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Spotrac’s Free Agent by Position Series

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2023 NBA free agency is right around the corner. This isn’t considered to be a blockbuster free agent class, but there are several impact players available. In these rankings, we took a similar approach to the one many teams use when it comes to ranking available players. Each position was broken down into tiers. The tiers are:

  • All-Star: These aren’t all necessarily All-Stars, but they have the ability to be an All-Star
  • Starters: These players are either starters or they produce at a starter-level of impact
  • Rotation: These are solid players that should be in a team’s regular season rotation
  • Fringe: These are players at the end of the bench or Two-Way players largely in the G League

Players were then ranked within their tiers. All potential free agents have been ranked, including those with pending options.


  1. Kyrie Irving – Dallas Mavericks    UFA

    Irving remains a top-end point guard. He's arguably the best available free agent, regardless of position. But it'll be buyer-beware time, because you know you're instantly on the clock with Irving's happiness level with your team.

  2. Fred VanVleet – Toronto Raptors    PLAYER

    It feels like VanVleet is gong to really test the market. There are already rumors of a handful of teams gearing up to make a run at the veteran. He's an ideal fit anywhere because of his defense and on- and off-ball vesatility.


  1. D'Angelo Russell – Los Angeles Lakers    UFA

    Russell has arguably put together his best season, and that's including his All-Star year in 2019. He's shooting better than ever and a solid playmaker. And Russell is only 27 and headed into his prime years.

  2. Patrick Beverley – Chicago Bulls    UFA

    Beverly has had an interesting last few seasons. He helped Minnesota get to the playoffs, then bounced from the Jazz to the Lakers to the Magic to the Bulls. He's aging, but he can still defend and handle a starting role.

  3. Russell Westbrook – Los Angeles Clippers    UFA

    After a couple of messy years with the Lakers, Westbrook bounced back and played really well for the Clippers. He's a tricky fit, but Westbrook has at least another year of starter-level production in him.


  1. Dennis Schröder – Los Angeles Lakers    UFA

    Schroder has adapted well to a bench scoring role. He's one of the better reserve guards in the league at the moment. Schroder can also start when necessary, but teams will view and pay him like a high-end backup.

  2. Gabe Vincent – Miami Heat    UFA

    Vincent hasn't seized the momentum he had a year ago, but he's been good enough to usurp Kyle Lowry as the starter in Miami. Vincent is probably best as a backup, but he's a good one and should be paid as such.

  3. Jevon Carter – Milwaukee Bucks    UFA

    Carter has put together his best all-around season. He remains a pest on defense, while improving his shooting and playmaking. If the Bucks have to keep their tax bill down, someone could get a nice steal with Carter.

  4. Tre Jones – San Antonio Spurs    RFA

    Jones has starter all year for the Spurs, but that's a circumstance thing vs what he really should be. But like brother Tyus, Jones has proven he can be a high-end backup. That's valuable with the Spurs or elsewhere.

  5. Ayo Dosunmu – Chicago Bulls    RFA

    Dosunmu's play has dipped just enough in his second season that he lost his starting role for the Bulls. He's more of a combo guard than a true point guard. That could end up costing Dosunmu some in free agency.

  6. Reggie Jackson – Denver Nuggets    UFA

    In Year 12, Jackson's play has fallen off. He's suffered through a second straight year of iffy shooting. That cost him his role with the Clippers. Jackson is probably a minimum flyer for a playoff contender next season.

  7. Coby White – Chicago Bulls    RFA

    As the Bulls have improved, White has stagnated. Other players have passed him in the rotation and that has his future in flux. He's only 23, so there's some late-bloomer potential here as a combo guard off the bench.

  8. Dennis Smith Jr. – Charlotte Hornets    UFA

    Smith has been one of the best stories in the NBA this season. He got back to the league by focusing on his defense and playmaking. If he shot it better, he'd be far higher on this list. As it is, he's in a great spot for a payday.

  9. Dalano Banton – Toronto Raptors    RFA

    Banton is super intriguing. He's huge for the point guard position and he can generally get where he wants on the floor. The challenge is Banton can't really shoot. And he's struggled with injuries. Call him a low-risk flyer.

  10. Kendrick Nunn – Washington Wizards    UFA

    After two years of solid production in Miami, Nunn's Lakers tenure was ruined by injury. He's sort of gotten back on track with Washington, but Nunn will have to prove himself on a minimum deal all over again.

  11. Cory Joseph – Detroit Pistons    UFA

    Joseph has settled into the phase of his career where he's veteran depth as a third point guard. His ability to shine in that role as a good locker room guy will keep Joseph in the league on a minimum deal.

  12. Ishmael Smith – Denver Nuggets    UFA

    Just when it looked like Smith was slipping into that deep-bench portion of his career, he started playing minutes for the Nuggets down the stretch. The real question: Will next season be Team 14 for Smith or not?


  1. D.J. Augustin – Houston Rockets    UFA

    Augustin was a late-season signing to give the Rockets a grownup in the locker room. Pending how Houston builds out their roster next season, Augustin could be back. Or there's a chance this could be it for him in the NBA.

  2. Jared Butler – Oklahoma City Thunder    RFA

    Butler got himself back into the NBA by shining in the G League. If his shooting could hold around 40% or so from deep, Butler could contend for a roster spot. If not, he's probably a Two-Way or G League guy.

  3. Michael Carter-Williams – Orlando Magic    CLUB

    Finally healthy again, Carter-Williams re-signed with Orlando. He's yet to appear in a game, as of this writing. That makes it hard to know what Carter-Williams has left. He could be back to battle for a spot with the Magic.

  4. J.D. Davison – Boston Celtics    RFA

    Davison has been as expected as a rookie. He's one of the most athletic guards in the league, a good defender, but he can't shoot. On the plus side, Davison has done a nice job a playmaker. Another Two-Way seems ideal.

  5. Matthew Dellavedova – Sacramento Kings    UFA

    Dellavedova was added by the Kings to give them another veteran in the locker room. He's done his thing as a defender and playmaker. He could be back as a bench veteran next season, especially with the Kings success.

  6. Jeff Dowtin – Toronto Raptors    RFA

    Dowtin has had an interesting season. He's been very good in the G League. With a lack of better options, Nick Nurse even turned to Dowtin for minutes late in the regular season. He might get a standard deal next season.

  7. Goran Dragic – Milwaukee Bucks    UFA

    Dragic is winding down his career. He hasn't played much with either the Bulls or Bucks. If he wants to play a 16th season, someone will sign Dragic. If he doesn't, there's no shame in calling a really terrific career.

  8. Trent Forrest – Atlanta Hawks    RFA

    Forrest hasn't played much in the NBA or the G League this season. He has another year of Two-Way eligibility, and he'll probably go to training camp to fight for a roster spot somewhere.

  9. Collin Gillespie – Denver Nuggets    RFA

    Gillespie has missed his entire rookie season with a fractured left leg. He looked very good in Summer League before getting injuried. Look for the Nuggets to bring Gillespie back for a real look next season.

  10. George Hill – Indiana Pacers    UFA

    Like others on this list, Hill is wrapping up a long, productive career. He can probably find another job as a bench vet, but it wouldn't be a surprise to see Hill call it a career.

  11. Aaron Holiday – Atlanta Hawks    UFA

    The shine is off Holiday, as he'll be 27 before next season. But Holiday has shot it well throughout his career. There's something there, but he's probably a minimum guy as a backup or third point guard.

  12. Trevor Hudgins – Houston Rockets    RFA

    Hudgins has played really well in the G League, showing some scoring and shooting ability. His size works against him for an NBA role, but Hudgins has probably earned another Two-Way spot with his solid minor league play.

  13. Saben Lee – Phoenix Suns    RFA

    Lee is too good to be on a Two-Way deal. He should have a spot as a backup in the NBA. Some smart team could get a steal on a minimum deal with Lee.

  14. Theo Maledon – Charlotte Hornets    RFA

    Maledon has been unable to build on his solid rookie season of two years ago. Still, Maledon has shown enough that as he enters his age-22 season, teams will give him another chance as a potential late-bloomer.

  15. Miles McBride – New York Knicks    CLUB

    McBride only plays when the Knicks are missing another guard. But he does well enough in that role that the Knicks trust him. It wouldn't be a surprise to see New York pick up their option to delay free agency for a year.

  16. Mac McClung – Philadelphia 76ers    RFA

    Winning the dunk contest as a highlight for McClung, but he's had a solid G League season too. He's shot well and developed into a solid playmaker. Look for McClung to get another Two-Way deal next season.

  17. Raul Neto – Cleveland Cavaliers    UFA

    Neto is what he he is at this point in his career: He's a solid veteran you can put at the end of your bench. If you need to plug him when others are out, he'll be ready to go. That should keep him in the NBA next season.

  18. Frank Ntilikina – Dallas Mavericks    UFA

    Ntilikina's defense will keep getting him chances for another year or two. But he never built on the improved shooting he flashed at the end of his Knicks tenure. That keeps him a minimum salary, end-of-bench guy.

  19. Scotty Pippen Jr. – Los Angeles Lakers    RFA

    Pippen has done a nice job as a scorer in the G League. He's too quick and athletic for most defenders at that level. His shot, playmaking and defense are a work in progress. He'll be a Two-Way guy again.

  20. Derrick Rose – New York Knicks    CLUB

    Rose is nearing the end of his run. He remade himself as a very good reserve guard, but his inablity to stay healthy, combined with his declining athleticism mean the end is near. New York may simply decline their option.

  21. Duane Washington Jr. – New York Knicks    RFA

    Washington is another of those 4A guys. He's done well in limited G League games, and he's kind of hung in there in the NBA. Someone will give him another shot on a Two-Way deal.

  22. McKinley Wright IV – Dallas Mavericks    RFA

    Wright has done well in the G League, but his limited size works against him for NBA opportunities. He'll probably get another Two-Way opportunity, but he'll have to really show out to earn more than that.

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