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As we enter January and the back-half of the NBA schedule where are dates and deadlines to know.

January 5

Teams can now sign standard 10-day contracts.

The following are the cash amounts players would earn if they were to sign a 10-day contract.

  • YOE 0: $58,493
  • YOE 1: $94,136
  • YOE 2: $105,522
  • YOE 3: $109,318
  • YOE 4: $113,114
  • YOE 5: $122,602
  • YOE 6: $132,091
  • YOE 7: $141,580
  • YOE 8: $151,069
  • YOE 9: $151,821
  • YOE 10: $167,003

Any player that signs with 2+ years of experience will hold a cap hit of $105,522.

Players can sign a maximum of two (2) 10-day contracts with a team before needing to sign a standard Rest-of-Season contract with that team.

January 10

Non-Guaranteed Salaries

Non-guaranteed salaries for 2022-23 season become fully guaranteed. Technically, January 7th is the real date to watch as that is the last day players with non-guaranteed salary can be waived without incurring the full salary as dead cap/cash with a team.

Players who this will effect:


Salary exceptions, such as mid-level and bi-annual exceptions, become prorated each remaining day of the season. Each amount will be reducted by 1/174th per day starting on January 10th.

January 15

Trade Eligible

Majority of the players that signed free agent contracts were trade eligible on December 15th. The remainder of the free agent contracts that were signed during the offseason will not become trade eligible on January 15th.

Players who qualify:

Disabled Player Exception

January 15th is the last day teams can apply for the Disabled Player Exception. The Celtics (Danilo Gallinari) and Thunder (Chet Holmgren) are the only teams to have received the DPE this season. These teams have until March 10th to use the Disabled Player exception.


Last day to sign a player to a Two-Way contract.

January 20

All two-way contracts become guaranteed for the remainder of the season.

February 9

NBA Trade Deadline at 3PM

February 28

Last day players can renegotiate their contract. This would apply to the possible Myles Turner “Renegotiate-and-Extend” Keith Smith mentions in his Next Contract Series piece.

March 1

Playoff Eligibility Waiver Deadline

Any player waived after March 1st will no longer be playoff eligible if signed with another team.

March 10

Last day for teams to use the Disabled Player exception