Financially Breaking Down NFL 53-Man Rosters

Financially Breaking Down NFL 53-Man Rosters

While NFL rosters will continue to change on an hourly basis in the coming days, we'll take a snapshot look at how the first batch of 53-man rosters breaks down financially. These figures only include members of the active 53-man roster currently, so players who have been placed on a reserve list (injured, pup, suspended, etc) are not included. Those players do factor into the Total Salary Cap for a team, shown on our team pages.

Notable Notes

  • The Dallas Cowboys have just $1.1M allocated to their active QBs, lowest in the league.
  • Only 8 teams have more than $10M allocated to their running back/fullback arsenal thus far. 
  • The New York Jets have just $4.5M invested into their WR core, while the Saints/Bills/Chiefs all have less than $6M allocated.
  • The Raiders ($43M), & Browns ($40.5M) have invested the most cap $ into their new offensive lines, while the Seahawks ($15.3M) bring up the rear.
  • The Dolphins, Jaguars, & Bills each have $41M invested into their defensive lines this season, tops in the league.
  • The 49ers have a total of $109M allocated to their 53-man roster, lowest in the league and nearly $50M less than the Raiders ($158.3M), who hold the top spot.

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