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Spotrac’s Free Agent by Position Series

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2024 NBA free agency is right around the corner. This isn’t considered to be a blockbuster free agent class, but there are several impact players available. In these rankings, we took a similar approach to the one many teams use when it comes to ranking available players. Each position was broken down into tiers. The tiers are:

  • All-Star: These aren’t all necessarily All-Stars, but they have the ability to be an All-Star
  • Starters: These players are either starters or they produce at a starter-level of impact
  • Rotation: These are solid players that should be in a team’s regular season rotation
  • Fringe: These are players at the end of the bench or Two-Way players largely in the G League

Players were then ranked within their tiers. All potential free agents have been ranked, including those with pending options.


  1. Paul George – LA Clippers (PLAYER)
    There was a point when it felt like George wouldn't even hit the market. He may still extend, as he can do so up through June 30. But it's now starting to look likely George may be the best player with a chance of actually changing teams.

  2. DeMar DeRozan – Chicago Bulls (UFA)
    It feels like DeRozan is more likely to extend or re-sign with the Bulls than he is to actually leave. However, if Chicago doesn't give him a good enough offer, DeRozan would be in demand around the league as a scoring wing option.

  3. OG Anunoby – New York Knicks (PLAYER)
    The Knicks presumably traded a lot for Anunoby with an understanding that they'd re-sign him. He's not going to come cheap, however. Anunoby will be looking for something in the range of $35-$40 million. That's pricey, but worth it.


  1. Kelly Oubre Jr. – Philadelphia 76ers (UFA)
    It wasn't that Oubre had a bounce-back season for the Sixers, because he had been good for the Hornets, Warriors and Suns. But Oubre did prove he can contribute to a winning team in a big way. He won't be on a minimum again.

  2. Klay Thompson – Golden State Warriors (UFA)
    Thompson has slipped. He can't defend the quicker guards anymore. He's more of a 3/4 now than he is a guard. But Thompson still put up 18 PPG on 39% shooting from deep. That has value. But does it still have value to the Warriors?

  3. Caleb Martin – Miami Heat (PLAYER)
    Martin dipped a bit last season from the previous two seasons but he's still a solid two-way wing. That's something teams pay for. Look for Miami to do what they can to keep him, because replacing him will be a challenge otherwise.

  4. Isaac Okoro – Cleveland Cavaliers (RFA)
    Okoro is only 23 years old and he's gotten better each season, despite an everchanging role. His ability to defend plus hitting open shots, should have a smart team pushing the Cavs with an offer sheet they might not match.

  5. Saddiq Bey – Atlanta Hawks (RFA)
    Bey wasn't as efficient as his first half-season with the Hawks, but he was on his way to a nice payday. Now, a torn ACL will cost him a lot of next season. He might just sign the qualifying offer and rehab most of the year in Atlanta.


  1. Simone Fontecchio – Detroit Pistons (UFA)
    Fontecchio put together a really solid second season in the NBA. So much so that Detroit is going to do what they can to keep him around. Look for an MLE-ish type of deal and that'll be good for the Pistons to keep the wing shooter.

  2. Derrick Jones Jr. – Dallas Mavericks (UFA)
    Jones got back to being the guy he looked like in Miami with Dallas. He defended well and made just enough shots to keep team's honest. And he's got good chemistry with Luka Doncic. Look for the Mavs to try to keep him around.

  3. Sam Hauser – Boston Celtics (TEAM)
    It's unlikely Boston will decline Hauser's minimum team option. The Celtics already have enough tax issues as it is. But if they do decline the deal, it's likely because they have a long-term agreement in place to keep Hauser in Boston.

  4. Gordon Hayward – Oklahoma City Thunder (UFA)
    It all went wrong for Hayward in OKC. He didn't play much, never got comfortable and didn't carve a role. But Hayward showed with Charlotte that he can still do a little bit of everything…when healthy. Who pays what for that? Who knows?

  5. Royce O’Neal – Phoenix Suns (UFA)
    The Suns are likely to do what it takes to keep O'Neale around. He played a key role after coming over from Brooklyn and he's the closest thing to a 3&D weapon that Phoenix has. Look for him to get a decent, short-term deal in July.

  6. Naji Marshall – New Orleans Pelicans (UFA)
    If Marshall's 39% shooting from behind the arc is real, then he should get the MLE from someone. If teams aren't sold, then he's probably getting half that or less. At the very least, he's proven he can be a solid wing/combo forward.

  1. Joe Ingles – Orlando Magic (TEAM)
    Ingles was everything Orlando wanted. He gave them veteran leadership, was a terrific ball-mover and a lights-out shooter. The Magic would love to have him back, but not for what he makes on his option. It's a decline-and-re-sign situation.

  2. Torrey Craig – Chicago Bulls (PLAYER)
    Craig has put together back-to-back seasons where he's hit better than 39% from deep. He's finally become the 3&D player everyone wanted. That should get him a non-minimum deal this summer, if teams can get past their priors.

  3. Doug McDermott – Indiana Pacers (UFA)
    It was a weird year for McDermott. He was still efficient, despite a lesser role in San Antonio. Then he got back to Indiana and couldn't make a shot. Given his age and one-skill game, we're probably in the minimum phase of his career.

  4. Cedi Osman – San Antonio Spurs (UFA)
    Osman quietly had a nice season for the Spurs. He shot it pretty well, and he tried on defense. Someone could get a regular season rotation wing on the cheap with Osman this summer.

  5. Jae’Sean Tate – Houston Rockets (TEAM)
    Tate's shot has never developed enough for him to become the 3&D wing we all hoped for. He can still play, but he's a defense, hustle, run the floor guy. Watch his option, as Houston has a very crowded forward rotation.

  6. Yuta Watanabe – Memphis Grizzlies (PLAYER)
    There were reports after the season that Watanabe plans to opt out and to return home to play in Japan. If so, the NBA loses a forward who can play. But after six NBA seasons, Watanabe may just want to finish his career at home.

  7. Oshae Brissett – Boston Celtics (PLAYER)
    Brissett may not find a better role than the one he has in Boston, even if he finds a bigger role. He plays with tremendous energy, so that helps on a night when a contender is flat. In a bigger role, Brissett's flaws become magnified a bit.

  8. Kenyon Martin Jr. – Philadelphia 76ers (UFA)
    After a few interesting years with the Rockets, Martin never found a place with the Clippers or the Sixers. He simply doesn't shoot it well enough to play regular rotation minutes. Until the shot improves, he's a minimum guy.

  9. Reggie Bullock – Houston Rockets (UFA)
    We're nearing the end for Bullock. He can still shoot, but he doesn't do a lot else. And the shot isn't quite deadly enough to be an every-game designated shooter. It's minimums from here on out for the veteran wing.

  10. Lamar Stevens – Memphis Grizzlies (UFA)
    Stevens showed promise with the Cavs, flashed a bit with the Celtics, but didn't play much. A late-season run with the Grizzlies was good to see, but not enough to get Stevens more than a minimum deal next season.

  11. Kessler Edwards – Sacramento Kings (RFA)
    We've hit the "Maybe he'll figure it out" portion of the list. Edwards can shoot it a little bit. He's got decent size for a wing. But we're running out of time for him to figure it out in the NBA. He'll get one more shot, but that's probably it.

  12. Cameron Reddish – Los Angeles Lakers (PLAYER)
    We’re five years into unrealized potential with Reddish. He looked good at moments for the Lakers, but he just can't shoot. Reddish doesn't do anything else at quite high enough of a level to offset that. But he's still youngish, so...maybe?

  13. Jordan Nwora – Toronto Raptors (UFA)
    When he's had chances to play, on bad teams or due to injury, Nwora has flashed some scoring skills. That'll keep him around at the end of someone's bench, but this time it will be for the veteran minimum.

  14. Emoni Bates – Cleveland Cavaliers (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    This is a belief in Bates' former top prospect status. He played limited NBA minutes, and was up-and-down in the G League. But he's got great size and he's very skilled. One more year on a two-way and he might put it all together.


  1. Brandon Boston Jr. – LA Clippers (RFA)
    Boston hasn't quite figured it out yet. He's still somewhat young, which the Clippers are in short supply of. So, he'll probably be back, but don't expect much. There's too many other wings ahead of him in the pecking order.

  2. Henri Drell – Chicago Bulls (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Drell was ok in the G League, but didn't really standout. He's not a shooter, so that limits what he can do offensively. He may be best served to head back overseas rather than playing on another two-way in his age-24 season.

  3. Keyontae Johnson – Oklahoma City Thunder (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Johnson's story of overcoming a heart condition is great. What's also exciting is how well he played in the G League. 19.7 PPG on 53/40/80 shooting splits is good stuff. Johnson might be on a two-way again, but could be a standard guy.

  4. Braxton Key – Denver Nuggets (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Key was an overpowering scorer in the G League. His issue is that he hasn't shown enough as a shooter to earn a standard NBA deal. Key has one more year of two-way eligibility left and he'll probably use it.

  5. Seth Lundy – Atlanta Hawks (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Lundy didn't do much for the Hawks this season, but he played well in the G League. He can score and shoot on the minor-league level. He's already 24, so prospect status is waning. Look for another two-way year for Lundy.

  6. Justin Minaya – Portland Trail Blazers (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Minaya got to play a lot when the Trail Blazers season went south. Unfortunately, he didn't do much with that time. As a 25-year-old, Minaya might be best heading overseas for a bigger deal next season.

  7. Chuma Okeke – Orlando Magic (RFA)
    We'll never know what Okeke could have been, had he not torn his ACL right before entering the draft. What we do know is that he doesn't shoot it well enough to play an NBA role. He might be best off heading overseas to play more.

  8. Jermaine Samuels Jr. – Houston Rockets (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Samuels is a bit older for a two-way guy, but he had a really strong season in the G League. The other challenge is that Houston has a ton of forwards already. Maybe Samuels is back on another two-way unless Houston goes younger.

  9. Admiral Schofield – Orlando Magic (UFA / TWO-WAY)
    Schofield is well-liked and works hard. But he's undersized for a forward and he's 27 years old. Schofield is also out of two-way eligibility. It'll be a non-guaranteed camp deal or an overseas contract for Schofield.

  10. Jalen Slawson – Sacramento Kings (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Slawson can do a little bit of everything. He's a pretty tough defender and he's fairly athletic. Yet, as with so many fringe guys, Slawson just doesn't shoot it very well. But he'll get at least another two-way contract.

  11. Cole Swider – Portland Trail Blazers (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Unlike a lot of his fellow fringe guys, Swider can shoot. And he can shoot quite well too. But that's pretty much all he does. Miami may give it one more year on a two-way in hopes that he's the next Duncan Robinson or Max Strus.

  12. Jacob Toppin – New York Knicks (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Toppin put together a pretty solid all-around year in the G League. The Knicks might give him one more year to see if he can improve his shot. Otherwise, he'll bounce around the G League or head overseas for a big role.

  13. Ishmail Wainright – Phoenix Suns (RFA / TWO-WAY)
    Wainright has a great story of a guy who battled for his NBA chance. But he'll be 30 years old at the start of next season. That's not worth giving him another two-way deal. He's probabably heading back overseas.

  14. T.J. Warren – Minnesota Timberwolves (UFA)
    Warren did ok in his late-season comeback with the Wolves. But it looks like a few years of foot issues have sapped him of his quickness and lift. Warren may get a camp deal to prove himself, otherwise he'll be waiting for a call.

  15. Dylan Windler – Atlanta Hawks (UFA / TWO-WAY)
    Windler somehow set the G League record with a 33-rebound game this year. Beyond that, he never really got his shot going. And he's never gotten and stayed healthy. It could be over before it ever really started for Windler.

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