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Offseason Outlook: 1st Basemen

Offseason Outlook: 1st Basemen
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The second piece in our series takes a snapshot breakdown of First Basemen, noting the Top Paid players, Notable Free Agents, Arbitration-Eligible Players, and more. Track the vast array of signings, trades, and other moves with our MLB Transactions Wire.

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1st Basemen

Top 2016 Salaries

All 5 of of the top salaried first basemen are north of 32 years old, and are reeling in $20M+ in 2016.

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Player Team Age salary
Miguel Cabrera DET 32 $28,000,000
Ryan Howard PHI 35 $25,000,000
Albert Pujols LAA 35 $25,000,000
Joe Mauer MIN 32 $23,000,000
Mark Teixeira NYY 35 $22,500,000

Most Contract $ Remaining

The numbers are tremendous here, with 5 players owed a whopping $812 million in guaranteed money to close our their contracts.

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Player Team Age salary
Miguel Cabrera  DET 32 $248,000,000
Joey Votto  CIN 32 $212,000,000
Albert Pujols  LAA 35 $165,000,000
Freddie Freeman ATL 26 $118,500,000
Joe Mauer MIN 32 $69,000,000

Notable Free Agents

It's a bit of a thin market, as teams generally lock up their first basemen - to the tune of massive contracts.

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Player Team Age Market Value
Chris Davis BAL 29 $15,139,698
Justin Morneau COL 34 $13,045,805
Steven Pearce BAL 32  
Mike Napoli TEX 34  

Notable Arbitration-Eligibles

It's likely all of these players settle in on a price near these figures should they avoid, but long-term extensions for Duda and Belt aren't out of the question.

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Player Team Age Proj. Value
Pedro Alvarez PIT 28 $8,100,000
Brandon Moss STL 32 $7,900,000
Lucas Duda NYM 29 $6,800,000
Brandon Belt SF 27 $6,100,000