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NFL Free Agents

Atlanta Falcons 2024 Free Agents

Falcons – The Athletic

Player Option
Club Option
Player (28) Pos. Age From To 2023 AAV Status
Ryan Matt Ryan QB 39 ATL TBD $30,000,000 UFA
Matthews Jake Matthews LT 32 ATL TBD $14,500,000 UFA
Jones Deion Jones ILB 30 ATL TBD $14,250,000 UFA
Lindstrom Chris Lindstrom G 27 ATL TBD - UFA
Terrell A.J. Terrell CB 26 ATL - - CO
McGary Kaleb McGary T 29 ATL TBD - UFA
Davidson Marlon Davidson DT 26 ATL TBD $1,728,093 UFA
Hennessy Matt Hennessy C 27 ATL TBD $1,186,141 UFA
Walker Mykal Walker OLB 27 ATL TBD $1,010,270 UFA
Hawkins Jaylinn Hawkins S 27 ATL TBD $990,479 UFA
Hofrichter Sterling Hofrichter P 28 ATL TBD $848,185 UFA
Franks Felipe Franks QB 27 ATL TBD $813,333 RFA
Jones Kobe Jones DE 26 ATL TBD $811,667 RFA
Smith Kion Smith T ATL TBD $811,667 RFA
Nunn Antonio Nunn WR 25 ATL TBD $811,667 RFA
Thompson Erroll Thompson LB 27 ATL TBD $811,000 RFA
Pace JR Pace S 26 ATL TBD $810,500 RFA
Johnson Jr. Dwayne Johnson Jr. S 27 ATL TBD $810,333 RFA
Hawkins Javian Hawkins RB 27 ATL TBD $810,000 RFA
Trammell Austin Trammell WR 26 ATL TBD $810,000 RFA
Neuzil Ryan Neuzil C ATL TBD $810,000 RFA
Murphy Marcus Murphy S 33 ATL TBD $810,000 RFA
Huntley Caleb Huntley RB 26 ATL TBD $810,000 RFA
Hargrove Bryce Hargrove G 27 ATL TBD $810,000 RFA
Etheridge Dorian Etheridge ILB 26 ATL TBD $810,000 RFA
Dawe Zac Dawe DT ATL TBD $809,500 RFA
Sculthorpe Joe Sculthorpe G ATL TBD $809,333 RFA
Raine John Raine TE 26 ATL TBD $808,833 RFA