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A Way Too Early NBA Free Agent Assessment

November 16, 2021 Keith Smith This summer NBA teams spent a lot of money to re-sign their own free agents and to get a handful of players to change teams. A month into the 2021-22 season, it’s time to check in on how some of this summer’s big signings are working out.

Potential NBA Veteran Extensions

October 22, 2021 Keith Smith Now that the Rookie Scale extension deadline has passed, the focus can turn back on a few veterans who may be inline for add-on contracts. Keith Smith details them here.

NBA Final Roster Spot Analysis

October 11, 2021 Keith Smith Keith Smith plays NBA GM, assessing the final roster spots for each team, including financial impact, and his thoughts on how opening day rosters may look.

The 2021 NBA Offseason Financial Report

October 5, 2021 Scott Allen As the regular season nears, we take a look back at the offseason that was, diving into top spenders, tax statuses, notable free agent signings, trades, and extensions for each 2021-22 NBA team.

Projecting the Top 2022 MLB Free Agents

September 21, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Our annual MLB free agent piece breaks down notable players from each position group, highlighting their expected path toward the open market, a calculated valuation, and a likely projection for their next contract.

NFL Team Cash Spending Since 2016

August 27, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Rankings NFL team cash spending over the past 5 seasons, breaking down Nerlens Noel's lawsuit against former agency Klutch, & the All-Dead Cap NFL roster.

The 2021 NFL All-Dead Team

August 27, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Any given NFL offseason comes with plenty of roster moves, & with most come dead cap hits. We've located the top dead cap hit at each position, formulating the 2021 All Dead Hit Roster

NBA Free Agency: 5 Lists of 5

August 17, 2021 Keith Smith The NBA feels as wide-open as it has in quite some time, and that should make for an interesting season. As a means of reviewing the action that happened, and some questions yet to be answered, we present 5 answers to 5 NBA offseason questions.

Projected 2021 NFL Best Value Roster

August 16, 2021 Michael Ginnitti As week 1 nears, and offseason contracts are finalized, our look at a potential Best Value team for the upcoming 2021 NFL season. For each position group, we’ll select one player on a veteran contract, and one player on a rookie contract.

2021 NFL Quarterback Contract Tiers

August 9, 2021 Michael Ginnitti A look at where the projected starting quarterbacks for the 2021 season fall in terms of their current contract status, from "Locked in" to "On their way" to "Who Knows?"

The 2021 NBA Free Agency Guide

July 22, 2021 Scott Allen & Michael Ginnitti With the Bucks now officially crowned champs, our NBA focus turns to the offseason, including upcoming deadlines, option decisions, team cap space, and notable free agents.

NFL Training Camp Roster Bubbles

July 19, 2021 Michael Ginnitti As we head into training camp week for a few NFL teams, we’ll identify one player from each organization who could be entering the end of July on their roster bubble.

Balanced Bridge Funding

July 15, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Balanced Bridge Funding has been providing cost-friendly, capital solutions to professional athletes - since 2015. Learn more about solutions for currently signed athletes, or free agents on the market today.

2021-22 NHL Financial Offseason Previews

July 8, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Breaking down the upcoming offseason for each 2021-22 NHL team, including cap space figures, free agents, draft pick scenarios, thoughts on potential trades, & plenty more.

Aaron Rodgers & the Green Bay Packers

July 8, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Money is the answer to all problems? If so, then a restructured contract could bring Aaron Rodgers back to the Green Bay Packers this summer. What that might look like...

Offseason Highlight from Each NFL Team

June 28, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Just a month away from NFL Training Camp, we'll take a look back at the damage that's been done this past offseason highlighting one notable move from each franchise thus far.

The Kemba Walker Trade: Financially

June 22, 2021 Keith Smith The recent trade between the Boston Celtics and Oklahoma City Thunder seems to have been the rare trade where neither side was overly motivated by basketball reasons. Yes, Al Horford and Kemba Walker both still have some good ball left in them, but this trade was about contracts, flexibility and asset management.

2021 NBA Offseason Financial Previews

June 15, 2021 Keith Smith Keith Smith breaks down the upcoming offseason for each 2021-22 NBA team, including cap space figures, free agents, draft pick scenarios, & thoughts on potential trades, exceptions, & plenty more.

MLB Trade Deadline Candidates

June 9, 2021 Michael Ginnitti WIth the MLB Trade Deadline just 50 days out, it's officially time to start considering which teams are Buyers, Sellers, or Standers for the 2021 season. Our first look at a comprehensive list of potential trade candidates, including their salary at the deadline, & pending free agency status.

Projecting NFL Contract Extension Candidates

May 25, 2021 Michael Ginnitti With the draft now behind us, many teams will turn to taking care of their own both for cap lowering purposes & keeping their core intact. We'll take a look at notable NFL contract extension candidates, including projections for each.

All-NBA Financial Ramifications

May 4, 2021 Michael Ginnitti With the NBA regular season winding down, some of the focus can turn to potential All-NBA selections, as some will come with significant potential or actual pay raises for notable players.

2021 NFL Draft Tracker

April 29, 2021 Michael Ginnitti The 2021 NFL Draft is upon us. Track every pick, including projected 4-year contracts, signing bonuses, & 2021 cap implications for each here.

Projecting Josh Allen's Contract Extension

March 29, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Following a superb 2020 campaign, Bills QB Josh Allen is now extension-eligible for the first time in his career, and Buffalo appears poised to lock him in sooner rather than later. We'll take a look at a potential contract extension for the 24 year old.

NFL Offseason Tracker

March 15, 2021 Michael Ginnitti The NFL's negotiation window opens March 15th, followed by official free agent signings & trades on March 17th. We'll track all of the moves here, with more detailed financial links available below.

NBA Trade Deadline Primer

March 8, 2021 Keith Smith A deep dive from Keith Smith into each NBA roster as the trade deadline approaches, categorizing the availability of all notable players, those who appear to be off limits, & plenty more.

Projecting & Predicting the Top NFL Free Agents

February 17, 2021 Michael Ginnitti We're just a month away from the official start of the 2021 league year and free agency season, so we'll take a moment to highlight some of the more notable names who could be hitting the open market, including projected contracts, thoughts, & a "Best Guess" for each.

Understanding NFL Dead Cap

February 15, 2021 Michael Ginnitti One of the more important, albeit confusing buzz terms this time of year is "dead cap", or, the amount of salary cap that would remain with a team should a player be released, traded, or retires. Here's a basic understanding of the various scenarios in which dead cap is calculated with an NFL contract.

NFL Franchise Tag Candidates

February 9, 2021 Michael Ginnitti With the NFL offseason officially here, we'll take a look at the first order of business, identifying notable players who may be in line for a franchise tag in the coming weeks.

The Comprehensive QB Carousel Guide

February 4, 2021 Michael Ginnitti A complete dive into the contract situations for each notable QB rumored to be on the move, including specific financial ramifications to release, or trade each before and after specific trigger dates, or pre and post June 1st. Each breakdown also includes the total contract, practical guarantees, and individual cap hits that would transfer to a new team via trade.

The Financial Implications for Deshaun Watson

February 4, 2021 Michael Ginnitti The Deshaun Watson “saga” may not be going away anytime soon, as the new Houston Texans front office has been adamant in their stance to not trade the 25 year old QB this offseason, despite his public request. We’ll take a quick look at what this showdown could mean for Watson financially.

2021 QB Carousel Contest

January 28, 2021 Michael Ginnitti The 2021 offseason could see unprecedented movement at the QB position. Take a stab at predicting where each of the following players will end up next season with this free pick 'em contest.

Super Bowl LV, Financially

January 27, 2021 Michael Ginnitti The Chiefs & the Buccaneers pose a compelling matchup for the upcoming Super Bowl. We'll take a dive into how the two teams were built financially, in terms of cap, positional spending, top earners, notable free agents, & future outlooks.

The Aaron Rodgers Conundrum

January 25, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Another NFC Championship defeat and a seemingly calculated quote leaves the immediate future of QB Aaron Rodgers & the Packers in question (we think). We’ll strip away all outside factors here and simply breakdown what his current contract says in terms of a trade or retirement this offseason.

Offseason Outlook: NFL Final Four

January 25, 2021 Michael Ginnitti Our NFL offseason outlook series begins with a dive into the final four teams, including current cap space, notable free agents, & extension candidates for the Bills, Packers, Chiefs, & Bucs.

NFL Offseason Trade Candidates

January 5, 2021 Michael Ginnitti A look at notable NFL players who could be traded this offseason, including the total dead cap to remain with their current team, & the remaining contract to be acquired by the new one.

2021 NFL Roster Bubbles

December 29, 2020 Michael Ginnitti An early 2021 Roster Bubble identifying players who are trending toward retirement, a trade, or an outright release for purposes of age, production, or (more than ever) a salary cap casualty. We'll continue to update this piece as reports emerge.

2020-21 NBA Financial Preview

December 19, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Just 9 weeks removed from the Lakers hoisting the trophy, the NBA is back. The quick offseason didn't deter teams from spending big, extending their own, and of course - trading superstars. We'll break down many of those figures here in our 2020-21 NBA Financial Preview.

Potential NFL Contract Extension Candidates

December 10, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Now in the final homestretch of the 2020 regular season, our focus begins to turn toward future roster construction, starting here with a notable potential contract extension candidates from each organization.

The Potential Quarterback Carousel

December 2, 2020 Michael Ginnitti With a 2021 salary cap sure to drop, more teams than usual will need to adjust their finances accordingly in order to stay afloat. We'll take an early look at which quarterbacks are heading into a situation where some level of question surrounding their immediate future exists, be it contractual, roster management, or the direction of a team in general.

NBA Draft Recap Storylines

November 19, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Philadelphia's big moves led the evening, while Detroit made a few surprise moves of their own. The Warriors made their pick, but more trouble looms, while the Celtics have bigger considerations on their plate post-draft.

Track the 2020 NBA Draft

November 18, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Track all of the selections of this year's NBA draft, including projected contracts, 2020-21 cap figures, & plenty more.

MLB Trade Candidates

November 10, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Just a week away from owners meetings, and a month away from winter meetings, MLB's trade rumor mill should start to pick up steam quickly. Here's a look at 20 notable candidates, including potential suitors, & financial ramifications.

Notable NFL Trade Candidates

October 25, 2020 Michael Ginnitti As the November 3rd trade deadline approaches, a look at 20 players rumored to be on the block, including the financial ramifications to move each.

A World Series of Two Payrolls

October 20, 2020 Michael Ginnitti The 2020 World Series brings us a tale of two stories, with the high-priced Los Angeles Dodgers up against a true moneyball franchise in the Tampa Bay Rays. We'll take a closer look at the facts & figures of each heading toward Game 1.

NHL Free Agency

October 12, 2020 Michael Ginnitti The NHL offseason has brought us 100 signings, a dozen trades, & a new draft class all in a matter of days. We're tracking all the movement and numbers here.

MLB Extension Candidates

September 30, 2020 Michael Ginnitti The upcoming MLB offseason brings plenty of unknown, especially financially speaking. But that hasn't slowed players in other leagues from locking in long-term extensions. Will that also be the case in baseball?

Contract Comparison: Ramsey vs. White

September 14, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Just hours have the Buffalo Bills made Tre'Davious White the highest paid CB in league history, Jalen Ramsey asked us to hold his beer. Our look at the specific structure, details, and metrics of both these contracts, how they rank, & what it means for future deals going forward.

NFL Kickoff Preview

September 10, 2020 Michael Ginnitti The Draft Network's Paige Dimakos discusses a wild offseason, the state of the business, & what to expect from the NFL in 2020-21. Plus, Super Bowl, division, MVP, ROY picks. And, the odds are stacked against Dak Prescott for his next contract - what does he need to do?

2020 MLB Trade Deadline Financials

September 1, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Despite the extremely unique circumstances, the 2020 MLB Trade Deadline surprised many with a flurry of late activity, and a few notable names switching teams. We take a quick look at how much teams acquired, sent, & saved in the process.

2019-20 NBA Playoff Financials

August 19, 2020 Michael Ginnitti A look at how the 16 NBA postseason teams allocated their money this year, and what their future looks like, including practical cap space, notable free agents, and players with options for 2021.

Breaking Down the Patrick Mahomes Contract

July 13, 2020 Michael Ginnitti We now know what a contract upwards of $500M in the NFL looks like, but what does it mean for Patrick Mahomes & the future of NFL money? Mike Ginnitti breaks down the deal in its entirety, including what is now to come for Dak Prescott, DeShaun Watson, Lamar Jackson, etc...

An NFL Offseason Full of Storylines

June 29, 2020 Michael Ginnitti In a year that many would like to forget, the NFL has pushed ahead, seemingly business as usual, providing an offseason full of storylines, thanks to a number of high profile trades, big money extensions, & a carousel of QB movement. We've identified the biggest moves for each teams thus far.

Where the Highest Paid NFL Players Were Drafted

June 19, 2020 Michael Ginnitti We talk often about which NFL players are paid the most within their respective position group, but we don't mention regularly where they started from to get there. Does it matter? Our look into the draft statuses for where the top paid players at each positon group came from.


June 10, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Track all 160 selections of this year's very much truncated MLB Draft, led by the Detroit Tigers & Baltimore Orioles.

NFL Contract Extension Candidates

May 27, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Breaking down one player from each franchise who could be staring down a new contract in the coming weeks or months, including their current status, calculated market value, & more.

2021 5th-Year Option Decisions

May 3, 2020 Michael Ginnitti The deadline to decide on 5th year options for all 2017 first round picks is May 4th. We're tracking the values & decisions here.

2020 NFL Draft Contract Tracker

April 23, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Keep up with every 2020 NFL Draft pick as they're made, including projected contracts, signing bonuses, & first year cap hit breakdowns for each.

30 Years of #1 Overall Draft Picks, Financially

April 22, 2020 Michael Ginnitti A deep dive into 30 years of #1 Overall NFL draft picks, from Jeff George to Kyler Murray, including financial figures, career lifespans, evolutions to the league, positional & college breakdowns, & plenty more .

Best & Worst Contracts by Length

April 7, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Our thoughts on which active contracts from the four major American sports (NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB) are the best and worst based on their length.

10 Hot NFL Takes That Will Never Happen

April 2, 2020 Michael Ginnitti With the NFL hot stove still simmering on the heels of an action packed March, we'll take a fun stab at predicting 10 Hot Take moves that are certain not to happen, but still make a little bit of sense.

LISTEN: Careers Earned: Alex Rodriguez

April 1, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Our Careers Earned series kicks off with the highest earning player in major American sports. Alex Rodriguez reeled in $455M as a member of the Mariners, Rangers, & Yankees. Our financial career spotlight takes you through each contract, trade, success, & of course suspension throughout his journey. 

Breaking Down Ryan Tannehill's Extension

March 26, 2020 Michael Ginnitti The Titans let Jack Conklin walk to the Browns, & slapped a franchise tag on Derrick Henry, but they didn't mess around with their newfound quarterback, locking him in to a 4 year $118M contract. We break down numbers, rankings, & thoughts surrounding the new deal.

2020 NFL Free Agency Tracker

March 19, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Keep up with all of the latest signings across the NFL, including full breakdowns, team by team spending, positional spending, & more.

50 Top NFL Free Agents

March 9, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Our #NFL Free Agent Tracker now offers an Analysis view that details 50 of the more prominent players (loosely ranked) who are set to hit the open market this March, including quick audio hits for each discussing value & more.

LISTEN: The Looming Death of QB Contracts, & NFL Roster Cuts

February 27, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Mike Ginnitti discusses which NFL teams are hoping & praying for a ratified CBA heading toward March. Plus, are we nearing a point where QB contracts just won't be worth it? And, the Rams don't have many financial outs, but Todd Gurley may be one of them.

LISTEN: NFL CBA Breakdown, & Tag Predictions

February 25, 2020 Michael Ginnitti A close look at the financial details surrounding the CBA proposed by the NFL owners, including our thoughts on what looks good, & what needs to be better. Plus, tag candidates across the league ahead of the Thursday window. And who are David Ayres & Mason Saunders?

LISTEN: NBA Buyouts, Fallouts, & Futures

February 20, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Scott Allen joins the show to help us understand the process of buying a player out in the NBA, which players may be on the block, & which contenders stand to benefit from it. Plus, future odds for the East, West, Finals, & MVP race.

LISTEN: Trade Stafford, Cut Everyone, & Boo the Astros

February 13, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Mike Ginnitti outlines why Matthew Stafford WILL be in Detroit in 2020, even if Tua Tagovailoa joins him. Plus, notable cap casualties potentially coming in the NFL. And, the Astros cheated better than all the other teams and won a World Series.

LISTEN: Zion Futures & NFL CBA Restrictions in 2020

January 23, 2020 Michael Ginnitti Mike Ginnitti breaks down what will be a very different NFL offseason thanks to the expiring CBA, including dead cap changes, contract structure restrictions & more. Plus, Scott Allen joins to break down a way too early look at the financial future of Zion Williamson.

2020 MLB Arbitration Financials

January 11, 2020 Michael Ginnitti A look at how MLB teams spent their money agreeing to arbitration eligible players ahead of the deadline, plus ask & offer prices for the 19 players who filed for hearings.

2020 NFL Tag Candidates

January 1, 2020 Michael Ginnitti A look at a few prospective NFL free agents who are trending toward a franchise or transition tag this coming February, including the projected costs for each.

Trade Eligible NBA Players

December 13, 2019 Michael Ginnitti A look at the NBA players that become trade-eligible on Sunday December 15th. These players were recently restricted from trade due to signing free agent contracts elsewhere this past July.

A Decade Financial Review of MLB

December 9, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Cousin Dan joins the show for a look back at contract busts, booms, trades, top earners, top spenders, & general thoughts about the decade that was in MLB. Plus, Stephen Strasburg is back with the Nationals to the tune of $245M.

Notable Numbers, the NFL in 2020, & Wheeler in Philly

December 5, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Just how much are kickers been kicked to the curb? How impactful have backup QBs been? What's wrong with Tom Brady? Plus. 2020 is a very important year for NFL contracts & dead cap. And, Zack Wheeler gets MLB Free Agency off the ground.

Contract Projections for Notable MLB Free Agents

November 6, 2019 Michael Ginnitti This year's crop of MLB free agents is dominated by starting pitchers, a good sign for those of you who like to see big dollars thrown around. Here's a look at 8 of the more notable players, including a sure to be wrong prediction on where he may end up soon, and for how much.

10 Really Tough MLB Contracts in 2020

October 13, 2019 Michael Ginnitti For most MLB teams the focus has flipped to 2020, so we'll do the same with a look at 10 contracts that aren't exactly ideal for their respective teams. For most age and/or injuries have hampered productivity, while others (Chris Davis, Wil Myers) simply can't seem to find their previous greatness.

The Financial Future of Patrick Mahomes

October 11, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Ringer NFL guru Danny Heifetz joins Mike Ginnitti for an in-depth discussion on the financial future of Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs, & NFL contracts in general.

Where NFL Starters Were Drafted

September 11, 2019 Michael Ginnitti A positional, percentage based look at the how the current NFL starting lineups came into the league, broken out by draft round.

2019 NFL Positional Cap Spending

September 8, 2019 Michael Ginnitti As per usual, we kickoff the NFL season with a snapshot look at how each NFL team is allocated their salary cap money positionally, including a few notable thoughts going forward.

2019-20 NFL Contractual QB Tiers

August 19, 2019 Michael Ginnitti As the 2019 regular season nears, we break out each of the 32 projected starting quarterbacks into "contractual tiers" ranging from Ineligible for an Extension all the way to "Locked In".

10 NFL Summer Extension Candidates

August 11, 2019 Michael Ginnitti With training camp just two weeks away, the focus for many teams will be locking down notable players to a contract extension prior to the start of the upcoming season. We've identified 10 players who fall in this category, including projections for each potential deal.

MLB Trade Deadline Candidates

July 29, 2019 Michael Ginnitti With the 2019 MLB Trade Deadline less than 48 hours away, we'll take a look at a few names who remain on the hot stove, including the money remaining on their 2019 salary, and the stability & status of their current contract.

Trade Destinations & Packages for Russell Westbrook

July 9, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Paul George's exit out of OKC likely expedited a rebuild that the Thunder had been anticipating - just a few months earlier than expected. Next up most likely comes the departure of Russell Westbrook. We've broken down a few potential trade scenarios that work both financially, & from a basketball standpoint.

NFL Summer Roster Bubbles

June 27, 2019 Michael Ginnitti While the NFL is on its summer break, we've identified 140 players who may be heading into training camp on their respective team's roster bubble, including the financial ramifications to trade or release each in the coming weeks.

Contracts & Destinations for Notable NBA Free Agents

June 21, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Now that the draft has come and gone, the immediate focus for the NBA offseason turns to free agency, where we find a juicy list of big names ready to be wooed accordingly. We'll take a look at some of the bigger names, how much they're expected to cash in for, where they might end up, and more.

NBA Max Contracts, Rookie Wages, & Free Agency

June 20, 2019 Michael Ginnitti The NBA offseason is now in full swing, so it's a perfect time to take a deep dive into the numbers that go along with maximum contracts, SuperMax deals, projected terms for notable free agent, and estimated numbers for the 2019 Draft Class.

Projected NBA Playoff Team Payouts

June 6, 2019 Michael Ginnitti With the NBA Playoffs winding down, we'll take a quick look at the projected payouts for each postseason team in 2018-19. Since the official playoff bonus pool figure hasn't been released yet, we'll base these numbers off of last year's amount, which came in at $20M.

2019 Offseason Finances: Atlanta Falcons

June 3, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Our next financial breakdown of the NFL offseason highlights the Falcons, who took a 7-9 nosedive in 2018, and spent March rebuilding their offensive line. We assess their cap, notable additions & subtractions, top earners, notable free agents, & fantasy rankings.

2019 Offseason Finances: Arizona Cardinals

May 29, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Our first financial breakdown of the NFL offseason highlights the Arizona Cardinals, who turned a 3-13 record in 2018 into a first round QB selection for the second straight season. We assess their cap, notable additions & subtractions, top earners, notable free agents, & fantasy rankings.

2019 NFL Draft & Projected Starters Facts & Figures

April 23, 2019 Michael Ginnitti With NFL draft week upon us, a look at a few facts and figure surrounding the various elements leading up to the next team-building phase of the offseason. We'll take a look at draft statuses, and average salaries for the projected 2019 starters by position. Estimate rookie contracts for various upcoming draft slots, and more.

Breaking Down Russell Wilson's Extension

April 21, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Deadlines spur actions. Russell Wilson's stance to gain an extension from the Seahawks resulted in a 4 year, $140 million new money contract that runs through 2023. We'll break down the numbers, the rankings, and our thoughts for how the deal looks going forward.

2019 NBA Playoff Teams, Financially

April 12, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Our look at the financial statuses for all sixteen 2018-19 NBA Playoff teams, including their current payrolls, starting 5 costs, upcoming draft picks, notable free agents, and more.

2019 Opening Day MLB Payrolls

March 28, 2019 Michael Ginnitti After another drawn out offseason that eventually saw north of $1.8B of free agent contracts signed, the 2019 MLB regular season is officially upon us. We'll take a quick look at each team's Opening Day payrolls from a full roster, 25-Man , & Luxury Tax standpoint to start the year.

2019 NFL Free Agency Guide

March 7, 2019 Michael Ginnitti With the 2019 NFL league year just one week away, we present our annual Free Agency Primer, highlighting notable players at each position set to hit the open market, including their their potential market value, and a few thoughts going forward.

24 Notable NFL Trade Candidates

February 28, 2019 Michael Ginnitti As the combine kicks off and the NFL conversation turns to free agency and the draft, trade talk is often pushed to back room. But NFL teams have been increasingly using the trade as a viable team-building piece over the past few seasons. We've identified 24 players who may be on the trade block heading toward March, including the cost to do so.

10 Notable 2019 NFL Franchise Tag Candidates

February 19, 2019 Michael Ginnitti As the franchise tag window officially opens, we take a quick look at ten players who are likely to be slapped with a tag, including the projected cost to do so, and their calculated market value for a long-term extension.

Financially Breaking Down the NBA Trade Deadline

February 7, 2019 Michael Ginnitti With the NBA trade deadline just hours away (3PM EST, February 7th), we'll begin to break down the numbers for each notable move, including current and future financial ramifications for all players & teams.

Tom Brady's Adjusted Career Earnings

January 31, 2019 Michael Ginnitti It's no secret that the best quarterback of our generation hasn't exactly been the highest paid player on an annual basis, but how much less has he really been accepting? We took a crack at adjusting each of Brady's contracts over the past 19 seasons to see how much more than $212M he could have earned.

Potential 2019 NFL Roster Bubbles

January 24, 2019 Michael Ginnitti The first edition of our annual NFL Roster Bubble list highlights 80+ players who are trending toward the possibility of becoming a cap casualty for their respective team in 2019. We've broken this list down by position, including specific financial ramifications to trade or release each player next offseason.

Trading Antonio Brown

January 10, 2019 Michael Ginnitti With reports from Steelers ownership today that Antonio Brown’s future with the Steelers is “unlikely”, we’ll do a deep dive into the scenarios financial ramifications for his potential trade out of Pittsburgh.

5 Potential NBA Trade Deadline Moves

January 4, 2019 Michael Ginnitti Our look at five potential NBA trades that may happen (but almost certainly never will) leading up to the February 7th trade deadline, including deals for the Pelicans, Lakers, Knicks, Bulls, and Mavericks - but not the ones you're likely thinking of.

Financially Assessing the 2018 NFL Playoff Teams

December 30, 2018 Michael Ginnitti With the NFL playoffs now upon us, we'll take a thorough look at the current and future finances of each postseason team, including how they're spending their dollars positionally, their 2019 cap space outlook, notable pending free agents, and a few players who may be on the bubble.

Monday Morning Financial Round Up

November 19, 2018 Michael Ginnitti This week's round up highlights the future financial outlook for Alex Smith fresh off of his unfortunate Week 11 injury, a look ahead to notable NBA free agents at each position, which NFL teams are cash-heavy into their defense, and is it worth it? And are the Mets trading one of their aces this winter?

Monday Morning Financial NBA Round Up

November 12, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Our Monday morning round up takes a look around the early NBA season, including what may come from tough starts in Houston & Washington, the future for LeBron's Lakers, and what the acquisition of Jimmy Butler means in Philly, now and later.

MLB Offseason Financial Preview: NL West

November 6, 2018 Michael Ginnitti We continue our MLB offseason financial series with the NL West, providing an outlook of each team's financial status, including 2019 payroll, notable free agents, option decision, arbitration-eligibilites, and contract extension and/or trade candidates as well.

Monday Morning Financial Round Up

November 5, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Our latest Monday Morning Financial Round Up dives into the many ramifications of Sam Bradford's release in Arizona, Clayton Kershaw's revised payday with the Dodgers, the Sacramento Kings & the Best Value NBA teams thus far, and of course, an obligatory Le'Veon Bell update.

Grading Notable 2018 NFL Free Agents by Team

November 2, 2018 Michael Ginnitti With the 2017 NFL regular season now nearly half complete, we'll take a look back at the free agent season that was. We've identified all notable free agent signings with contracts north of $1M from each team, assessing a "Value Level" for each based on $ vs. production. View the player and team grades...

Jimmy Butler's Next Contract & Trade Destinations

November 1, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Jimmy Butler's asked for a trade, he's skipped practice, he's held out of preseason, and now he's taking nights off here and there to protest his current situation in Minnesota (though he'll tell you he's just tired). We discuss the money Butler is about to make in 2019, and a few trade destinations & scenarios.

MLB Offseason Financial Preview: AL Central

October 30, 2018 Michael Ginnitti We begin our MLB offseason financial series with the AL Central, providing an outlook of each team's financial status, including 2019 payroll, notable free agents, players with options, arbitration-eligibilites, and contract extension and/or trade candidates as well.

Weekend Sports Round Up, Financially

October 29, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Our weekly Monday morning financial round up highlights the quick, apparent fall of Jameis Winston in Tampa, the return to prominence of Andrew Luck in Indy, a surprising start for the Seahawks, yet another championship in Boston, & one Maple Leafs player goes down, while another still isn't even signed yet.

Valuing 5 NFL Players Ready for A New Contract

October 28, 2018 Michael Ginnitti With the 2018 regular season nearly half way complete, we'll start to look ahead financially. We've identified 5 players who should be, or definitely will be, in need of a new contract in the coming months, assessing their value through the current season, and projecting the numbers going forward.

Financial Ramifications for 7 NFL Trade Candidates

October 23, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The rumor mills are full of NFL players who could be, should be, might be, or want to be moved as we approach the October 30 trade deadline. We've identified seven of those candidates, breaking down all of the numbers should they be moved now, or next offseason.

Week 7 NFL Financial Round Up

October 22, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The Jaguars have all but had it with QB Blake Bortles - our look at the financial cost to cut or trade him in the coming months. And, the Rams spent a lot of dollars to keep their own this summer, and they've been rewarded ever since. How the cash flows in LA, and who might be in need of a deal there next? Plus. 5 NFL soon to be free agents trending up through 7 weeks.

Week 6 NFL Financial Round Up

October 15, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Case Keenum trending down, Nathan Peterman's interceptions trending up, plus the Raiders appear poised to sell, the Patriots appear poised to win big, and the Cowboys might be something?

Week 4 NFL Financial Round Up

October 1, 2018 Michael Ginnitti A look at the financial ramifications for Earl Thomas (FS, SEA), & Tyler Eifert's (TE, CIN) apparent season injuries, and what Le'Veon Bell should be thinking in lei, plus it was a good weekend for kickers, but not so much for rookie quarterbacks (and a few Hall of Fame bound veterans as well).

Week 3 NFL Financial Round Up

September 24, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Our Week 3 NFL round up highlights the financial ramifications of Jimmy Garoppolo's injury, and a few possible trade & free agent replacements. Plus, Sam Bradford's benching is a lot more costly than you might initially think. Plus, Le'Veon Bell is on the trade block, and Earl Thomas wants to be. Our thoughts on both situations heading toward Week 4.

Financial Statuses for Notable Week 1 NFL Injuries

September 10, 2018 Michael Ginnitti While Week 1 of the NFL season still hasn't entirely wrapped yet, the injuries to notable players across the league are unfortunately piling up. We'll take a look at a few players who were banging up this weekend, including their financial statuses this year and going forward.

Aaron Rodgers: Deep Thoughts & Contract Facts

August 30, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Our thoughts about the goods, the bads, & the numbers surrounding Aaron Rodgers' historic extension with the Packers, including a reset of the NFL contract market, and its impact on a few QBs who are next in line to cash in.

Assessing the 2014 WR Draft Class Financially

August 28, 2018 Michael Ginnitti With Odell Beckham Jr. now locked in with the Giants for at least a few more years, it’s high time we take dive into what has become a truly remarkable WR draft class from 2014. We take a financial look at the 15 receivers drafted in the first three rounds, including production, earnings, & more.

Assessing Odell Beckham Jr.'s New Contract

August 27, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Odell Beckham Jr. put a much needed jolt into the NFL contract world when he penned a 5 year, $90 million new-money extension to remain with the New York Giants for the foreseeable future. We’ll take a quick look at the details that are known, assessing how everything ranks out across the board.

Breaking Down Quarterbacks for All 32 NFL Teams

August 25, 2018 Michael Ginnitti A deep dive into the most important position in football, as we assess guarantees, true values, potential outs, contract breakdowns, age & financial comparisons from 2017 to 2018, and our thoughts about the QB situation for all 32 NFL teams heading toward September. Keep scrolling...

The Top Fantasy Football Draft Picks, Contractually

August 22, 2018 Michael Ginnitti As many, if not most, fantasy football leagues head for their draft day, we'll take a quick look at the top available players at each position, making note of their actual contract status, their stability with their current team, and an upcoming free agent dates.

Spotrac's NFL Fantasy Contest

August 13, 2018 Michael Ginnitti NEW: Our 2018 #NFL Regular Season Fantasy Contest is now open. Create a free roster, selecting 1 player from each NFL team, while keeping your salary cap low, for a chance at $500 in cash prizes.

MLB Trade Deadline Financial Review

August 1, 2018 Michael Ginnitti MLB saw 50 trades posted in the month of July as teams became buyers and/or sellers leading up to yesterday's deadline. We take a look at the player movement from each team, including financial ramifications to their 2018 payroll.

6 of the Worst Active Contracts in MLB

July 19, 2018 Michael Ginnitti For many years now MLB contracts have come with lots of zeros, over many years, at a fully guaranteed rate. While things have normalized a bit in recent seasons, a few active contracts still stand out as busts. We assess a few...

Best Value MLB Teams & Players

July 16, 2018 Michael Ginnitti While the All-Star break isn't quite the halfway point of the regular season, it's always a good time to step back and assess production & value. We announce our current Best-Value Lineup using our True Value Statistic, as well as our Team Financial Power Rankings through mid-July.

Roster Bubble Candidates from Every NFL Team

July 15, 2018 Michael Ginnitti A quick look at a few players from each NFL team who are reportedly battling for a roster spot this summer, including the financial ramifications to trade or release him in the coming months.

Dollars & Sense: Diluted Veterans, Guaranteed Contracts, & Young QBs

July 13, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The NFL's rookie wage scale, now in its 8th year, was added to assure veterans got paid. Is it working? Plus, the push for more guaranteed dollars is real, where will it take us? And plenty of teams selected their next "franchise QB" at the top of recent drafts. Can they actually win the Super Bowl?

5 NFL Offseason Hot Takes

July 10, 2018 Michael Ginnitti With most draft picks now under contract, the NFL offseason shifts to roster bubbles, contract extensions, and even trade candidates as teams head toward training camp. We've identified a few hot takes that make sense before the 2018 season.

2018 MLB All-Star Rosters, Financially

July 9, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The 2018 edition of the MLB All-Star game features a mixed bag of youth and veteran talents. We’ll take a look at the total rosters, including their 2018 compensation, total career earnings to date, & free agent statuses.

Buy, Sell, Stand Trade Options for Every MLB Team

July 7, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The 2018 MLB trade deadline is less than four weeks away, and the hot stoves are burning with rumors. We assess whether each MLB team will be buyers or sellers, including potential player fits, and financial ramifications.

How Mike Trout's Contract Alters Bryce Harper & Manny Machado

June 25, 2018 Michael Ginnitti It's becoming clear that Angels' OF Mike Trout isn't just baseball's current best player, but arguably on track to be the GOAT. We take a deep-dive into Trout's pay vs. production, including its effect to the upcoming paydays for Bryce Harper & Manny Machado.

Assessing the Future of Jameis Winston

June 22, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The reported 3-game suspension for Jameis Winston to start the 2018 season adds more question to his long-term role with the Buccaneers organization. With a near $21M option-year looming in 2019, we discuss his career to date, and what might be in store for the 24-year-old going forward.

Keeping the Warriors Together

June 11, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Keeping a super-team together for a stretch of time is becoming increasingly impossible in sports. But the Golden State Warriors appear poised to be the closest thing to a dynasty this generation might ever see. We break down their upcoming financial scenarios.

Notable MLB Trade Candidates from Each Team

May 21, 2018 Michael Ginnitti We're still two-plus months away from the 2018 MLB trade deadline, but as rosters begin to settle in, and the standings begin to spread out a bit, we'll take a look at a player from each team who could be on the block.

Recent NFL Contracts by Percentages

May 10, 2018 Michael Ginnitti While big numbers are easily tossed around when a new NFL contract is announced, there are a few specific metrics that should become the most important figures to seek out. We assess recent signings based on League Cap Percentage & Percent Guaranteed at Signing, positionally.

Financial Futures for Five NBA Superstars

May 7, 2018 Michael Ginnitti As the NBA Postseason begins to near the finish line, the discussions for most will turn to the offseason, where a handful of elite players will be forced into decisions regarding their immediate futures. We take a look at the numbers & logical assumptions for Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Chris Paul, Paul George, & DeMarcus Cousins.

Breaking Down Matt Ryan's $150M Extension

May 4, 2018 Michael Ginnitti It wasn’t a matter of if, but when would Matt Ryan become the next-man-up as the NFL’s highest paid player, but boy did he come away from a contract. We break down the numbers, structure, and rankings.

NFL Pre-Draft Positional Cap Spending

April 23, 2018 Michael Ginnitti With free agency dwindling down and the draft just days away, we'll take a quick snapshot look at how each team is currently allocating cap dollars positionally, as well as notable draft needs, current projected cap space, and thoughts going forward for each.

10 NFL Contract Extension Candidates

April 16, 2018 Michael Ginnitti With the free agency buzz dwindling, we shift our attention to currently signed players who are in the market for a new contract with their respective teams, including calculated values, projections, and more.

Free Agent Winners, Losers, & the Guaranteed Truths

April 3, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Now that the dust has settled a bit, we take a snapshot look at the free agent frenzy that was, notably the upfront guarantees of contracts, the adjusted potential outs for major signings, & Winners, Losers thus far.

The Ultimate MLB Opening Day Financial Guide

March 27, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Spring is in the air (sort of), and with it comes baseball. We've broken out a thorough look at 2018 MLB team payrolls, opening day 25-Man rosters, positional spending, how they're built, how this year compares to last, offseason spending patterns and more.

NFL Trade Agreement Financials

March 9, 2018 Michael Ginnitti They can't become official until the new league year (March 14th), but the pending NFL offseason has already seen 10 trade agreements hit the airwaves. We take a look at the financial impact going in and out for all teams with trade agreements in place.

The Stability of Running Back Contracts

March 9, 2018 Michael Ginnitti As the game on the field changes, so too must the business side of football. Veteran running back contracts have become more prevalently tossed aside, making way for younger, cheaper depth. We took a look at just how unstable RB contracts have been since 2012.

Predicting QB Decisions for Every 2018 NFL Team

March 4, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The most important position in football will have plenty of movement in the coming weeks. We assess every team's current QB status, offering predictions for who to sign, draft, release, restructure, trade, in each case. 100% positive to be 100% wrong.

Potential NFL Trades Scenarios & Candidates

March 2, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Slowly but surely, trades have become a more popular process for NFL teams to improve, rebuild, or shed cap dollars both in-season, and at the start of the league year. We've identified a few teams & players who may be on the move this spring, including three specific scenarios.

NFL Dead Cap 101

February 27, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The season of roster cuts, restructures, trades, & even retirements brings up an important vice connected to NFL contracts - dead cap. We'll take a quick look at what it is, why it's important, and which players and teams have accounted for the most in recent years.

Notable 2018 Franchise Tag Candidates

February 19, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The window for NFL teams to begin applying franchise tags to current players opens on February 20th, lasting for two weeks. We’ll take a quick look at a few notable players who are likely destined for a tag, including the projected cost to do so. (actual franchise tag values won’t be known until the league solidifies the 2018 salary cap in a week or so.

100+ Potential 2018 NFL Cap Casualties

February 19, 2018 Michael Ginnitti We've identified players from each NFL team who may be trending toward the 2018 roster bubble, based on performance vs. compensation & dead cap structure. The list below shows the individual financial implications to trade or release each player based on various bonus dates some may have.

Offseason Cap Questions: Buffalo Bills

February 14, 2018 Michael Ginnitti An offseason look at a view Buffalo Bills with contractual question marks heading into 2018, and the cap ramifications should they retire, be traded, or be released in the coming weeks.

An Offseason Look at the New England Patriots

February 5, 2018 Michael Ginnitti As the NFL flips the switch to offseason mode, we take a look at the New England Patriots who have plenty of questions to answer this spring, including the status of a few key, aging players, contract considerations for pending free agents & extension candidates, and a few names who might be on the bubble in 2018.

Analyzing a Value & Top Destinations for Kirk Cousins

January 31, 2018 Michael Ginnitti Kirk Cousins will draw plenty of interest from plenty of teams on the open free agent market - some of which will need to make financial and roster space to acquire him. We’ll take a quick look at the top contenders, including their current financial situation, and any potential moves to be made.

A Financial Look at Super Bowl 52

January 29, 2018 Michael Ginnitti A unique look at a few different sides of the New England Patriots & Philadelphia Eagles, including a financial look at 'how they got here', 'how they're built', 'where they're going', top earners, notable free agents, extension candidates and more.

Market Values for 50 Notable NFL Free Agents

January 25, 2018 Michael Ginnitti With the NFL offseason officially around the corner, we break down 50 prospective & potential free agents at each position group, highlighting their previous salary, projected market value, and our thoughts going forward.

How the Final Four NFL Teams are Built Financially

January 19, 2018 Michael Ginnitti The 2017 NFL season is down to its final four teams, including a set of rosters put together very differently both in terms of scheme and pay. We'll take a look at how the spending breakdowns for these teams as it pertains to their projected starting lineups for championship week.

The Mother of all QB Offseasons

January 15, 2018 Michael Ginnitti For the first time in years, legitimate, experienced starting QBs will be hitting the open market. Toss in a few more on the cap casualty/trade block, and a half dozen more expected to go early in the draft, and the most important position in football may very well be oversaturated this spring. We take a look at who these quarterbacks are, what they're worth, and how the market might shape up.

Financially Assessing the 2017 NFL Playoff Teams

January 1, 2018 Michael Ginnitti A quick look at how each of the 12 NFL playoff teams have spent their cap dollars positionally, plus a look forward to 2018, including projected cap space, potential cut candidates, and notable free agents.

How Much Is Your QB Actually Worth?

December 20, 2017 Michael Ginnitti The last time a $100 million NFL contract actually amounted to $100 million was, never. We take a look at notable current multi-year QB contracts, assessing their actual value across 3 years, & their more likely total value.

Every NFL Team's Quarterback Financial Status for 2018

November 29, 2017 Michael Ginnitti As we head toward the finish line of the 2017 NFL regular season,12 teams appear to have question marks surrounding their quarterback position heading toward 2018. We'll take a close look at each team's QB status for 2018, including cap figures, dead cap scenarios, implications to trade or release players, and our thoughts going forward.

Calculating Tyrod Taylor's Market Value

November 27, 2017 Michael Ginnitti After a Week 11 benching, the Bills turned back to their efficient QB, who led them to a Week 12 victory in Kansas City. With an $18M cap figure in 2018, where does Taylor's financial future lie? We took a look...

NFL Contract Extension & Release Candidates

November 16, 2017 Michael Ginnitti With the 2017 NFL regular season now well past the half way point, we'll turn the page ahead to 2018, taking a look at players on each NFL team primed for a contract extension, or possibly headed toward a release next spring.

MLB Team by Team Offseason Previews

November 13, 2017 Michael Ginnitti Our MLB offseason preview takes a look at past and current payrolls, notable free agents, and possible contract extension & trade candidates from each of the 30 MLB teams heading toward the chaotic winter meetings.

Projecting Market Values for MLB's Top Free Agents

November 7, 2017 Michael Ginnitti Options have been decided upon, Qualifying Offers have been extended, and the MLB Free Agency is officially open for business. We take a look at the top players at each position, assessing their calculated & likely market values heading into the winter.

The Underpaid MLB 2017 Award Candidates

November 5, 2017 Michael Ginnitti With 2017 MLB awards set to be announced on Monday, we'll take a look at the reported top candidates for MVP, Cy Young, & Rookie of the Year in each league, noting their current and future financial compensation & rankings.

Value Grading Notable 2017 NFL Free Agents

October 26, 2017 Michael Ginnitti With the 2017 NFL regular season nearly half complete, we'll take a quick look back at notable free agent signings from each team, providing a Value Level for each based on $ vs. Production.

The 2017 World Series Rosters, Financially

October 23, 2017 Michael Ginnitti Tuesday will mark the start of a somewhat historic World Series matchup, as two 100+ win teams will battle for the championship. The Los Angeles Dodgers are seeking their first title since 1988, while the Houston Astros will be looking for the first in franchise history. We'll take a quick look at the matchup from a positional, financial, and statistical standpoint. 

2017-18 NBA Opening Day Roster Payrolls

October 17, 2017 Michael Ginnitti After an offseason that saw nearly 4 Billion in free agent signings and extensions, the 2017-18 NBA regular season is upon on us. We've broken down all active payrolls, showing how each team is spending their cap dollars positionally to start the year.

Join our 2017-18 NBA Fantasy Contest

October 11, 2017 Michael Ginnitti Create a 30-man roster, selecting 1 player from each NBA team, while keeping your total salary cap low for a chance to win $250 in cash prizes. This contest will run through the first half of the 2017-18 regular season (October 17, 2017 - January 7th, 2018).

2017 MLB Postseason Rosters, Financially

October 3, 2017 Michael Ginnitti With the 2017 MLB Playoffs upon, we'll take an in-depth look at how each postseason roster shakes out in terms of age, contract status, and current financials. This page will be updated as the postseason moves along.

2017 MLB All-Star Rosters, Financially

July 10, 2017 Michael Ginnitti A quick look at the final 2017 MLB All-Star rosters for each league, including current financial numbers, career earnings to date, and contract statuses for each player.

NFL Players on the 2017 Roster Bubble

May 15, 2017 Michael Ginnitti With the draft now behind us, the offseason conversation turns toward final 53-man rosters. We'll take a look at players who have been reported to be "on the bubble" heading toward summer workouts, including the cap ramifications to trade or release each along the way.

The Cost to Cut or Trade Your Quarterback

May 10, 2017 Michael Ginnitti With NFL rosters taking shape we'll take a snapshot look at the current contract statuses for notable QBs on every NFL team, including the costs to cut or trade them this summer, or next spring.

2017 NBA Offseason Financial Report

May 7, 2017 Michael Ginnitti As the current NBA postseason nears a conclusion, we'll take a close look at the top stories forthcoming this offseason, including notable extension candidates, players with options, key free agents, and salary cap allocations & space for each team heading toward the summer.

Assessing NFL Draft Contracts Since 2010

April 26, 2017 Michael Ginnitti Our in-depth look at the movement of NFL draft picks after their rookie contracts expire, broken down by team and position, including the percent of players retained, relinquished and more...

Positional Breakdowns of NFL Team Salary Caps

April 19, 2017 Michael Ginnitti An in-depth look at how each NFL team is spending its 2017 cap dollars across each position group heading toward the draft, including cap percentages, combined average salaries, average player ages, and more...

How the 16 NBA Playoff Rosters are Built Financially

April 13, 2017 Michael Ginnitti With the NBA Playoffs now upon us we take a close look at how the active roster for each of the 16 postseason teams are broken down positionally. We've broken out combined cap dollars for Guards, Forwards, Centers, Starting Lineups and more.

2017 MLB Opening Day Payrolls

April 2, 2017 Michael Ginnitti With the 2017 regular season now upon us, we'll take a close look at how teams have allocated their dollars, including positional breakdowns, 25-Man rosters, offseason spending, and more.

2017 NFL Free Agency

March 9, 2017 Michael Ginnitti The 2017 NFL league year will kickoff at 4PM EST. We'll be tracking all the signings, trades, restructures across various tools throughout the website as details become available. For now, here's a look at the best available free agents heading toward the signing period.

NFL Players on the 2018 Roster Bubble

February 19, 2017 Michael Ginnitti As the 2017 NFL regular season heads toward the home stretch, we've begun to collect a list of players by position who may be trending toward their current team's 2018 roster bubble, based on performance vs. compensation & dead cap structure.

Offseason Financial Previews for all 32 NFL Teams

February 13, 2017 Michael Ginnitti As the 2017 league year nears we take a snapshot look at the current offseason status for each team, including projected cap space, potential cap casualties, notable free agents, extension candidates, and more.

What to do with Tony Romo?

December 19, 2016 Michael Ginnitti Understanding the options, salary cap implications, and business decisions that come the Dallas Cowboys trading or releasing QB Tony Romo this offseason.

Yoenis Cespedes Remains with the Mets

November 29, 2016 Michael Ginnitti The New York Mets made the first big splash of the offseason by bringing back OF Yoenis Cespedes on a whopping 4 year, $110M contract. Our look at how the numbers breakdown for the Mets and across the league.

2016 MLB End of Year Payrolls

September 26, 2016 Michael Ginnitti As the regular season winds down, we take a snapshot look at how each team spent their money in 2016, including active players by position, and injury, retained, buried salaries.

Updated Market Values for 2017 MLB Free Agents

September 22, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With the 2016 MLB regular season winding down we'll take a look at our previous list of players set to hit the free agent market this winter. We've re-calculated our valuations for notable players at each position, providing calculated & likely market value average salary projections for their next contract.

Career Contract Analysis: Tom Brady

September 20, 2016 Michael Ginnitti Tom Brady and the Patriots front office have worked hand in hand over the past 17 years to ensure that he's compensated well, but in a manner that provide team flexibility. We take a quick look at his career contracts highlighting some of these maneuvers along the way.

Contract Statuses for Recently Injured Players

September 19, 2016 Michael Ginnitti As is the unfortunate case each year, injuries have begun to pile up early on in this NFL season. We take a look at a few of the more notable ones, highlighting each player's current contract status going forward.

Assessing NFL Team Caps at Week 2

September 18, 2016 Michael Ginnitti A look at the salary cap figures for each NFL team's 53-man roster, dead money totals, and injured reserves heading into Week 2 of the 2016 season.

Reactions to the Drew Brees Contract Extension

September 8, 2016 Michael Ginnitti The Saints and Drew Brees agreed on a 1 year $24.25M contract extension Wednesday, keeping the 37-year-old QB in the fold thru the 2017 season. We take a look at the structure, cap impact, rankings, and future options going forward.

Positional Spending for each 53-Man Roster

September 4, 2016 Michael Ginnitti While NFL rosters will continue to change on an hourly basis in the coming days, we'll take a snapshot look at how the first batch of 53-man rosters breaks down financially.

Assessing NFL 75-Man Salary Caps

August 31, 2016 Michael Ginnitti NFL teams processed plenty of transactions over the course of the past 48 hours as they shuffled to trim their rosters to the mandated 75. We'll take a quick look at how these 75-man squads are built financially as we head toward final 53-man roster moves.

Bills Extend QB Tyrod Taylor

August 12, 2016 Michael Ginnitti The Bills have signed QB Tyrod Taylor to a reported 5 year $92 million base extension, that appears to include just 1 year of guaranteed salary at signing, and club options in the final two years of the deal.

Assessing Tyrann Matheiu's Extension

August 5, 2016 Michael Ginnitti Now one of the most versatile and productive defensive backs in the game, Tyrann Matheui agreed to a 5 year, $62.5M extension with the Arizona Cardinals this week. We'll take a look at the structure and breakdown of the contract, including how it ranks among other deals.

Top Extension Candidates from all 32 NFL Teams

July 28, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With rosters beginning to take shape for the upcoming 2016 season, we'll take a look at one player on each of the 32 NFL teams who could be a candidate for a significant contract extension in the coming months. In many cases we've including our calculated projected value for that player's next contract.

Top 15 MLB Trade Candidates

July 19, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With the August 1st trade deadline less than two weeks away, we've identified 15 players rumored to be on the trade block, including their salary remaining in 2016, and contract statuses going forward.

Valuing Notable 2017 MLB Free Agents

July 18, 2016 Michael Ginnitti A look at notable MLB players at each position set to hit the free agent market this winter, including projected & likely salary projections based on recent production.

Potential NFL Roster Bubble Players

July 14, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With training camps just a few weeks away, we've created a list of notable players who may be fighting for a roster spot this month, including the financial ramifications should the team release or trade the player.

MLB Midseason Payroll Breakdowns

July 13, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With the 2016 MLB season now halfway in the books we'll take a moment to assess where each team's dollars are being spent, including positional breakdowns, players on the disabled list, playoff chances, best values, and more.

Current NFL Team 90-Man Roster Salary Caps

July 11, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With training camps just a few weeks away the focus for many NFL teams turns away from adding to trimming down their 2016 rosters. We take a snapshot look at where each team currently stands in terms of signed players, active roster cap, accrued dead cap, and estimated 90-man cap space.

MLB's 2016 First Half Best Values

July 11, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With the unofficial first half of the MLB season now in the books, we'll take a moment to look back at which players from each position have provided the best value in terms of Production vs. Compensation, utilizing our calculated True Value Score.

Assessing Dwyane Wade's Market Value

July 6, 2016 Scott Allen Dwyane Wade's contract demands and counter offers in Miami have ranged from $20M to $25M per year. We run the 34-year-old through our projection formula to assess his current market value as he nears a new contract.

MLB All-Star Rosters Financially

July 5, 2016 Michael Ginnitti A look at the 2016 MLB All-Star rosters financially, including an A.L. team combining for $261M in 2016 salary, and a National League squad combining for $269M.

Kevin Durant's Money Gained & Money Lost

July 5, 2016 Michael Ginnitti Kevin Durant's 2 year agreement to join the Golden State Warriors shook the sports world yesterday. We take a look at the money he's set to make in 2016, how much he left on the table by leaving Oklahoma City, and his contract scenarios for next year's free agent season.

Understanding LeBron James' Next Contract

June 29, 2016 Michael Ginnitti LeBron James has officially opted-out of his player option for the 2016-17 season and has already come forward in declaring he's going nowhere. But just in case, our look at his salary options with or without the Cavaliers.

NFL Offseason Series: Quarterbacks

June 29, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With training camp just a month away, we'll take a look back at the quarterback movement across the league, including Extensions, Free Agent signings, Trades, Draft Picks, and Undrafted Free Agent signings.

The Top 2016 NBA Free Agents

June 27, 2016 Michael Ginnitti With July 1st just days away the discussion turns away from last week's draft and immediately to the start of the free agent season. We'll take a look at a few notable free agents from each position group, and their financial projections.

Americans Abound in the First Round

June 25, 2016 Michael Ginnitti The 1st round of the 2016 NHL Draft from Buffalo, NY included 12 young stars from the United States - the most ever. Our look at all the picks by position, country, former team and more...

Sixers to select Simmons

June 23, 2016 Scott Allen Sixers have stated they will be selecting Ben Simmons with the 1st Overall. A look at Simmons' entry level financials and other first overalls since 2000

Panthers Extend Michael Oher

June 17, 2016 Michael Ginnitti The Carolina Panthers solidified Cam Newton's blindside through the 2019 season by awarding left tackle Michael Oher with a 3 year $21.6M extension.

Rockies Designate Jose Reyes

June 15, 2016 Michael Ginnitti Following his return from suspension, the Colorado Rockies have designated SS Jose Reyes for assignment, with a whopping $41M+ left to be paid.

NBA 2016-2017 Player Options

June 13, 2016 Scott Allen An already loaded 2016 NBA Free Agent class could become even more crowded with plenty of elite, notable players carrying options into the offseason. We're tracking all player, club, and mutual options along with the financial breakdowns here.

Ranking Guaranteed Cash among NFL Teams

April 25, 2016 Michael Ginnitti While many NFL contracts look absurd on paper, the real truth behind them lies in the "fully guaranteed money". The following table shows the combined total of base salaries or roster bonuses that are already fully guaranteed right now for each NFL team broken down across the next 3 seasons.

Guaranteed Futures for NFL Teams

April 12, 2016 Michael Ginnitti It's never too early to look ahead. We take a look at the current and prospective guaranteed salaries & bonuses for players in the 2017 season in comparison to their team's respective salary cap outlook.

2016 MLB Opening Day Rosters, Financially

April 3, 2016 Michael Ginnitti Breaking down the opening day financials for each of the 30 MLB teams heading into the 2016 season, including positional spending, starting rotation salaries, offseason spending, and more.

NFL 2016 Bonus & Salary Guarantees Due Dates

January 27, 2016 Michael Ginnitti As the offseason comes closer to focus, we've taken the measures to track down as many specific dates and figures pertaining to guaranteed salaries and bonuses that are soon to come to terms.

NFL 2016 Team Financial Power Rankings

January 14, 2016 Michael Ginnitti Assessing the financial health of each NFL team heading toward the new league year, including estimated cap space, and the percent of cap $ allocated to projected starters. We've also highlighted notable free agents and team needs for each team. This report will update automatically as transactions process.

An Early Look at Potential 2016 NFL Cap Casualties

January 1, 2016 Michael Ginnitti As the calendar flips to 2016, we'll take an early look ahead to next year rosters, identifying a list of players who are rumored to be on the "roster bubble". Our piece includes all financial implications for trading or releasing these players heading into the new league year.

Current Market Value: Tyrod Taylor

December 8, 2015 Michael Ginnitti While the sample size is tiny, the Bills may finally have an answer to their 20-year search for a starting QB. We'll calculate the current market value of Tyrod Taylor through his first 10 games in Buffalo, comparing his Passing/Rushing statistics to QBs of similar age & production who have recently signed deals.

Current Market Value: Doug Martin

November 27, 2015 Michael Ginnitti An up and down 4 years appears to be ending on a high note for Doug Martin, whose rookie contract is set to expire after the 2015 campaign. We'll assess his current market value as he heads toward a new deal.

Contract Forecast: Kirk Cousins

November 17, 2015 Michael Ginnitti It's been a rollercoaster ride in Washington through 3+ seasons, but Kirk Cousins is slowly beginning to show that he's worth a second contract. We'll assess the 27 year old's current market value as he nears free agency, based on his 2015 production, projected out to 16 games.

Offseason Outlook: 1st Basemen

November 14, 2015 Michael Ginnitti A snapshot financial breakdown of the 2016 1st Basemen, noting the Top Paid players, Notable Free Agents, Arbitration-Eligible Players, and more.

Offseason Outlook: Starting Pitchers

November 12, 2015 Michael Ginnitti A snapshot financial breakdown of the 2016 starting pitchers, noting the Top Paid players, Notable Free Agents, Arbitration-Eligible Players, and more.

A Financial Look at the 2015 ALCS Rosters

October 16, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals head into the ALCS with 25-Man payrolls just $1.5M apart. Our look salaries, and contract statuses for the starters and reserves.

Extension Projection: Matt Harvey

October 10, 2015 Michael Ginnitti Just 26 years old, Matt Harvey finds himself amidst one of the best young pitching rotations in all of baseball. With one more year of arbitration remaining with the Mets, the push for a long-term contract has already begun. We'll assess Harvey's current market value as he nears his first big pay day.

Breaking down the NLDS Teams Financially

October 9, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The NLDS 25-Man roster payrolls range from $85M, to $184M. We breakdown the financials for each NLDS 25-Man roster, noting Game 1 starters, upcoming free agents, 2016 player contract statuses, and more.

NL Wildcard Postseason Rosters, Financially

October 7, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The Pittsburgh Pirates starting 9 accounts for just $26M in 2015 payroll; $12M less than the Cubs starters, and $77.8M less than the Yankees put on the field against the Astros last night. Our complete financial breakdown for tonight's game:

AL Wildcard Postseason Roster Financially

October 6, 2015 Michael Ginnitti It should be no secret that the Yankees and Astros are built very different in terms of experience and finances. We take a look at the selected rosters for the 1-game series, comparing the payroll for each.

Current Valuation: Rob Gronkowski

September 25, 2015 Michael Ginnitti He's under contract through 2019, but with $6M in guaranteed money remaining, it might soon be time for the Patriots to re-address Rob Gronkowski's deal. We assess his current value here.

Contract Forecast: Yoenis Cespedes

September 14, 2015 Michael Ginnitti He's been the talk of the league since being acquired by the Mets at the deadline, and with an expiring contract his timing couldn't be better. We take a look at the recent statistical production of Yoenis Cespedes, producing a valuation to project his next contract.

NFL Team Positional Spending Analysis

September 6, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With preliminary 53-man rosters now in place (for a second or two), we've developed an interactive, real-time look at how each team is currently allocating their cap dollars positionally.

Statistically Valuing Robert Griffin III

September 1, 2015 Michael Ginnitti He's no longer the starting QB in Washington, and my not be a member of the team much longer as well , but the book on Robert Griffin III's career isn't likely closed yet. We'll assess his statistical production over the past two seasons to determine what his value would be, had he been in line for an extension.

Extension Projection: Jake Arrieta

August 31, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The 92nd highest average paid starting pitcher in MLB capped a dominant 2015 season thus far with a no-hitter against the Dodgers Sunday night. While arbitration-eligible through 2017, we'll assess the current market value of Cubs SP Jake Arrieta.

Updated NFL Roster Bubble Players

August 24, 2015 Michael Ginnitti A look at notable NFL players rumored to be on the 53-man "roster bubble", including their current cap hit, and the savings to the team should they trade or release the player.

Contract Forecast: Tristan Thompson

August 24, 2015 Scott Allen Tristan Thompson pulled the plug on a recent 5 year $80M offer from the Cleveland Cavaliers, looking to be paid "more like his peers". We'll assess the current mathematical value for Thompson as the summer winds down.

Extension Projection: George Iloka

August 20, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The "secret weapon" of the Bengals defense is entering the final year of his rookie contract in 2015. Our look at the current value of strong safety George Iloka, projecting his forthcoming extension.

Contract Forecast: Marcell Dareus

August 19, 2015 Michael Ginnitti While off-the-field issues and injury concerns have surrounded Marcell Dareus through his first 4 seasons in Buffalo, there's no denying his elite skillset. Now entering a contract year with the Bills, we'll assess Dareus' current value, forecasting what an extension should look like in the coming months.

Contract Forecast: Matt Forte

August 17, 2015 Michael Ginnitti He can run, he can catch, and he's been the cornerstone of the Chicago Bears offense over the past 4 seasons. With an expiring contract in 2015, our unique assessment of Matt Forte's current financial value.

Extension Projection: A.J. Green

August 13, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The next duo of former first round drafted wide receivers inline for major paydays are now Julio Jones (ATL) and A.J. Green (CIN). We'll assess the current value of Green over the past two seasons, forecasting the extension he may be putting pen to paper for in a few weeks.

Extension Projection: Antonio Brown

August 13, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With WRs paygrades increasing by the week around the NFL, it's likely time for another to address his contract in the coming weeks. Antonio Brown is currently the 14th highest AAV WR in the NFL, and carries no guaranteed money over the final 3 years of his deal. We'll assess his current value heading into 2015.

Contract Forecast: Julio Jones

August 12, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With extensions for Dez Bryant & Demaryius Thomas now in the books, the focus quickly turns to Falcons' top wide receiver Julio Jones, whose set to play out a $10.176M 5th year option in 2015. We'll assess his current value, mathematically calculating what his extension might look like.

Extension Projection: Kam Chancellor

August 10, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The Seahawks have been plenty busy this offseason, but Kam Chancellor's holdout remains a lingering issue heading toward the preseason. We'll assess Chancellor's current value should the two sides agree that a new deal is warranted.

Projected NFL Starting Lineups, Financially

July 30, 2015 Michael Ginnitti As teams kickoff camp, and the 2015 regular season nears, we'll take an updated look at projected starting lineups for each of the 32 NFL teams, financially; showinghow teams are set to spend on their offense, defense, and special teams starter, while also breaking down each lineup individually.

Extension Projection: Lavonte David

July 26, 2015 Michael Ginnitti One of the best kept secrets in the league the past three seasons, Buccaneers OLB Lavonte David is set to enter a contract year in 2015. We'll assess his current value, projecting what an upcoming extension might look like for the 25 year old.

Contract Forecast: Eli Manning

July 23, 2015 Michael Ginnitti Eli Manning's 6 year $97.5M contract with the Giants is set to expire after the 2015 season. We'll take a look at the recent production of the 11 year QB, assessing his value as he heads toward his next payday.

Extension Projection: Muhammad Wilkerson

July 23, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With $151.3M allocated to their 2016 salary cap already, the Jets may have trouble keeping some of their key players in house soon. We'll assess the current value of one, DE Muhammad Wilkerson, heading into a contract year.

Extension Projection: Russell Okung

July 23, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The Seahawks have plenty of contracts set to expire after 2015, including starting OT Russell Okung. We'll assess his current value as he seeks a new deal for the upcoming season.

Updated Contract Forecast: TY Hilton

July 19, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The young, talented Colts are almost to their breaking point financially, with much of their core due for sophomore contracts in the coming year. We'll assess WR T.Y. Hilton's value, likely the first of the group to garner a new deal.

Contract Forecast: Luke Kuechly

July 19, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With QB Cam Newton now under contract, the next Panthers player in line should be ILB Luke Kuechly. At just 24 years old, the captain of the defense has a long and bright future in Carolina. We'll project his current value to forecast a possible upcoming extension.

Contract Valuation: Cam Heyward

July 17, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The Steelers wasted no time in locking down one of their own Thursday, signing DE Cameron Heyward to a 6 year $59.2 million extension. We'll take a reverse approach to our general forecasting process, plugging Heyward into our formula to see how the new contract fairs in terms of calculated value.

Contract Forecast: Nick Foles

July 13, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The St. Louis Rams are in talks to extend newly acquired QB Nick Foles, whose rookie contract is set to expire after the 2015 season. We'll assess his current value, projecting the new money he might see in his next deal.

Calculating the Current Value of WR Dez Bryant

July 4, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With the July 15th deadline to extend franchise tagged players looming, a deal between Dez Bryant and the Cowboys appears imminent. We'll calculate the current value of Bryant, forecasting what the extension might look like.

Is Bobby Wagner Worth $10M Per Year?

June 17, 2015 Michael Ginnitti While much of the talk surrounding Russell Wilson's extension have subsided for now, those regarding ILB Bobby Wagner have heated back up. Wagner has made it clear that he's seeking $10M per year for his new contract. We'll assess his value at this time.

Projecting the Value of Demaryius Thomas

June 9, 2015 Michael Ginnitti The Broncos saw plenty of their players earn major paydays elsewhere this offseason, but may be on the verge of keeping one of their own for the future. We'll project the current value of WR Demaryius Thomas, forecasting his possible extension.

Forecasting the Guaranteed Value of Russell Wilson

June 8, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With Cam Newton's major extension now in the books, the focus shifts to Russell Wilson, whose 4 year $2.9M rookie contract with the Seahawks is set to expire after the 2015 season. We'll assess the value of the 26 year old, projecting the annual average and guaranteed money that could come with his next contract.

Projecting the Value of Andrew Luck

June 2, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With Cam Newton's extension all but done in Carolina, the focus will soon shift to Colts QB Andrew Luck, whose done nothing but carry Indy into 3 straight playoff appearances. We'll assess his current value, projecting the type of new money he might be looking at soon.

Why Cam Newton is Worth $100+ Million

June 1, 2015 Michael Ginnitti As reports grow that the Panthers are nearing a deal to extend their franchise QB Cam Newton, we'll take a look at his current value, showing why this deal should eclipse the $100 million mark.

Tracking NFL Players on the Roster Bubble

May 11, 2015 Michael Ginnitti As offseason rosters begin to take shape, we'll keep track of players who are rumored to be on the bubble over the next few months, making note of the financial implications to release, trade, or restructure them.

10 Years of First Round Draft Picks, Financially

April 27, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With the 2015 NFL draft now less than a week away, we've taken a detailed look at the past decade of 1st round selections, walking down the financial paths of each player to formulate an analysis of how each position has faired.

Contract Forecast: Philip Rivers

April 23, 2015 Michael Ginnitti While his destination for the future is unclear, Philip Rivers is entering the final year of his 6 year contract with the Chargers in 2015. We'll assess his current value, forecasting what his next deal might look like.

2015 Opening Day MLB Financials

April 5, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With opening day upon us, we'll take a close look at the payrolls for each of the 30 MLB teams heading into the 2015 season, including positional breakdowns, top-paid players, and more.

Contract Forecast: Bobby Wagner

March 31, 2015 Michael Ginnitti As the young, talented Seahawks continue to grow up, so must their paychecks. Next on their list appears to be ILB Bobby Wagner whose 4 year $4.3M rookie contract is set to expire after the upcoming season. We'll assess his current value, projecting what his extension should look like going forward.

An Early Look at NFL Free Agent Numbers by Team

March 15, 2015 Michael Ginnitti With the initial rush of NFL free agency beginning to calm down, we'll take a quick look back at the week that was. While plenty of signings were filed, it may have been trades that will be most remembered from a wild Tuesday. Our breakdowns and thoughts by team...

Contract Forecast: Justin Houston

December 29, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Chiefs LB/DE Justin Houston capped off his rookie contract with a historic 22 sacks to go along with 60 tackles. We'll analyze his production against the best pass rushers in the game to project his next contract.

Current NFL Roster Spending

November 15, 2014 Michael Ginnitti A snapshot look at each NFL team's 53-man roster, Reserve/Injured list, and Week 11 starting lineups, financially speaking.

2014-15 NBA Financial Preview

October 31, 2014 Michael Ginnitti On the eve of the 2014-15 NBA regular season, we'll take a look across the team rosters financially, noting the total payrolls, top-paid players, fun facts, and even a view "best value" predictions.

World Series Game 7 Financial Lineups

October 29, 2014 Michael Ginnitti The Major League Baseball world got their wish last night, as a Royals victory means a Game 7 to settle it all tonight in Kansas City. We'll highlight the starting lineups, pitching matchups, and rosters financially heading into the final game of the 2014 season

Contract Forecast: Julius Thomas

October 23, 2014 Michael Ginnitti While neither of the Thomas' will be signing a new contract through the 2014 seasons, both will need one come Februrary. We've assessed the current value of Broncos TE Julius Thomas, calculating figures for his next contract.

Contract Forecast: Cecil Shorts

October 15, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Jaguars WR Cecil Shorts has shown a steady increase in production since 2012. Now playing out the final year of his rookie contract, we assess his current value heading toward free agency.

Contract Forecast: Andrew Luck

October 9, 2014 Michael Ginnitti He's improved every year, and is leading the league in all major quarterback categories to start the 2014 campaign. Now the time is approaching for the Colts to lock in Andrew Luck for the long term future. We assess his current value to forecast the contract.

Contract Forecast: Russell Wilson

October 7, 2014 Michael Ginnitti In just 2 seasons, Russell Wilson has become the leader of his team, the toast of his town, and a Super Bowl champion. All he needs now is a nice big contract to cap off the early winnings. We project his current value and forecast an extension for the Seahawks' QB.

Contract Forecast: DeMarco Murray

October 2, 2014 Michael Ginnitti DeMarco Murray has been a one-man show for the 3-1 Dallas Cowboys to start the 2014 season, earning NFC Offensive Player of the Month to start the final year of his rookie contract. We'll project his value, and forecast a new deal for the 26 year old.

2014 True Value Power Rankings: 1st Edition

October 1, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Now a quarter through the 2014 NFL season, we present the first edition of our True Value Rankings, including a listing of all 32 teams, the All-Value team, and the Worst-Value team through the first four weeks.

Contract Forecast: Cam Newton

September 8, 2014 Michael Ginnitti As the 2014 NFL season gets underway the Panthers appear poised to move forward with Cam Newton and his rookie contract. But recent restructures may be a sign that a long-term extension is on the horizon. We'll analyze Newton's current value to forecast what could be.

UPDATED: NFL Players on the Roster Bubble

August 22, 2014 Michael Ginnitti With two preseason weeks in the books NFL roster cuts are beginning to pour in to the the transaction wire. We'll take a look at our original post from July, outlining those notable players on the "roster bubble", including the financial cap implication to cut them loose this preseason.

2014 NFL Team Spending Previews

August 18, 2014 Michael Ginnitti As rosters begin to tighten up so do both the salary cap and cash payrolls within NFL organizations. We'll take a quick look at how each team look in terms of their average 2014 cap hit, their total cash spending for 2014, and the player who ranks highest in both cases.

Extension Forecast: Marshawn Lynch

July 25, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Reportedly holding out from training camp in hopes of a new deal, we'll assess the current contract & value of Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch going forward.

Contract Forecast: Jamaal Charles

July 23, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Reportedly holding out of training camp, Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is inline for a long-term extension heading into 2014. We'll evaluate him both in the rushing & passing games to assess how much he's currently worth going forward.

2015 MLB All-Star Rosters, Financially

July 15, 2014 Michael Ginnitti The 85th edition of the MLB All-Star game features a mixed bag of youth and veteran talents. We’ll take a look at the final rosters, including their 2014 compensation, and their estimated total career earnings to date.

Projecting TE Jimmy Graham as a WR

July 8, 2014 Michael Ginnitti With the verdict now in, the focus turns to extending Saints TE Jimmy Graham to a long-term contract. We'll assess his value both as a tight end and as a wide receiver to project the deal going forward.

Contract Forecast: Ndamukong Suh

June 18, 2014 Michael Ginnitti He's been a quarterback's nightmare on the Lions' defensive line for 4 seasons, and now with the highest cap figure in the NFL, and an expiring contract - Ndamukong Suh is on the verge of a new deal. We'll forecast the best value for his extension here.

Contract Forecast: Jordy Nelson

June 4, 2014 Michael Ginnitti He's been grossly underpaid since 2011, averaging just $3.15 million per year, but wide receiver Jordy Nelson is now entering a contract year in Green Bay. We'll assess his current value to forecast an extension going forward.

Contract Forecast: Lance Stephenson

June 3, 2014 Scott Allen With the Pacers out of the playoffs, talk has turned to where Lance Stephenson will play next season and how much a team is willing to pay for his production (and potentially his on-the-court antics). We've forecasted what Stephenson could potentially see as his next deal. You might be surprised by the findings...

Contract Forecast: Vernon Davis

May 29, 2014 Michael Ginnitti 49ers TE Vernon Davis was abset from practice thus far, and reports are circulating now that the reason is contract-related. We'll analyze the 8-year veteran's recent production to forecast what might be in store going forward.

Contract Forecast: CJ Spiller

May 26, 2014 Michael Ginnitti With an opt-out clause likely in play after 2014, running back CJ Spiller is likely heading into a contract year with the Buffalo Bills. We analyze both his rushing & receiving production against a variable set of backs to project his value going forward.

UPDATED Contract Forecast: Dez Bryant

May 23, 2014 Michael Ginnitti The next order of business in Dallas just might be the long-term signing of their breakout WR Dez Bryant, whose 5 year $11.81M rookie contract expires after 2014. We'll re-forecast him in our latest projection.

MLB Disabled List Dollars

May 23, 2014 Scott Allen Pitchers are dropping like flies, big name players are out for the season and the disabled list is getting longer with each passing day. A financial look at who, why, and how much money is sitting on the disabled list/out for the season.

Projected NBA 2014 Round 1 Draft Pick Contracts

May 21, 2014 Scott Allen With a 1.7% the Cleveland Cavaliers find themselves with the #1 overall pick in the 2014 draft and multiple teams have two or three picks in the first round alone. A look into what first round picks could sign for and how much each team could expect to spend on this years rookies over the next two years.

The NFL's Best Value Rankings of 2013

May 20, 2014 Michael Ginnitti One more look back to the 2013 season, assessing the Best Value Players, Rookies, Free Agent Signings, and Overall Teams based on our True Value Statistical Rating.

Contract Forecast: Patrick Peterson

May 13, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Cardinals CB Patrick Peterson might be the next man in line for a long-term extension - a deal he believes should be larger than Richard Sherman's. We'll provide a comparitive value prediction for the 23 year old, forecasting his next contract in Arizona.

Contract Forecast: Alex Smith

May 7, 2014 Michael Ginnitti It's been a bumpy road for QB Alex Smith since his #1 overall selection in the 2005 draft, but a "breakout", Pro Bowl year in Kansas City last season has the veteran on the cusp of a long-term extension for the first time in his career.

2011 5th Year Option Breakdowns

May 4, 2014 Michael Ginnitti A look at the facts and figures for the 21 our of 32 1st round draft picks from 2011 who had their 5th year options exercised for 2015.

NFL Free Agent Spending Breakdowns

April 7, 2014 Michael Ginnitti We're 1 month, $2 billion, and 274 contracts into the 2014 NFL Free Agency Season, a reasonable time to begin breaking down the figures by Team Spending, Positional Spending, and guaranteed dollars. This and more:

2014 MLB Opening Day Team Financials

April 1, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Rotations have been set lineups have been filled, and we've compiled team payrolls and players salaries for the 2014 season. The following contains a breakdown of how each team is currently comprised financially heading into opening day.

Contract Forecast: DeSean Jackson

March 31, 2014 Michael Ginnitti His release from the Eagles last week opened many eyes across the league. Now DeSean Jackson is the most coveted free agent weapon left on the market. We'll assess a value prediction for what his next contract might look like.

Contract Forecast: Andy Dalton

March 20, 2014 Michael Ginnitti One of the bigger question marks heading into the 2014 NFL League year is the long-term fate of Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, whose rookie contract is set to expire after the season. We'll assess Dalton's value for a contract extension this offseason.

2014 NFL Positional Cap Spending

March 19, 2014 Michael Ginnitti An in-depth look at how each NFL team is spending their 2014 cap dollars positionally, including total dollars, percent of cap space, the average player cap hit, and much more.

2014 NFL Team-Building/Spending Tool

March 11, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Our team-building tool includes an in-depth, real-time look at the categorical spending of each team throughout the offseason, including the current Waiver Period, Free Agent Season, Draft Signings, and Undrafted Free Agent deals.

MLB 2014 Financial Preview

February 24, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Spring training games will commence this weekend, meaning baseball is back. We've put together an early preview at each MLB team's Offseason Spending, Key Adds/Losses, and projected 2014 payroll.

UPDATED: Projected 2014 NFL Team Cap Space

February 24, 2014 Michael Ginnitti With the 2013 NFL season officially wrapped up, we'll take our first look at how each team ended up in terms of salary cap space (estimated as always), and project 2014 cap space as it currently stands.

Contract Forecast: Eric Decker

February 18, 2014 Michael Ginnitti Some 10 months removed from our original forecast, it appears Broncos WR Eric Decker will test the free agent market. Here's an updated projection for the soon-to-be highly coveted receiver.

Contract Forecast: Mike Trout

February 17, 2014 Michael Ginnitti At just 22 year of age, has already forced the hand of the Los Angeles Angels. Our MLB Premium team projects the numbers for the long-term extension already being discussed.

Contract Forecast: Joe Haden

February 13, 2014 Michael Ginnitti A brand new Cleveland Browns front office now must turn its attention to locking down Joe Haden for the long-term. Our premium team projects an extenions for the Pro Bowl cornerback.

Week 14 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

February 7, 2014 Scott Allen Our latest edition of NBA Total Team Value Rankings has the Thunder slowly moving up the rankings while the Sixers and Lakers are back in the top 3, and the Knicks are back towards the bottom with high paid, low performing players back in the line up.

Week 13 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

January 31, 2014 Scott Allen Our latest edition of NBA Total Team Value Rankings has the Phoenix Suns remaining #1 while the Denver Nuggets have jumped into 2nd, and the Knicks find themselves in the upper half of the rankings.

Contract Forecast: Rajon Rondo

January 26, 2014 Scott Allen With the recent negotiation rumors between the Boston Celtics and Rajon Rondo, we decided to take a look at what Rondo could be worth after next season. How does he compare to other point guards and is he worth a maximum extension?

Week 12 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

January 24, 2014 Scott Allen Our latest edition of NBA Total Team Value Rankings has the Phoenix Suns still at the top and the San Antonio Spurs find themselves rising to #2. The Toronto Raptors have also cracked the top 10.

Contract Forecast: Richard Sherman

January 23, 2014 Michael Ginnitti He's labeled himself the best cornerback in the game, and few are quick to argue. And after Super Bowl XLVIII, the focus for Richard Sherman will be a new contract as the two-time All-Pro will enter the final year of his rookie deal in Seattle. We forecast his new payday:

Contract Forecast: Colin Kaepernick

January 20, 2014 Michael Ginnitti He's led the 49ers to back-to-back NFC Championship games, and nearly a Super Bowl victory last season, and now with three NFL seasons under his belt QB Colin Kaepernick is eligible for a contract extension in San Francisco. We forecast his new deal:

Week 11 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

January 18, 2014 Scott Allen Our latest edition of NBA Total Team Value Rankings has the Magic in the top 5 and the Pelicans cracking the top 10, while Miami and Minnesota finds themselves falling to towards the bottom of the rankings.

Contract Forecast: J.J. Watt

January 14, 2014 Michael Ginnitti He's been a dominating force for an inconsistent Houston Texans team the past three seasons, and his rookie contract is set to expire after 2014. We'll project the true value of defensive end J.J. Watt, and forecast his possible contract extension.

Contract Forecast: Michael Crabtree

January 5, 2014 Michael Ginnitti San Francisco 49ers WR Michael Crabtree rode plenty of momentum into the 2013 season, before a torn ACL kept him out of 11 games. His rookie contract expires after 2014 leaving many to wonder what's next? Our thoughts:

Contract Forecast: Brandon Marshall

January 3, 2014 Michael Ginnitti With QB Jay Cutler now locked up through 2020, the Bears next offensive focus might be extending Brandon Marshall for the foreseeable future. We'll run the nearly 30 year old wideout through our forecast formula to predict his next deal.

Week 9 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

January 3, 2014 Scott Allen Phoenix finds themselves still at the top as the Bobcats and Cavaliers rose substantially. While the Nets, Knicks and Bulls remain at the bottom proving their are truly being overpaid for their performance.

Contract Forecast: Jairus Byrd, V2

December 30, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Once again the focus of the Buffalo Bills offseason will be the expiring contract of Pro Bowl safety Jairus Byrd, who played 11 games of the 2013 season under a $6.9 million franchise tag. We'll re-evaluate Byrd using 2013 numbers to provide a new forecast going forward.

Week 8 NBA Value Power Rankings

December 26, 2013 Scott Allen The Suns find themselves on top in Week 8, while the Trail Blazers had a bounce-back week and the Pacers find themselves at the bottom. This and more...

Week 7 NBA Value Power Rankings

December 20, 2013 Scott Allen The injured Los Angeles Lakers fell from the top in Week 7, making room for the Philadelphia 76ers. While the Portland Trailblazers (22-5) find themselves the worst value team in the NBA. This and more in our latest rankings.

Week 15 NFL Team Value Power Rankings

December 18, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Rams not only shook up the playoff picture with their win over the Saints, but they jumped into the Top 10 of this weeks' Team Value Rankings. This and more...

Week 6 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

December 13, 2013 Scott Allen The Lakers find themselves at the top of our Week 6 Value Power Rankings. Also, the Rockets and Heat continue to produce above their respective pay, while the Clippers and Bulls remain towards the bottom.

NFL Quarterback Total TD Dollars

December 12, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Our latest rankings compare the rate 2013 quarterbacks are scoring both in terms of passing and rushing attempts, to the cost in cap dollars per attempt.

Week 14 NFL Team Value Power Rankings

December 10, 2013 Michael Ginnitti While the Broncos extended their lead, the Panthers, Patriots, and Seahawks all moved backwards in Week 14. Are the Chicago Bears for real? This and more in our latest rankings

Week 13 NFL Team Value Power Rankings

December 3, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Thanksgiving was good to the Lions this year, as Detroit storms into our Top 5. Did Denver do enough to hold off the streaking Carolina Panthers? This and more in our Week 13 team value rankings...

Week 4 NBA Team Value Power Rankings

November 27, 2013 Scott Allen With the continued dominance of the Pacers, Spurs and Trail Blazers, are they playing to their current team value? Also, there is a new team atop of the rankings. Who do you think it is?

Week 12 NFL Team Value Power Rankings

November 26, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Patriots & Broncos lived up to the hype in Week 12, while the Saints, and Panthers dug out big victories. But wins and losses don't always translate to value. See how the latest rankings shook out...

Week 11 NFL Team Value Power Rankings

November 20, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Broncos, Panthers, and Saints have all established themselves at the top of the NFL standings through 11 weeks. But which team currently leads the NFL in total value?

Contract Forecast: Cam Newton

November 18, 2013 Michael Ginnitti He's got 11,603 yards, and 79 touchdowns through 41 games in his young career - but with just 19 wins, the measure on where Carolina Panthers' QB Cam Newton stands in terms of status is tough to gauge. We'll use a unique evaluation process to predict the next contract for the 24 year old.

Contract Forecast: Demaryius Thomas

November 17, 2013 Michael Ginnitti He's been under-the-radar at times in his 2+ NFL seasons, but Broncos WR Demaryius Thomas has shown consistently increased production since 2011. Now with Peyton Manning under center, the sky is the limit for physically gifted wideout. With his rookie deal set to expire after 2014, we'll forecast the next contract for Thomas.

Contract Forecast: Maurice Jones-Drew

November 14, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The long-time Jacksonville Jaguars running back hasn't found many wins in his 8 year career, but his statistical production, and durability has been strong. Now playing out the final year of his 5 year $31.1 million contract, we'll assess and forecast what might be next for Maurice Jones-Drew.

Contract Forecast: Ervin Santana

November 7, 2013 Michael Ginnitti He's being considered the top free agent starting pitcher on the market, but does his baseball resume translate to a maximum contract? Our premium team provides a contract forecast for Kansas City Royals starting pitcher Ervin Santana.

Week 9 NFL Team Value Power Rankings

November 5, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Carolina Panthers sit atop our rankings once again, while big moves forward from the Eagles & Jets were countered by big moves back from the Patriots, Bills, Browns, and Colts. View the Week 9 Rankings:

The Injured Reserves

November 2, 2013 Michael Ginnitti 216 players have been placed on the Reserve/Injured through 8 weeks of the 2013 NFL season. We'll breakdown this list by team, position, salary cap figure, and more.

2014 NFL Free Agent Depth Chart

October 28, 2013 Michael Ginnitti While the 2014 NFL Free Agent list doesn't exactly jump off the page, a quick scan finds plenty of above average players playing out final years in their current contracts down the stretch of this season.

Contract Forecast: Brian McCann

October 24, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Brian McCann might be as surprised as the rest of us to hear the reports swirling about a new deal that could reach $100 million this offseason. We'll run him through our prediction formula to assess just where his true value might look like in terms of a contract forecase.

NFL Team Value Power Rankings

October 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Spotrac Premium assessed every starting player on every team in terms of true value to produce a real-time NFL Team Value Power Rankings. You'll find plenty of surprises at the top and bottom of this list.

A Decade of NFL Fines

October 19, 2013 Michael Ginnitti An in-depth look into more than 10 years of NFL fines, providing trends, totals, rankings, and more. See which players have donated the most to charity, which types of fines have been most handed out, and some interesting facts to go along the way.

NFL Offensive All-Value Team

October 17, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With 1/3 of the 2013 NFL season complete we'll take a look at the Best Value Offensive Starting Lineup in the NFL in terms of our True Value Statistic and hopefully a little bit of common sense.

Contract Forecast: Jay Cutler

October 10, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With an expiring contract in 2013, and a rejuvenated Bears offense translating to wins thus far, the outlook for a Jay Cutler contract extension is likely. We'll run him through our forecast formula to assess how his potential deal may pan out.

The NFL True Value Statistic

October 8, 2013 Michael Ginnitti We utilize our recently unveiled True Value Statistic to assess and rank offenses around the NFL by player and position to determine where the value in the league currently exists. Some of the results might surprise you.

Current NFL QB True Value Statistic

October 1, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Through four weeks of the NFL season now, it should come as no surprise that quarterback play across the league is the main focus. We'll evaluate statistical production combined with 2013 salary cap figures to calculate each starting QBs current True Value Statistic.

Contract Forecast: Jimmy Graham

September 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti UPDATED: Off to a hot start in 2013, and rumored to be in negotiations with the Saints, our premium team re-evaluates Jimmy Graham's value, including 2013 stat projections to project a new contract.

2013 Team Dead Money Rankings

September 22, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With 2013 roster sorted out (for the most part) it's a good time to assess just how much damage each team has done in terms of dead money against their salary cap. We'll explain what this means, and provide current rankings:

Contract Forecast: Josh Freeman

September 18, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Josh Freeman was one of the "players to watch" heading into the final year of his 5 year $26 million contract. But the wheels are falling off quickly in Tampa Bay and their quarterback finds himself at the root of the problem. We'll forecast the contract that might never be for Freeman going forward:

NFL All-Value Team: Week 1

September 15, 2013 Michael Ginnitti It's never too early to point out a great value. On the verge of Week 2, we'll take a look at which players from each major statistical position are standout financial values in terms of production thus far.

NFL Power Rankings, Financially

September 3, 2013 Michael Ginnitti A quick glance at ESPN's 1st Edition of NFL Power Rankings in comparison to each team's current cap spendings. Additionally we break down the Seattle Seahawks, who stand at #1, to detail how they're built financially.

Contract Forecast: Greg Hardy

August 29, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Panthers have worked hard to turn around their salary cap situation in the past year, and are wasting no time in using their space with reports of an extension coming for their breakout defensive end Greg Hardy. We recently sent Hardy's 2011-12 seasons through our forecast formula to predict numbers for his new deal.

2013 Team Building: AFC East

August 25, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Bills, Dolphins, Jets, and Patriots all had offseason unique to their own. Off-field situations aside, we'll take a thorough look at how each team changed this summer, through signings, the draft, and more.

Running Backs: Get What You Pay For

August 11, 2013 Michael Ginnitti A look at running backs statistically and financially as the NFL preseason and drafts get into full swing. Which running back will you get what you pay for and which is the best valued running back?

MLB's Biogenesis Financial Implications

August 5, 2013 Michael Ginnitti 14 players will receive formal suspensions from MLB for their connection to the Biogenesis investigation and the use of performing enhanced drugs. Here's a look at who they are, and the financial implications.

Best Value Linebackers

August 3, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Linebackers have been the focal point of team building for the past few years. We break down the value of the today's top linebackers statistically and financially.

Full Extension

July 31, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The "Summer of the Quarterback" may have found its end with the completion of Matt Ryan's 6 year deal in Atlanta. We'll analyze the 6 high-profile QBs who were extended in 2013, and breakdown the nuts and bolts of each deal.


July 24, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Some NBA teams are now under the constraints of a hard cap for the 2013-2014 season. See who and why this has happened.

Team by Team Roster Bubble Breakdowns

July 22, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With NFL training camps only days away the time has come to assess players on their respective roster's bubble. We'll analyze each teams potential cuts, and the cost to do so.

Contract Forecast: Morgan Burnett

July 11, 2013 Michael Ginnitti He's not a household name when it comes to major defensive players in the league - but Packers safety Morgan Burnett has quietly and productively outplayed his rookie contract. Our premium team forecasts an extension for the defensive back.

Bang for Your Buck

July 3, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Raul Ibanez is 16 years older than Domonic Brown. But both have 20+ HRs thus far in 2013. A financial look at the home run leaders through 85 games in comparison to team, age, salary, and contract status.

2013 NBA Draft Projected Contracts

July 1, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With the 2013 NBA Draft in the books, the team's focus turns to offseason signings, including their new drafted rookies. The following report projects the total compensation for each of the NBA's 2013 1st Round Picks, and breaks down a few facts surrounding them.

Evgeni Malkin's Next Contract

June 6, 2013 Michael Ginnitti A deep run into the 2012-13 postseason, & 12 more years of Sidney Crosby may only be the tip of the iceberg in Pittsburgh, with 4 major contracts set to expire in the next 12 months. We forecast a new deal for Malkin, and its impact on the Penguins.

Is Dwight Rocket-Gazing?

June 3, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Much of the buzz surrounding Dwight Howard and free agency leads him to the Houston Rockets in 2013-14. We've broken down a year by year assessment of what the new deal should look like, and its impact to the Rockets financially.

Team Spending: Pitch-burgh Pirates

May 31, 2013 Michael Ginnitti They may have the 26th highest payroll for 2013, but for the first time since 1999 the Pirates are going into June well over .500, and firmly in 2nd place in NL Central. But the financial makeup of these Pirates may surprise you:

Contract Forecast: Eric Decker

May 31, 2013 Michael Ginnitti A big 2012 and an expiring contract in 2013 makes Eric Decker a question mark with a growing price tag. Will the breakout WR end up too expensive to keep long-term on a talented Broncos roster? Our forecast indicates he might:

Extending the 2010 NFL Draft

May 30, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The beginning of the 2013 NFL season means, in most cases, the end of the 2010 draft pick's rookie contract. We analyze which players have signed extension, and which of the remaining players should.

Contract Forecast: Reshad Jones

May 24, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Dolphins made major splashes both in free agency and in the draft this offseason, but their next order of business should be locking in their safety Reshad Jones long-term. We predict the numbers here.

Legend Forecast: Ken Griffey Jr.

May 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Our first installment of "Legend Forecast" brings us to Ken Griffey Jr. who signed a 9 yr/$112.5M contract with the Reds in 2000. We compare him leading up to that deal with the currently active top-paid/top-producing outfielders to forecast what might have been.

Contract Forecast: Justin Smith

May 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti He may be nearly 34 years old, but San Francisco 49ers defensive end Justin Smith is still producing at a high-level. His 6 year $45 million deal is set to expire after the 2013 season, and our premium team predicts what may be next financially for the 13-year veteran.

A Long-Term Deal for Emmanuel Sanders

May 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Fresh off a $2.5 million restricted offer-sheet battle this free agent season, Emmanuel Sanders may be the next receiver to cash in on a long-term extension. We'll see how he stacks up with other mid-level receivers who recently signed.

Contract Forecast: Geno Atkins

May 23, 2013 Michael Ginnitti One of the major components in the Cincinnati Bengals climb to winning form has been the under-the-radar performance of DT Geno Atkins. Entering a contract year in 2013, we'll compare him statistically and financially to forecast a potential extension.

The Next Victor Cruz Contract, v2.0

May 15, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Victor Cruz contract saga continues to drag on - now apparently 3-4M per year apart in talks. We re-evaluate our forecast to include updated variables, and 2012 statistics to determine just how much he's worth.

Contract Forecast: Robinson Cano

May 10, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The costly-injured NY Yankees have yet another major obstacle slowing creeping there way, as their All-Star 2nd Baseman Robinson Cano's contract is set to expire after the 2013 season. Our premium team takes a new approach to forecast a value for his new deal.

Contract Forecast: Clayton Kershaw

May 9, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With recent deals to the likes of Verlander, Hamels, and King Felix, the next in line for a major contract is likely Dodgers young ace Clayton Kershaw. Our premium team predicts the terms for his new, possibly historic, deal.

Contract Forecast: Jairus Byrd

May 6, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The likely next order of business in Buffalo surrounds the extension of young and talented safety Jairus Byrd, who is set to enter 2013 on a $6.9M franchise tag. Our premium team projects a new deal for Byrd.

2013 NFL Draft Projected Contracts

April 26, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Our premium team calculates the projected contracts (total value, signing bonus, and 2013 cap figure) for each draft pick as they're selected.

Contract Forecast: Darrelle Revis

April 21, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The Jets are on the verge of sending CB Darrelle Revis to the Buccaneers - a move that is rumored to bring with it a $14M+ average annual new contract. Our premium team forecasts if this number holds up when breaking down his numbers.

Contract Forecast: Jimmy Graham

April 18, 2013 Michael Ginnitti He's become one of the most dominate tight ends in football, but the Saints Jimmy Graham wants to be paid like a wide receiver. Our premium team unlocks just how much he's worth.

Contract Forecast: Dez Bryant

April 16, 2013 Michael Ginnitti His QB is newly extended, and the offensive weapons around him are on the decline. Offering Dez Bryant a long-term extension prior to a potential huge 2013 seems financially smart. Our Prediction for the new deal:

Contract Forecast: Hakeem Nicks

April 16, 2013 Michael Ginnitti While much of the Giants talk focuses on the long-term status of Victor Cruz, the other receiver in town also has a contract expiring after 2013. Spotrac Premium forecasts the next contract for Hakeem Nicks.

5 Years of Running Backs in the Draft

April 11, 2013 Michael Ginnitti The drop in value for running backs may reach a new low as reports state no RB will be taken in the 1st Round this draft. We break down the last 5 drafts of running backs to analyze their value.

Breaking Down the Top 2012 Salaries Per Sport

April 10, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Our premium team took a look at the highest paid player for each major sport last season, expanded a list of money earned per major statistic, and compared that player to the arguable "best value" player of the year for that sport.

Contract Forecast: Matt Ryan

April 8, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With extension to Joe Flacco & Tony Romo under wraps and a monster-deal for Aaron Rodgers on the way, Matt Ryan appears poised to be next in line for a big pay day with the Falcons.

Contract Forecast: Aaron Rodgers

March 28, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With the recent long-term signing of QB Joe Flacco, the Packers appear set to extend their franchise QB. Our premium team compares & predicts the financials:

Arizona Cardinals 2013 Cap Update

March 25, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Our premium team takes a look at Notable Releases, Signings, How the Cardinals are currently built, and where the stand in cap space heading into April’s draft.

Contract Prediction: Mike Wallace v2.0

March 11, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With the recent signing of Dwayne Bowe, and the eerily quiet Greg Jennings camp, Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace has quickly become the top focus for the March 12th free agent period set to begin.

Future Contract Prediction: Percy Harvin

February 13, 2013 Michael Ginnitti Recent reports stating that Percy Harvin has demanded a trade or maximum extension (i.e. Calvin Johnson) in Minnesota. Our NFL team puts Harvin through the test to assess his true value, and formulate a reasonable prediction for the talented WR.

A Decade of Super Bowl QB Financials

January 31, 2013 Michael Ginnitti With a unique set of quarterbacks set to take the big stage in Super Bowl XLVII, our team took a look at the past ten Super Bowls and the financial statuses of the starting quarterbacks from each year.

2012 NFL All-Value Offensive Team

January 21, 2013 Michael Ginnitti As the 2012 NFL season nears its end, it's time to take a look back and evaluate the offensives-steals of the season, based on statistical production, durability, and financial cost.

Contract Prediction: Julio Jones

January 20, 2013 Michael Ginnitti As the Falcons continue their Super Bowl run in 2012, they're seeing the makings of a star form in WR Julio Jones. Our NFL team predicts the extension waiting in his wings.

Bubble Quarterbacks & Dead Money

December 20, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Rumors are quickly spreading about quarterbacks that potentially have overstayed their welcome. Spotrac breaks down the current dead money value for these bubble players.

Quarterbacks by Committee : The New NFL?

December 18, 2012 Michael Ginnitti The salary cap ceiling combined with success of recent rookie quarterbacks should have teams thinking differently about how to approach their financial makeups. We break down what each NFL team pays for their quarterbacks.

Rose from the Ashes

December 14, 2012 Michael Ginnitti A year after extending Derrick Rose to a max-deal, the Bulls remain without their star point guard. We analyze how they've faired without their star, and how to handle his return.

The Cheapest NFL MVP

December 5, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Our experts have singled out these 5 as the current front-runners for MVP, including one player who may be the steal of the decade.

MLS Cup 2012

November 30, 2012 Michael Ginnitti A look into the cap values between the Galaxy and Dynamo as they meet in the MLS Cup.

NFL Team Cap Rankings Week 10

November 11, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Spotrac ranks the currentl NFL starting lineups financially, noting how teams are choosing to spend their money positionally, and how it's paying off.

Fantasy Island

November 4, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Now half-way through the season, we look at the Top Fantasy point earners, in relation to their 2012 financial values.

NBA: NoBody Available

October 30, 2012 Michael Ginnitti The 2012-13 NBA season kicks off tonight, but plenty of the league's superstars won't be available. Spotrac lists the high-profile injuries affecting teams early on.

The Victor Cruz Pay Day

October 25, 2012 Michael Ginnitti As the explosive Giants wide receiver nears the end of his rookie contract, our NFL experts analyze his performance over the last 18 months, and formulate a prediction for his new deal.

NBA 2012 Financial Outlook

October 22, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Our premium team breaks down NBA teams by division by looking at the cap total of the top 10 paid players from each team.

2012 NFL Underpaid Stars: Part 1

October 14, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Nearly 6 weeks through the 2012 season, Spotrac takes a look at the players who are outperforming their current salaries or contract terms.

Top Paid NFL Running Back Combos

August 22, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Our premium team breaks down the Top NFL Running Back Combinations from a financial standpoint. Does it pay to pay? How long will these pairings be kept together?

A Tale of Two Gaps

August 2, 2012 Michael Ginnitti A look at the compensation gap between rookies and top veterans in the NBA and NFL.

Contract Prediction: Mike Wallace

July 28, 2012 Michael Ginnitti To no surprise, Steelers' WR Mike Wallace is holding out for a long term extension. Spotrac analyzes if Wallace has a reason to complain, and formulates an official prediction for the new deal.

Breaking down the Ryan Fitzpatrick Contract

July 27, 2012 Michael Ginnitti The Bills made a splash this offseason, but their push to the top started last season when their QB signed a 7 yr $62 million extension. Spotrac breaks down the value of his new deal.

Contract Prediction: Joe Flacco

July 19, 2012 Michael Ginnitti With the recent long-term signing of running back Ray Rice, the next logical order of business should be to lock up their franchise quarterback Joe Flacco to an extension. Here's our official prediction.

The Contract Welker Should Have Signed

July 17, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Spotrac analyzes the production of Wes Welker and compares him to receivers of his class to produce an official prediction for the contract that never happened.

The Linsane Value of NBA Point Guards

July 16, 2012 Michael Ginnitti With a $25 million offer on the table for Jeremy Lin, Spotrac analyzes the value of signing a point guard this offseason, and why the numbers for Lin are just fine.

Predicting the Ray Rice Contract

July 13, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Ray Rice has become one of the most explosive offensive threats in the NFL. Currently under the franchise tag with the Ravens, Spotrac analyzes his next potential long-term deal.

NFL Fantasy Value Projections

June 21, 2012 Michael Ginnitti A few NFL offensive players broke the fantasy mold in 2011. Spotrac takes a look at the value of 2011 fantasy numbers, and projects how 2012 might break down.

Free Agent Contracts: Less is More

June 14, 2012 Michael Ginnitti The 2012 MLB season is young, but the standings have sports & financial experts spinning, as major markets and big spenders find themselves at or near the basements of their respective divisions.

Predicting the Matt Forte Contract

June 12, 2012 Michael Ginnitti NFL running backs have been the focus of 2012 offseason signings. With Matt Forte franchised, Spotrac predicts his potential long-term contract.

Contract Forecast: Josh Hamilton

June 2, 2012 Michael Ginnitti Spotrac analyzes the career statistics, most current statistics, market values, and recent comparable contract signings to compile our prediction for Josh Hamilton's upcoming contract.