2017-18 NBA Opening Day Roster Payrolls

2017-18 NBA Opening Day Roster Payrolls
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After an offseason that saw over $2.4 billion in free agent signings, and another $1.5B+ in extensions the 2017-18 NBA regular season is upon on us. We've broken down financial figures for the upcoming season by team & position, highlighting how the opening day 15-man rosters break down.

NBA Total Roster Payrolls

The following graph & data table shows how NBA teams are spending their dollars across their total active payrolls. We've also broken things down by position for a deeper look, and included a column showing the dollars spent to just the projected Starting 5s set to hit the court this week. *Note the "Active Cap" indicated in the table below represents just cap $ allocated to signed players, not dead cap.

Notable Notes

  • The defending conference champion Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers start the 2017-18 season with Active Payrolls just $342,577 apart.
  • The Warriors boast the highest payroll, the most $ allocated to guards & the 3rd highest projected starting 5 payroll.
  • The Oklahoma City Thunder projected starting 5 accounts for $106M in 2017-18 cap, highest in the league by $6M.
  • The Chicago Bulls will open 2017-18 with a payroll just north of $65M, $15M less than any other team. Their projected starting 5 accounts for just $27M in cap, $79M less than the Thunder.
  • 5 teams will enter the season with less than $10M allocated to centers. 3 of these teams are the Spurs, Warrirors, & Rockets.
  • The Nuggets are the only team in the league with less than $20M cap dollars allocated to guards.
  • The Cavaliers have $134M in total cap payroll (2nd), but just $9.2M of that is allocated to the point guard position.



Team Signed
Starting 5
Total Active
Salary Cap $
Atlanta Hawks 15 $47.66M $16.81M $11.49M $22.12M $12.94M $18.50M 27 $81.86M
Brooklyn Nets 15 $66.97M $20.40M $24.01M $16.27M $10.83M $18.70M 30 $90.22M
Boston Celtics 14 $86.29M $26.87M $29.73M $11.77M $9.35M $32.06M 50 $109.78M
Charlotte Hornets 14 $68.67M $16.22M $34.47M $13.00M $30.12M $23.50M 44 $117.32M
Chicago Bulls 15 $27.17M $9.28M $15.17M $1.31M $25.68M $13.79M 28 $65.23M
Cleveland Cavaliers 15 $65.67M $9.20M $32.57M $44.19M $7.42M $40.69M 50 $134.07M
Dallas Mavericks 15 $55.24M $12.84M $20.91M $24.42M $20.84M $7.24M 34 $86.25M
Denver Nuggets 15 $47.99M $11.47M $7.78M $12.02M $57.75M $15.51M 47 $104.54M
Detroit Pistons 14 $67.68M $28.67M $11.57M $21.60M $17.31M $30.78M 35 $109.92M
Golden State Warriors 15 $97.39M $42.37M $24.33M $42.76M $18.69M $6.26M 62 $134.41M
Houston Rockets 14 $82.23M $26.07M $41.24M $16.48M $25.16M $7.12M 55 $116.08M
Indiana Pacers 14 $58.81M $19.10M $28.18M $10.50M $19.37M $13.29M 32 $90.44M
Los Angeles Clippers 14 $90.24M $12.33M $19.64M $28.24M $32.32M $24.11M 48 $116.63M
Los Angeles Lakers 15 $56.60M $19.37M $26.72M $22.71M $7.04M $26.24M 33 $102.09M
Memphis Grizzlies 15 $58.33M $31.31M $9.80M $26.96M $16.91M $23.95M 34 $108.94M
Miami Heat 15 $67.06M $17.00M $25.94M $2.71M $21.56M $35.70M 42 $102.89M
Milwaukee Bucks 15 $51.99M $10.92M $16.33M $36.57M $33.52M $17.88M 47 $115.23M
Minnesota Timberwolves 15 $82.36M $22.59M $57.77M $1.58M $17.95M $29.88M 50 $129.76M
New Orleans Pelicans 15 $78.24M $29.77M $13.10M $14.34M $44.14M $16.87M 44 $118.22M
New York Knicks 15 $37.69M $6.44M $33.39M $14.45M $4.50M $26.09M 32 $84.88M
Oklahoma City Thunder 14 $106.01M $30.00M $16.77M $53.41M $6.66M $23.29M 49 $130.14M
Orlando Magic 15 $48.59M $16.58M $34.10M $10.49M $6.98M $30.07M 32 $98.21M
Philadelphia 76ers 15 $45.85M $23.67M $31.24M $4.00M $12.47M $11.10M 33 $82.47M
Phoenix Suns 15 $36.05M $29.43M $6.54M $19.56M $13.54M $17.19M 30 $86.26M
Portland Trail Blazers 14 $70.54M $28.51M $42.57M $18.79M $21.23M $6.00M 43 $117.11M
Sacramento Kings 15 $51.94M $25.79M $30.65M $2.37M $15.41M $14.40M 27 $88.62M
San Antonio Spurs 15 $71.08M $28.88M $16.78M $28.59M $38.99M $0.00M 52 $113.24M
Toronto Raptors 15 $99.90M $31.66M $30.68M $12.03M $22.13M $21.23M 43 $117.74M
Utah Jazz 15 $64.75M $20.74M $26.36M $20.20M $19.20M $23.39M 44 $109.89M
Washington Wizards 15 $84.62M $20.06M $32.69M $26.87M $16.17M $29.44M 47 $125.23M
AVERAGES 14.7 $65.8M $21.5M $25.1M $19.3M $20.2M $20.1M 41 $106.3M