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Week 8 NBA Value Power Rankings

Week 8 NBA Value Power Rankings
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Week 8: NBA Value Power Rankings

Our latest edition of NBA Total Team Value Rankings brings a change at the top. The Phoenix Suns are 7 games above .500, and their per player production is superseding their current payroll (second lowest in the NBA), making them currently the best valued team. Even with the loss of Kobe Bryant, the Lakers find themselves at #2 this week even with a payroll of $27 million more than the Suns. The Denver Nuggest crack the Top 5 for the first time this season.

Week 8 Risers
No team had a bigger rise in Week 8 than the Detroit Pistons and Toronto Raptors, who have 7 players with a positive TVS. Despite Josh Smith having a relatively large TVS (-1.45) due to a cap hit of $13.5 million the Pistons find themselves at #10. Meanwhile, the Raptors didn't have a player with a cap hit over $7.5 million and the Rudy Gay trade seems to have paid dividends thus far with Greivis Vasquez and Patrick Patterson having a postive TVS.

Another large riser is the Portland Trail Blazers, who were dead last in week 7, have found themselves up 13 spots at #17. Damian Lillard continues to be an asset for the Trail Blazers as their best valued player.

Week 8 Fallers
The New York Knicks had the largest fall in week 8, having fallen 20 spots. This is due in part to the four largest salaries (Stoudemire, Bargnani, Anthony, and Chandler) on the team all had a negative TVS, the largest begin Amar'e Stoudemire, fourth worst value for a player.

The Indiana Pacers, falling 19 spots, had such a large drop due to the fact that Danny Granger returned to the line up with the second largest cap hit on the team and had one of the lowest player efficiencies of all qualifying players.

The Brooklyn Nets had the second largest fall, falling 18 spots. This is due to the Nets having four players in the bottom 15. Large contract salaries in 2013-2014, three of which are in the top 20 cap hits, and a decline in production have led the Nets to a 9-19 start - an extreme disappointment for the amount of experience and star power on that team.

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Total Value Power Rankings
A breakdown of Spotrac's NBA Team Value Rankings through week 8.
RANK Team Qualified Payroll Worst value Best Value Team TVS
1(+8) Suns
$27,175,846 Channing Frye Miles Plumlee 4.47
2(+1) Lakers
$32,951,836 Pau Gasol Jordan Farmar 4.2
3(-2) Sixers
$28,184,830 Thaddeus Young Lavoy Allen 3.84
4(-2) Rockets
$46,689,110 Dwight Howard Chandler Parsons 3.59
5(+5) Nuggets
$44,215,884 Ty Lawson Kenneth Faried 2.85
6(+2) Grizzlies
$43,530,660 Zach Randolph James Johnson 2.8
7(+7) Spurs
$56,508,028 Tony Parker Patty Mills 2.16
8(+7) Magic
$32,969,413 Jameer Nelson E'Twaun Moore 1.85
9(+11) Hawks
$49,716,273 Al Horford Mike Scott 1.18
10(+15) Pistons
$46,942,780 Josh Smith Kyle Singler 1.17
11(-6) Mavericks
$61,920,620 Dirk Nowitzki DeJuan Blair 0.68
12(+6) Jazz
$40,412,676 Richard Jefferson Jeremy Evans 0.66
13(-7) Bucks
$42,070,300 Ersan Ilyasova Nate Wolters 0.65
14(+15) Raptors
$41,146,569 John Salmons Greivis Vasquez 0.44
15(-2) Pelicans
$59,882,773 Eric Gordon Jason Smith 0.32
16(-12) Heat
$72,119,557 Chris Bosh Michael Beasley -0.08
17(+13) Trail Blazers
$50,455,887 Nicolas Batum Damian Lillard -0.09
18(+3) Timberwolves
$53,467,828 Nikola Pekovic Robbie Hummel -0.11
19(+5) Wizards
$50,495,699 Nene Trevor Booker -0.24
20(+8) Clippers
$44,452,557 Blake Griffin Darren Collison -0.55
21(-2) Kings
$49,085,740 Rudy Gay Isaiah Thomas -0.86
22(-1) Celtics
$49,010,635 Gerald Wallace Phil Pressey -0.87
23(+3) Bobcats
$52,179,293 Ben Gordon Anthony Tolliver -1.3
24(-2) Bulls
$58,750,422 Carlos Boozer D.J. Augustin -1.55
25(+2) Warriors
$56,751,614 Andre Iguodala Draymond Green -2.23
26(-10) Thunder
$66,436,331 Kendrick Perkins Reggie Jackson -2.39
27(-20) Knicks
$84,493,064 Amar'e Stoudemire Kenyon Martin -3.47
28(-18) Nets
$97,059,952 Joe Johnson Shaun Livingston -6.4
29(-12) Cavaliers
$54,428,504 Anthony Bennett Matthew Dellavedova -9.89
30(-19) Pacers
$63,117,139 Danny Granger Lance Stephenson -23.56
What determines a team's True Value?
Spotrac's True Value Statistic is determined by comparing an indiviudal player's current statistical production to the average player's production. The same comparison is made in terms of financial figures (2013 cap value). To find a team's overall True Value Statistic, we take the TVS from each indvidiual starting players plus any bench player with at least 12 MPG to find a total value number for that particular team.

We found all players that had a starting role within the last two weeks as well as any player that came off the bench with at least 12 minutes per game player, equivalent to having played at least one quarter per game).

The average team True Value was -0.76. This means that any team Total TVS that at -0.76 is playing at their financial value. Teams that have a higher TVS than -0.76 are playing above their financial value, while below -0.76 are overpaying for the production that is currently being produced.

Layman's Terms
Simply put, we're looking at how a team is producing based on the financial spending of their current roster. Because of this, our list varies when looking at the Win/Loss record. A team like the Philadelphia 76ers may seem unworthy at #3 with a 8-20 record, but in terms of the stat product/dollars allocated, they're outperforming the majority of their oppoents. On the contrary a team like the Indiana Pacers, currently 23-5 in the standings, appears to be overpaying/underproducing most of their players.

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