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Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers 2024 Salary Cap

Lakers 2024 Salary Cap

An updated look at the Los Angeles Lakers 2024 salary cap table, including team cap space, dead cap figures, and complete breakdowns of player cap hits, salaries, and bonuses.

Lakers – The Athletic

Player Option
Club Option
Player (1) Age Pos. Cap Figure Signed Using Base Salary Dead Cap Cap Figure Cap % Future Gteed Cash
DavisAnthony Davis 31 PF $43,219,440 Bird
Max (30%)
$43,219,440 ($43,219,440) $43,219,440 100.00 -

2024-25 Cap Holds

Cap holds represent "placeholders" for pending free agents, unsigned draft picks, offer sheets, etc... Since the Lakers are currently over the league salary cap, these cap holds do not count against their Total Cap figure. Denouncing these cap holds will NOT afford the team any new cap space. These figures are not counted toward a team's Luxury Tax Allocation.

Player (1) Age Pos. Signed Using Base Salary Trade Kicker Likely Incent. Dead Cap Cap Figure Cap %
KuzmaKyle Kuzma 29 PF Bird   $21,481,482  
Incomplete Roster Charge
(11 spots)

2024-25 Luxury Tax Totals

Denotes the Lakers current standing in terms of the luxury tax threshold. Teams that spend over the threshold pay fines (estimated below).

Type Totals
2024 NBA Luxury Tax Threshold $0
Total Taxable Salaries $43,219,440
Luxury Tax Space $-43,219,440
Est. Luxury Tax Bill $153,511,786

2024-25 Los Angeles Lakers Salary Cap Totals

Cap Type Total
Active Roster Cap $43,219,440
Cap Holds $21,481,482
Total Salaries $43,219,440
2024 NBA Salary Cap Max $0
Cap Type Cap Total
Active Roster Cap $43,219,440
Cap Holds $21,481,482
Total Cap Allocations $43,219,440
2024 NBA Salary Cap Max $0


Deadline Date Player Type Value