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Cam Akers

RB, Rams
Age: 23
Deadline Salary: $650k

Akers fell out of favor with the Rams about as quickly as any player has. His rookie contract has a year and a half remaining on it, but none of it is guaranteed. He's a $650k rental at the deadline if someone is willing to bite.


William Jackson

CB, Commanders
Age: 30
Deadline Salary: $3M

The Commanders take on dead cap hits of $10.8M in 2022 ($3M saved), & $9M in 2023 ($6.75M saved). New team acquires cap & cash hits of $3M for 2022, $12.75M for 2023 ($2.5M roster bonus due March 17th).


Daron Payne

DT, Commanders
Age: 25
Deadline Salary: $4.7M

Payne is set for unrestricted free agency after 2022, playing out his 5th year option this season. Washington would take on $3.8M of dead cap to trade him at the deadline.


Robbie Anderson

WR, Panthers
Age: 29
Deadline Salary: $575,000

The Panthers restructured most of Anderson’s 2022 salary, so they’ll be eating a healthy chunk of dead cap to move on here: $10.3M in 2022 ($575k saved), $9.7M in 2023 ($12M saved). New team acquires him at $575,000 for 2022, $12M for 2023 (including a $3M roster bonus due in early March).


Christian McCaffrey

RB, Panthers
Age: 26
Deadline Salary: $575,000

The Panthers restructured most of McCaffrey’s 2022 salary so they’ll be eating a healthy chunk of dead cap to move on here: $8.21M for 2022 ($575k saved), $18.3M for 2023 ($1.1M saved). New team acquires him at $575,000 for 2022, $12M for 2023, $12M for 2024, $12.2M for 2025, with only the 2022 compensation fully guaranteed. 


Chase Claypool

WR, Steelers
Age: 24
Deadline Salary: $673,000

Claypool still hasn’t found footing in Pittsburgh, despite 4 quarterbacks attempting to gel with him. None of the $673,000 remaining in 2022 or the $1.5M slated for 2023 are guaranteed, so a late round draft pick might make sense for a team looking to bulk up depth in their WR room with little risk. The Steelers would take on dead hits of $1.1M in 2022, and $593k in 2023.


Roquan Smith

LB, Bears
Age: 25
Deadline Salary: $5.4M

The Bears and Smith agreed to “live with each other” after offseason trade demands went nowhere. Chicago should be looking for as many draft picks as possible down the stretch these days, so adding Smith and his expiring contract back to the trade block (amongst others) makes the most sense. They’ll take on $4.3M of 2022 dead cap to ship him out at the deadline.


Robert Quinn

DE, Bears
Age: 32
Deadline Salary: $7.1M

Like Smith (above), Quinn expressed early frustration with sticking on this floundering Bears’ roster. Little materialized from it, and Quinn hasn’t exactly helped the matter on the field (#110 edge rusher according to PFF), but if the Bears are desperate for draft capital, they can certainly “buy back” much of this remaining salary in order to increase their trade price. On its face, Quinn’s contract would carry over $7.1M (guaranteed) in 2022, $14M in 2023 (non-guaranteed) and $13M in 2024 (non-guaranteed).


David Montgomery

RB, Bears
Age: 25
Deadline Salary: $1.55M

Montgomery has shown flashes of being a true bellcow RB1 in this league, with above average pass-catching abilities as well. He’s playing out the final year of his contract, and it seems unlikely the Bears will be in position to continue this relationship going forward, so pulling back a mid-to-late draft pick (versus playing the compensatory draft pick game) probably makes good business sense. Chicago will take on $1.24M of dead cap at the deadline here.


M.J. Stewart

S, Texans
Age: 27
Deadline Salary: $965,000

Former 2nd round pick Stewart was waived out of his rookie contract by Tampa back in 2020. Now, on a near minimum 1-year contract, and in a depth role for the Texans, he’s rounded into one of the better pass coverage safeties in the league. An extension to stay in Houston might be option 1, but the Texans have been known to flip players like this for a pick whenever possible, and a certain AFC Favorite is  awfully short handed in their secondary.


Josh Jacobs

RB, Raiders
Age: 24
Deadline Salary: $1.1M

The Raiders declined Jacobs’ $8M 5th-year option for 2023, so he’s operating on a pretty friendly expiring salary here. He’s been a huge part of the Las Vegas offense, so as long as they believe they’re in the playoff hunt, shopping Jacobs is likely off of the table. But with $1.1M to be acquired at the deadline, it’s easy to imagine there’s a suitor or two out there.


Kenny Golladay

WR, Giants
Age: 29
Deadline Salary: $7.2M

Who knows. Contractually speaking, we’re talking about a fully guaranteed $7.2M in 2022, $18M in 2023 ($4.5M guaranteed), $18M in 2024 ($0 guaranteed). This seems too rich to be traded, but the Giants can offer to eat the lion’s share of it to buy a draft pick.


Saquon Barkley

RB, Giants
Age: 25
Deadline Salary: $4M

The 4-1 Giants probably aren’t seriously considering moving one of their biggest weapons, despite his expiring contract, but a lot can change over the next few weeks. If an offer at or north of what his compensatory draft pick value would be comes in, NY will have to take the call.


Mike Gesicki

TE, Dolphins
Age: 27
Deadline Salary: $6M

Gesicki went from arguably the Dolphins’ best pass catching threat the past few years, to almost non-existent in 2022. While the price is a bit hefty for a deadline move, a big name injury in the next few weeks can spur some action (Dallas comes to mind early on). It’s a 1 year, fully guaranteed $6M deal at the deadline.