick DAL CB $5,281,021 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release
$3.8M ($1.4M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$2.2M ($3M savings), $1.6M 2019 dead cap
Back injuries across the past few seasons could force the Cowboys to move on from the 30-year old, who can save a few million in doing so.
Eli Apple NYG CB $4,132,451 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release
$4.6M ($-477k savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$2.3M ($1.8M savings), $2.3M 2019 dead cap
It's possible Apple's Week 17 suspension voided the remaining $4.3M in salary guarantees. If so, the Giants would be able to move on for $4.6M signing bonus dead cap.
Quintin Demps CHI SS $4,333,333 Pre 3/18 Trade/Release
$666,667 ($3.6M savings)
Demps has a $500,000 roster bonus due March 18th, and is battling back from a broken arm this season. He's a fringe cut candidate barring the new Bears regime's preference.
Aqib Talib DEN CB $12,000,000 Trade/Release:
$1M ($11M savings)
Still an above average CB, Denver has increasing cap hits for Chris Harris & Bradley Roby in 2018, putting Talib's $12M on notice.
Marcus Cooper CHI CB $5,500,000 Pre 3/16 Trade/Release:
$1M dead cap ($4.5M savings)
$2M of Cooper's 2018 salary fully guarantees on March 16th. who saw just a quarter of Bears' snaps in 15 games last year.
Darrelle Revis KC CB $4,500,000

Pre-3/18 Release

$0 ($4.5M savings)
Revis has $8.8M in per-game roster bonuses that will become fully guaranteed on March 18th, an obsurd number for an aging veteran on a team with no cap space. A restructure is very likely.
J.J. Wilcox PIT FS $3,800,000 Trade/Release:
$675,000 ($3.125M savings)
The Steelers traded for Wilcox prior to 2017, but he seems a tough fit going forward. $3M+ savings puts him on notice.
Jeremy Lane SEA CB $7,250,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release
$2.5M ($4.75M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$1.25M ($6M savings), $1.25M 2019 dead cap
Legal issues, average production, & a potential "rebuild" in Seattle could spell an exit for Lane, especially with $6M to be saved Post 6/1.
Mike Adams CAR SS $2,425,000 Pre 3/16 Trade/Release:
$325,000 ($2.1M savings)
Now 36, Adams can still hold his own in the secondary, but Carolina may prefer the $2M and the chance to get younger.
Special Teams
Player Team Pos. 2018 Cap Dead Cap Details Thoughts
Mason Crosby  GB K $5,250,000 Pre 3/16 Trade/Release
$2.5M ($2.75M savings)
Crosby is due a $500,000 roster bonus on March 16th. His $5.25M cap figure is likely deemed too high for a Packers team that will have holes to fill and a QB to extend.
Jon Ryan SEA P $3,200,000 Pre-6/1 Trade/Release
$1.2M ($2M savings)

Post-6/1 Trade/Release:
$600,000 ($2.6M savings), $600,000 2019 dead cap
It's possible Seattle looks for a total makeover with their special teams unit, in Ryan's case simply to get cheaper.
Phil Dawson ARI K $3,500,000 Trade/Release:
$500,000 ($3M savings)
Dawson made only 80% of his field goals, and 88% of his extra points in 2017. A cheaper option will likely be brought in to compete.