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Keeping the Warriors Together

June 11, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Keeping a super-team together for a stretch of time is becoming increasingly impossible in sports. But the Golden State Warriors appear poised to be the closest thing to a dynasty this generation might ever see. We break down their upcoming financial scenarios.

Financial Futures for Five NBA Superstars

May 7, 2018 Michael Ginnitti As the NBA Postseason begins to near the finish line, the discussions for most will turn to the offseason, where a handful of elite players will be forced into decisions regarding their immediate futures. We take a look at the numbers & logical assumptions for Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Paul George, & DeMarcus Cousins.

2017-18 NBA Opening Day Roster Payrolls

October 17, 2017 Michael Ginnitti After an offseason that saw nearly 4 Billion in free agent signings and extensions, the 2017-18 NBA regular season is upon on us. We've broken down all active payrolls, showing how each team is spending their cap dollars positionally to start the year.

Join our 2017-18 NBA Fantasy Contest

October 11, 2017 Michael Ginnitti Create a 30-man roster, selecting 1 player from each NBA team, while keeping your total salary cap low for a chance to win $250 in cash prizes. This contest will run through the first half of the 2017-18 regular season (October 17, 2017 - January 7th, 2018).

2017 NBA Offseason Financial Report

May 7, 2017 Michael Ginnitti As the current NBA postseason nears a conclusion, we'll take a close look at the top stories forthcoming this offseason, including notable extension candidates, players with options, key free agents, and salary cap allocations & space for each team heading toward the summer.

How the 16 NBA Playoff Rosters are Built Financially

April 13, 2017 Michael Ginnitti With the NBA Playoffs now upon us we take a close look at how the active roster for each of the 16 postseason teams are broken down positionally. We've broken out combined cap dollars for Guards, Forwards, Centers, Starting Lineups and more.

Assessing Dwyane Wade's Market Value

July 6, 2016 Scott Allen Dwyane Wade's contract demands and counter offers in Miami have ranged from $20M to $25M per year. We run the 34-year-old through our projection formula to assess his current market value as he nears a new contract.

Kevin Durant's Money Gained & Money Lost

July 5, 2016 Michael Ginnitti Kevin Durant's 2 year agreement to join the Golden State Warriors shook the sports world yesterday. We take a look at the money he's set to make in 2016, how much he left on the table by leaving Oklahoma City, and his contract scenarios for next year's free agent season.

Understanding LeBron James' Next Contract

June 29, 2016 Michael Ginnitti LeBron James has officially opted-out of his player option for the 2016-17 season and has already come forward in declaring he's going nowhere. But just in case, our look at his salary options with or without the Cavaliers.

The Top 2016 NBA Free Agents

June 27, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With July 1st just days away the discussion turns away from last week's draft and immediately to the start of the free agent season. We'll take a look at a few notable free agents from each position group, and their financial projections.

Sixers to select Simmons

June 23, 2016 Scott Allen Sixers have stated they will be selecting Ben Simmons with the 1st Overall. A look at Simmons' entry level financials and other first overalls since 2000

NBA 2016-2017 Player Options

June 13, 2016 Scott Allen An already loaded 2016 NBA Free Agent class could become even more crowded with plenty of elite, notable players carrying options into the offseason. We're tracking all player, club, and mutual options along with the financial breakdowns here.

Contract Forecast: Tristan Thompson

August 24, 2015 Scott Allen Tristan Thompson pulled the plug on a recent 5 year $80M offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, looking to be paid "more like his peers". We'll assess the current mathematical value for Thompson as the summer winds down.

2014-15 NBA Financial Preview

October 31, 2014 Michael Ginnitti On the eve of the 2014-15 NBA regular season, we'll take a look across the team rosters financially, noting the total payrolls, top-paid players, fun facts, and even a view "best value" predictions.

Contract Forecast: Lance Stephenson

June 3, 2014 Scott Allen With the Pacers out of the playoffs, talk has turned to where Lance Stephenson will play next season and how much a team is willing to pay for his production (and potentially his on-the-court antics). We've forecasted what Stephenson could potentially see as his next deal. You might be surprised by the findings...

Projected NBA 2014 Round 1 Draft Pick Contracts

May 21, 2014 Scott Allen With a 1.7% the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves with the #1 overall pick in the 2014 draft and multiple teams have two or three picks in the first round alone. A look into what first round picks could sign for and how much each team could expect to spend on this years rookies over the next two years.

Week 14 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

February 7, 2014 Scott Allen Our latest edition of NBA Total Team Value Rankings has the Thunder slowly moving up the rankings while the Sixers and Lakers are back in the top 3, and the Knicks are back towards the bottom with high paid, low performing players back in the line up.

Week 13 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

January 31, 2014 Scott Allen Our latest edition of NBA Total Team Value Rankings has the Phoenix Suns remaining #1 while the Denver Nuggets have jumped into 2nd, and the Knicks find themselves in the upper half of the rankings.

Contract Forecast: Rajon Rondo

January 26, 2014 Scott Allen With the recent negotiation rumors between the Boston Celtics and Rajon Rondo, we decided to take a look at what Rondo could be worth after next season. How does he compare to other point guards and is he worth a maximum extension?

Week 12 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

January 24, 2014 Scott Allen Our latest edition of NBA Total Team Value Rankings has the Phoenix Suns still at the top and the San Antonio Spurs find themselves rising to #2. The Toronto Raptors have also cracked the top 10.

Week 11 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

January 18, 2014 Scott Allen Our latest edition of NBA Total Team Value Rankings has the Magic in the top 5 and the Pelicans cracking the top 10, while Miami and Minnesota finds themselves falling to towards the bottom of the rankings.

Week 9 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

January 3, 2014 Scott Allen Phoenix finds themselves still at the top as the Bobcats and Cavaliers rose substantially. While the Nets, Knicks and Bulls remain at the bottom proving their are truly being overpaid for their performance.

Week 8 NBA Value Power Rankings

December 26, 2013 Scott Allen The Suns find themselves on top in Week 8, while the Trail Blazers had a bounce-back week and the Pacers find themselves at the bottom. This and more...

Week 7 NBA Value Power Rankings

December 20, 2013 Scott Allen The injured Los Angeles Lakers fell from the top in Week 7, making room for the Philadelphia 76ers. While the Portland Trailblazers (22-5) find themselves the worst value team in the NBA. This and more in our latest rankings.

Week 6 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

December 13, 2013 Scott Allen The Lakers find themselves at the top of our Week 6 Value Power Rankings. Also, the Rockets and Heat continue to produce above their respective pay, while the Clippers and Bulls remain towards the bottom.

Week 4 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

November 27, 2013 Scott Allen With the continued dominance of the Pacers, Spurs and Trail Blazers, are they playing to their current team value? Also, there is a new team atop of the rankings. Who do you think it is?


July 24, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Some NBA teams are now under the constraints of a hard cap for the 2013-2014 season. See who and why this has happened.

2013 NBA Draft Projected Contracts

July 1, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With the 2013 NBA Draft in the books, the team's focus turns to offseason signings, including their new drafted rookies. The following report projects the total compensation for each of the NBA's 2013 1st Round Picks, and breaks down a few facts surrounding them.

Is Dwight Rocket-Gazing?

June 3, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Much of the buzz surrounding Dwight Howard and free agency leads him to the Houston Rockets in 2013-14. We've broken down a year by year assessment of what the new deal should look like, and its impact to the Rockets financially.

Rose from the Ashes

December 14, 2012 Michael Ginnitti A year after extending Derrick Rose to a max-deal, the Bulls remain without their star point guard. We analyze how they've faired without their star, and how to handle his return.

NBA: NoBody Available

October 30, 2012 Michael Ginnitti The 2012-13 NBA season kicks off tonight, but plenty of the league's superstars won't be available. Spotrac lists the high-profile injuries affecting teams early on.

NBA 2012 Financial Outlook

October 22, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Our premium team breaks down NBA teams by division by looking at the cap total of the top 10 paid players from each team.

The Linsane Value of NBA Point Guards

July 16, 2012 Michael Ginnitti With a $25 million offer on the table for Jeremy Lin, Spotrac analyzes the value of signing a point guard this offseason, and why the numbers for Lin are just fine.