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Jan 19 2023Danny Leyva

Danny Leyva, M

Signed a 4 year contract extension with Seattle (SEA) - includes 2027 Club Option

Jan 19 2023Jordan Morris

Jordan Morris, F

Signed a 5 year contract extension with Seattle (SEA)

Dec 29 2022Herber Araujo dos Santos

Herber Araujo dos Santos, F

Traded to Seattle (SEA) from New York City FC (NYCFC) for $400,000 General Allocation Money, additional $150,000 based on performance metrics

Dec 21 2022Blake Bowen

Blake Bowen, D

Drafted by Seattle (SEA): Round 3 (#59overall)

Dec 15 2022Sam Adeniran

Sam Adeniran, F

Traded to St. Louis (STL) from Seattle (SEA) for $100,000 2023 General Allocation Money and additional $100k 2024 General Allocation Money for performance-based metrics

Dec 14 2022Jacob Castro

Jacob Castro, GK

Signed a 1 year contract with Seattle (SEA) via Homegrown - includes 2024, 2025 and 2026 Club Options

Oct 29 2022Sota Kitahara

Sota Kitahara, M

Signed a 2 year contract with Seattle (SEA) - includes 2025 and 2026 Club Options