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Contract Forecast: Brian McCann

October 24, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Brian McCann might be as surprised as the rest of us to hear the reports swirling about a new deal that could reach $100 million this offseason. We'll run him through our prediction formula to assess just where his true value might look like in terms of a contract forecase.

Contract Forecast: Josh Freeman

September 18, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Josh Freeman was one of the "players to watch" heading into the final year of his 5 year $26 million contract. But the wheels are falling off quickly in Tampa Bay and their quarterback finds himself at the root of the problem. We'll forecast the contract that might never be for Freeman going forward:

Contract Forecast: Morgan Burnett

July 11, 2013 Michael Ginnitti He's not a household name when it comes to major defensive players in the league - but Packers safety Morgan Burnett has quietly and productively outplayed his rookie contract. Our premium team forecasts an extension for the defensive back.

Evgeni Malkin's Next Contract

June 6, 2013 Michael Ginnitti A deep run into the 2012-13 postseason, & 12 more years of Sidney Crosby may only be the tip of the iceberg in Pittsburgh, with 4 major contracts set to expire in the next 12 months. We forecast a new deal for Malkin, and its impact on the Penguins.

Contract Forecast: Eric Decker

May 31, 2013 Michael Ginnitti A big 2012 and an expiring contract in 2013 makes Eric Decker a question mark with a growing price tag. Will the breakout WR end up too expensive to keep long-term on a talented Broncos roster? Our forecast indicates he might:

Contract Forecast: Reshad Jones

May 24, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Dolphins made major splashes both in free agency and in the draft this offseason, but their next order of business should be locking in their safety Reshad Jones long-term. We predict the numbers here.

Legend Forecast: Ken Griffey Jr.

May 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Our first installment of "Legend Forecast" brings us to Ken Griffey Jr. who signed a 9 yr/$112.5M contract with the Reds in 2000. We compare him leading up to that deal with the currently active top-paid/top-producing outfielders to forecast what might have been.

Contract Forecast: Justin Smith

May 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti He may be nearly 34 years old, but San Francisco 49ers defensive end Justin Smith is still producing at a high-level. His 6 year $45 million deal is set to expire after the 2013 season, and our premium team predicts what may be next financially for the 13-year veteran.

A Long-Term Deal for Emmanuel Sanders

May 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Fresh off a $2.5 million restricted offer-sheet battle this free agent season, Emmanuel Sanders may be the next receiver to cash in on a long-term extension. We'll see how he stacks up with other mid-level receivers who recently signed.

Contract Forecast: Geno Atkins

May 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti One of the major components in the Cincinnati Bengals climb to winning form has been the under-the-radar performance of DT Geno Atkins. Entering a contract year in 2013, we'll compare him statistically and financially to forecast a potential extension.

The Next Victor Cruz Contract, v2.0

May 15, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Victor Cruz contract saga continues to drag on - now apparently 3-4M per year apart in talks. We re-evaluate our forecast to include updated variables, and 2012 statistics to determine just how much he's worth.

Contract Forecast: Robinson Cano

May 10, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The costly-injured NY Yankees have yet another major obstacle slowing creeping there way, as their All-Star 2nd Baseman Robinson Cano's contract is set to expire after the 2013 season. Our premium team takes a new approach to forecast a value for his new deal.

Contract Forecast: Clayton Kershaw

May 9, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With recent deals to the likes of Verlander, Hamels, and King Felix, the next in line for a major contract is likely Dodgers young ace Clayton Kershaw. Our premium team predicts the terms for his new, possibly historic, deal.

Contract Forecast: Jairus Byrd

May 6, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The likely next order of business in Buffalo surrounds the extension of young and talented safety Jairus Byrd, who is set to enter 2013 on a $6.9M franchise tag. Our premium team projects a new deal for Byrd.

Contract Forecast: Darrelle Revis

April 21, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Jets are on the verge of sending CB Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers - a move that is rumored to bring with it a $14M+ average annual new contract. Our premium team forecasts if this number holds up when breaking down his numbers.

Contract Forecast: Jimmy Graham

April 18, 2013 Michael Ginnitti He's become one of the most dominate tight ends in football, but the Saints Jimmy Graham wants to be paid like a wide receiver. Our premium team unlocks just how much he's worth.

Contract Forecast: Dez Bryant

April 16, 2013 Michael Ginnitti His QB is newly extended, and the offensive weapons around him are on the decline. Offering Dez Bryant a long-term extension prior to a potential huge 2013 seems financially smart. Our Prediction for the new deal:

Contract Forecast: Hakeem Nicks

April 16, 2013 Michael Ginnitti While much of the Giants talk focuses on the long-term status of Victor Cruz, the other receiver in town also has a contract expiring after 2013. Spotrac Premium forecasts the next contract for Hakeem Nicks.

Contract Forecast: Matt Ryan

April 8, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With extension to Joe Flacco & Tony Romo under wraps and a monster-deal for Aaron Rodgers on the way, Matt Ryan appears poised to be next in line for a big pay day with the Falcons.

Contract Forecast: Aaron Rodgers

March 28, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With the recent long-term signing of QB Joe Flacco, the Packers appear set to extend their franchise QB. Our premium team compares & predicts the financials:

Contract Prediction: Mike Wallace v2.0

March 11, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With the recent signing of Dwayne Bowe, and the eerily quiet Greg Jennings camp, Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace has quickly become the top focus for the March 12th free agent period set to begin.

Future Contract Prediction: Percy Harvin

February 13, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Recent reports stating that Percy Harvin has demanded a trade or maximum extension (i.e. Calvin Johnson) in Minnesota. Our NFL team puts Harvin through the test to assess his true value, and formulate a reasonable prediction for the talented WR.

Contract Prediction: Julio Jones

January 20, 2013 Michael Ginnitti As the Falcons continue their Super Bowl run in 2012, they're seeing the makings of a star form in WR Julio Jones. Our NFL team predicts the extension waiting in his wings.

The Victor Cruz Pay Day

October 25, 2012 Michael Ginnitti As the explosive Giants wide receiver nears the end of his rookie contract, our NFL experts analyze his performance over the last 18 months, and formulate a prediction for his new deal.

Contract Prediction: Mike Wallace

July 28, 2012 Michael Ginnitti To no surprise, Steelers' WR Mike Wallace is holding out for a long term extension. Spotrac analyzes if Wallace has a reason to complain, and formulates an official prediction for the new deal.

Contract Prediction: Joe Flacco

July 19, 2012 Michael Ginnitti With the recent long-term signing of running back Ray Rice, the next logical order of business should be to lock up their franchise quarterback Joe Flacco to an extension. Here's our official prediction.

The Contract Welker Should Have Signed

July 17, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Spotrac analyzes the production of Wes Welker and compares him to receivers of his class to produce an official prediction for the contract that never happened.

Predicting the Ray Rice Contract

July 13, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Ray Rice has become one of the most explosive offensive threats in the NFL. Currently under the franchise tag with the Ravens, Spotrac analyzes his next potential long-term deal.

Predicting the Matt Forte Contract

June 12, 2012 Michael Ginnitti NFL running backs have been the focus of 2012 offseason signings. With Matt Forte franchised, Spotrac predicts his potential long-term contract.

Contract Forecast: Josh Hamilton

June 2, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Spotrac analyzes the career statistics, most current statistics, market values, and recent comparable contract signings to compile our prediction for Josh Hamilton's upcoming contract.