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Buyout Calculator: Adam Werner

Select a player and the date you wish to buyout the player on.


Player Details


Position: Goaltender

Age of Buyout Date: 23

At age 23 player's buyout will be 1/3 of the remaining salary due ($775,000). This will result in a total buyout of $258,333 with a base salary of $129,167 over each of the next 2 years.


Current Contract Breakdown

Year   Base Salary (Cash) Signing Bonus Incentive Cap Hit
2019-20 Contract details by year $725,000 $842,500
2020-21 Contract details by year $775,000 $842,500

Buyout Breakdown

Year   Base Salary (Cash) Buyout Savings Buyout Cap Hit
2020-21 Contract details by year $129,167 $645,833 $196,667
2021-22 Contract details by year $129,167 -$129,167 $129,167