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MLS Transactions MLS Transactions

Sortable MLS news & transactions updated daily, including signings, releases, trades, & more.

Feb 11 2020Walker Zimmerman

Walker Zimmerman, D

Traded to Nashville (NSH) from Los Angeles (LAFC) for $950k General Allocation Money ($600k in 2020, $350k in 2021), international roster spot and $150k General Allocation Money (2020 and 2021) via performance-based metrics

Jan 27 2020Bryce Duke

Bryce Duke, M

Signed a contract with Los Angeles (LAFC) - via Homegrown

Jan 16 2020Tyler Miller

Tyler Miller, GK

Traded to Minnesota (MIN) from Los Angeles (LAFC) for $150k 2020 General Allocation Money and $50k 2021 Targeted Allocation Money

Jan 15 2020Kenneth Vermeer

Kenneth Vermeer, GK

Signed a contract with Los Angeles (LAFC) - via Targeted Allocation Money

Jan 9 2020Jack Hallahan

Jack Hallahan, M

Drafted by Los Angeles (LAFC): Round 2 (#50overall)

Jan 9 2020Paulo Pita

Paulo Pita, GK

Drafted by Los Angeles (LAFC): Round 1 (#24overall)

Jan 8 2020Tristan Blackmon

Tristan Blackmon, D

Signed a 3 year contract extension with Los Angeles (LAFC) - includes 2023 Club Option