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The Orlando Magic visited the Detroit Pistons on Dec 28, 2022. An altercation between Mo Wagner and Killian Hayes, who were fighting for a lose ball, quickly escalated as Hamidou Diallo actively involved himself which then cleared the benches. Wagner, Hayes and Diallo were all ejected from the game and have been assessed suspensions for the altercation.

Per the NBA, Wagner received a 3-game suspension, Hayes received a 2-games suspension and Diallo received a 1-game suspension for their involvement in the altercation. Eight other Orlando Magic players were given a 1-game suspension for leaving the bench during the altercation. Not that either of these teams will reach the luxury tax threshold this season, all luxury tax salaries for suspended players will receive a reduction: 50% of each fined amount. 

Technical Foul Fines

Killian Hayes: $2,000

Hamdiou Diallo: $2,000

Cole Anthony: $2,000

Gary Harris: $2,000

Ejection Fines

Killian Hayes: $2,000

Hamidou Diallo: $2,000

Moritz Wagner: $2,000

Suspension Fines

3-game Suspension

Killian Hayes: $120,781

2-game Suspension

Moritz Wagner: $25,913

1-game Suspension

Hamidou Diallo: $35,862

Wendell Carter Jr: $97,586

Gary Harris: $89,655

Mo Bamba: $71,034

Franz Wagner: $36,264

Cole Anthony: $24,922

RJ Hampton: $16,640

Admiral Schofield: $3,510

Kevon Harris: $3,510

Fines Total




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